Our students participated in Riga championship for adults

May 11th – 14th in Mežparks “Rīgas satiksmes” tennis courts took place Riga championship for adults. Liepāja Tennis Sports school was represented by two tennis players – Marta Pagraba and Elīna Zīverte. Marta successfully played till semifinals, where she lost to Alise Čerņecka from Riga with 2/6 6/4 1/6. In the game for bronze Marta lost to Gerda Upeniece with 5/7 6/7 (6) and took 4th place. Elīna lost already in the first game to the next winner of the tournament Alise Čerņecka with score 2/6 2/6.

Rebeka Margareta Mertena takes first place at 6th leg of LTU cup

May 15th – 17th, in Mežparks Tennis courts took place 6th leg of Latvian Tennis Union cup for U18 age group. Liepāja Tennis Sports school student Rebeka Mertena became the tournaments winner, by winning in final over Alise Čerņecka from Riga with 6/3 6/2. Other our student Marta Pagraba in 1st round won over Elīza Buka (Ādažu TC) with 6/1 6/3, but in the second round lost to Anna Jakovļeva from Riga with 3/6 1/6. Our Elīna Zīverte already in the first round lost to the tournaments later silver medalist Alise Čerņecka with 2/6 2/6.

Our students participated in two tournaments in Poland

Liepāja Tennis Sports school U14 team has returned from two Tennis Europe tournaments in Poland. Our team was represented by Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase, Alise Grundule, Katrīna Lasmane, Alise VIndiga, Renārs Grodskis and coach Daņils Kozlovs.

New tennis players participated “Tennis Europe” tournaments in Opalenica and Lodz. Opalenica was category 2 tournament and in the 2nd round played Patrīcija Špaka and Alise Grundule, unfortunately both players in the 2nd round lost to two german players and where out of the tournament. Elza Tomase was unlucky with the draw, because already in the first game she had to play against 2nd seeded tennis player from Poland, who is ranked 89th in European ranking. Elza lost with 1/6 0/6. Remaining tennis players from Liepāja lost at qualifications 2nd round. In double games best success was to Renārs Grodskis who together with tennis player from Switzerland took 3rd/4th place.Tournament in Lodz was category 3, where good results was made by Patrīcija Špaka. She got into the semifinal and only there she lost to tennis player from Poland and took home cup for 3rd/4th place. In doubles Patrīcija together with Katrīnu Lasmani in very hard game lost for getting into the semifinal. Elza Tomase got into the best 16 from 48 participants. Alise Grundule and Alise Vindiga lost in the 1st round, but Lasmane and Grodskis couldn’t get over the qualification.

Season opening tournament Zelta Wilson U12 has concluded

In courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school has concluded traditional Zelta Wilson (Golden Wilson) season opening tournament for U12 age group. In tournament participated 13 girls and 14 boys. Tournament medalists traditionally received small golden, silver and bronze tennis racquets.This year tournament winner at girls competition winner was Odrija Aleksandra Rača from Riga, who won over other tennis player from Riga – Dārta Vorslava. Bronze place was won by Liepāja Tennis Sports school student Karolīna Skābe.Golden racquet at boys competition was won by Daniels Tens (TK Spars), silver place was taken by Kārlis Vēberis from Liepāja and in 3rd place was other our student – Dāvis Rolis.More pictures can be seen at “Gallery“.

We will host Davis Cup game “Latvia – Madagascar”

Team Latvia this year participates at Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Europe/Africa Group II. Fist duel was played in March, when team Latvia lost to team Bulgaria. That means – we have to continue playing for staying in the Group II.To do so, our men has to win team Madagascar this July. Team Latvia hasn’t yet played against team Madagascar, but the draw decided, that the games will be in Latvia. The venue will be in Liepāja (Tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school) where from July 17th to 19th will be played games in open clay courts.

Team Latvia captain and Latvian Tennis Union general secretary Kārlis Lejnieks: “I’m glad, that Liepāja can host this kind of tournament in summer. Three years ago we played in Liepāja Olympic centre, I had debut as the team captain. In open courts in Liepāja we played more than 10 years ago. Then in year 2004 we won over Tunisia and I hope that we will succeed this year as well. We already started the preparation process and I’m sure that we will have a great tennis weekend”.Captains from both teams have to announce the players 10 days before the games – July 7th.

LTU Cup Liepaja leg for U18 has finished

May 3rd to 5th at the tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school took place 5th leg of the Latvian Tennis Union cup for U18 age group. Tennis players from Liepaja had mixed results.For the tournaments main favorite was considered to be our Margareta Rebeka Mertena who without any problems reached finals, but in the game for the champions title, Margareta unexpectedly lost to Alise Čerņecka from Riga with a 2/6 6/4 6/2. Other student of Liepāja Tennis Sports school – Elīna Zīverte won 3rd place by winning over Gerda Upeniece from Riga with 4/6 7/6 6/0. Liepaja tennis players Marta Pagraba and Signija Stībele could get into best 8, but Agate Gurecka and Veronika Zalcmane couldn’t pass the 1st round.At the boys competition from Liepaja participated only one tennis player – Toms Rolis. He won 4th place, where in the game for the bronze he lost to Toms Sutris from Rīga with 6/4 6/3. The champion title was won by Gustavs Lukstiņš (Mārupes TS), who in the final won over Andris Gudiņš from Riga with 6/0 6/3.

More pictures from the tournament can be found in “Gallery“.

LTU Cup Liepaja leg for U14 has finished

This weekend (April 30th to May 3rd) in Liepaja opened summer season in the courts of Liepaja Tennis Sports school. Today in Liepaja tennis courts finished 5th leg of Latvian Tennis union Cup for U14 age group. At girls competition champion title won Laura Slišāne (Mārupe TS), but at boys group 1st place won Iļja Sahons.1st round from Liepāja Tennis Sports school students overcame Dana Gribeļska (coach O.Bordjugova), who won over Terēze Vēvere (Enri TK) with 6/3 6/0 and Inna Rozga (coach O.Bordjugova), who won over other Liepaja student Karolīna Skābe with 6/2 6/1. Other players from Liepaja Tennis Sports school couldn’t win in the 1st round or even couldn’t win in the qualifications.At boys competition from our students the 1st round overcame only Daniels Špaks, who was better than Māris Locs from Daugavpils with 6/1 6/1, but in 2nd round lost to Nikolajs Galkins with 6/1 6/3.

This time at the tournament didn’t participate the best U14 players from Liepaja Tennis Sports school, because team of 6 players now are in Poland, where they will participate in two Tennis Europe tournaments – Opalenica Cup 2015 and Lodz Cup 2015.

Pictures from the LTU Cup Liepaja Leg can be seen at “Gallery“.

Tomorrow, May 4th will start the Main Draw of LTU Cup leg for U18 age group.

Season opening tournament Zelta Wilson U10 has concluded

In May 2nd took place Liepāja Tennis Sports school International season opening tournament Zelta Wilson for U10 age group. It was planned that the tournament will take place at the courts of Liepaja Tennis Sports school, but due to rain, the tournament was moved to sport halls of Liepaja 6th and 8th schools.Medalists at boys competition:
1st place – Ričards Špaks (coach – O.Bordjugova)
2nd place – Mārtiņš Aleksandrs Feldmanis (Jūrmala)
3rd place – Didzis Vārna (coach – I.Kublačova)Medalists at the girls competition:
1st place – Enija Paula Aploka (coach – O.Bordjugova)
2nd place – Ksenija Rage (Rīga, Fortūna un sports)
3rd place – Patricia Ungure Rogozoveca (Rīga, Orange tennis)Congratulations to winners and we thank to the tournament supporters – Wilson un Venden.

Patrīcija Špaka wins in LTU leg

In Ādaži has concluded leg of Latvian Tennis union Cup for U14 age group. Students from Liepaja Tennis sports school has gained another good results. For this leg champion became our Patrīcija Špaka (coach O.Bordjugova). The most difficult game for Patrīcija was semifinals, where she had to play against other our student – Elza Tomase (coach I.Kublačova). Patrīcija won with 6/2 7/5. In game for 1st place against Laura Slišāne (Mārupes TC) the result was crushing 6/0 6/2. As well the opponents of the first two games couldn’t put anything against Patrīcija. Elza took 4th place, by loosing in the game for the 3rd place against K.Lisovskai with 6/4 6/7 1/6. All new tennis players from Liepaja succeeded to win in the first round – Alise Vindiga (coach E.Reinfelde) won over Paula Iesalniece (Enri TK) 6/0 6/4, Katrīna Lasmane (coach E.Reinfelde) was better than Agrita Gavronska with 6/1 6/3 and Alise Grundule (coach I.Kublačova) won over Nika Balmiševa (TK Spars) 4/6 6/4 7/5. Boys from Liepāja Tennis Sports school didn’t compete at this leg.

Former Liepāja Tennis Sports school students dominates in Ādaži

In April 18th and 19th in Ādaži took place TC Ādaži Minhauzena spring Prix, where as well competed representatives from Liepāja Tennis Sports school. Senior 35+ age group could bring quite strong participants competition, what could be explained because from this year there is no Tennis Winter championship in Latvia. In this tournament participated almost all Liepaja team representatives – from 16 participants 5 where Liepāja senior team representatives. Former Liepāja Tennis Sports school students had a very successful tournament, they won 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th places. Meanwhile 4th place was taken by former Liepaja Tennis Sports school representative, who now represents Rīga Traffic team.The tournament winner was our Andrejs Koļesins, who in final won over Ogre TK representative with 6/3 5/7 and 10/6. In 3rd place was our Eduards Grodskis, who in a bronze game with 6/2 6/2 won over former Liepāja Tennis Sports school representative Jānis Strods. For the 5th place competed two Liepāja Tennis Sports school representatives. 5th place won Artūrs Eglītis, who with a score 2/6 6/3 10/6 won over Didzis Holštroms.Congratulations to Liepāja Tennis Sports school graduates with a successful tournament in Ādaži!