Estonia wins “Future tennis cup by SEB” tournament for youth, Latvia gets 2nd place

Last weekend, October 4th and 5th in Rīga, tennis club “Enri” (Kalnciema str 207) took place tournament for young tennis players “Future tennis cup by SEB”. In tournament competed best U9, U11 and U13 age groups players from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Overall victory took team Estonia, Latvia got 2nd place, but Lithuania stayed 3rd.

Beginning of this tournament can be found last year, when all three Baltic states tennis unions together with SEB bank decided to organize games between all three Baltic states. Last year tournament took place in Lithuania, and it was between tennis clubs. This year competed best tennis players from each country in U9, U11 and U13 age groups.

Team Latvia was represented by Ksenija Rage, Nikola Baikova, Stefans Audriņš, Daniels Tens (U9 age group), Eva Zazdravniha, Amēlija Matjunina, Nikolajs Galkins, Renards Skutels (U11 age group) and Anna Jakovļeva, Darja Semeņistaja, Renārs Grodskis and Roberts Jaričevskis (U13 age group). Team captains – Marika Netenberga and Arina Mihailova.

Competition took place Saturday and Sunday in tennis club “Enri”, Rīga, Kalnciema str 207. It was planned to have 54 games in two days – single games and doubles. Few doubles were not played, because it was already known, who was the winner of the tournament.

Between team Latvia and team Lithuania were played 16 from 18 games, our players won with a score 11-5. Team Lithuania was won by team Estonia as well (13-4), but in the games for wining the tournament, better were team Estonia, by wining team Latvia with 10-6.During the tournament, new tennis players became friends and gained experience. As well the participants received prizes from the tournament main supporter “SEB Bank”. Received positive emotions received by players and organizers probably will allow to make such a tournament as well in next year!

Information from LTS

On weekend few 1st places

From October 3rd to 5th at tennis center Jelgava took place Anatta Open 2014 U14 tournament. From Liepaja Tennis Sports school in this tournament participated Elza Tomase and Alise Grundule. Elza Tomase showed good games in this tournament and won 1st place.

In October 4th and 5th at Ādaži took place TCĀ Spin WILSON and TCĀ Saldus Gotiņas U8, U9, U10 tournament. 1st place won Gregors Lazdāns (coahc E.Reinfelde) in U8 group and Enija Paula Aploka (coahc O.Bordjugova) in U10 group. Gustavs Pagrabs (coach I.Kublačova) took 5th place in U9 group.

Liepaja championship for adult professionals and amateurs has finished

This weekend (October 4th and 5th) took place Liepaja Tennis Sports school organized Liepaja championship for adult professionals and amateurs.

At professionals group in 8 participant competition 1st place won Elans Strazdiņš from Ventspils, who won in final over Gints Siliņš from Liepaja. As 3rd place winner on podium climbed Toms Rolis.

At amateurs group in 6 participant competition unbeated remained Andis Aigars, who took 1st place by winning Vilmārs Melderis in final. 3rd place in amateur competition took Jānis Kupšis.

Liepaja takes 6th place at European Senior Club Championship 2014

European Senior Club Championship 2014 took place at world known golf and tennis resort La Manga Club, Mircia region in Spain, which is located in the southeast by Mediterranean Sea. Weather was fantastic with +30C. In M35+ group Latvia was represented by Liepaja men team, which had to compete at preliminary round against the favorites of tournament from Germany (Hamburg), home team Montemar from Spain and champions of Sweden – Lidingo. First games was already against the favorites of tournament – team Hamburg. It has to be mentioned, that in club tennis Germany is the country  with the most powerful club league system in the world, where are playing many ATP ranked players. Team Hamburg last year triumphed in their age group in Germany top league. Team Hamburg was represented by  JÖRN RENZENBRINK, his  highest rank in ATP was 70th place and he has been playing in US Open eighth. Team Hamburg was represented as well by two guest players from Spain, and they have been in ATP ranking too. Team plays at European Senior Club Championship consists from 3 single matches and 2 doubles games. Team Liepaja, of course lost to team Hamburg masterful players in all games.

Next games were against home team from Spain. Our players in these games organized sensation from 3 singles matches we won only one, but in intense games we won both doubles with a scores 7:6(4) 5:7 10:8 and 6:4 7:5 thereby celebrating victory over Spain with 3:2.

Last games in preliminary round was against team from Sweden, who had lost against both previous teams – Spain and Germany. If team Liepaja would won, we would have to play in semifinals, but if lost, then it would be counted individual won sets and games, because teams from Latvia, Spain and Sweden would have one victory. Eventually, after emotionally and physically hard games against team from Spain, our players didn’t have enough strength to win over team from Sweden. After 3 singles we were in lead with 2-1, but for the doubles we didn’t have enough strength, so team Liepaja lost with a scores 6:2 6:3 and 7:6(3) 7:5. So to decide the semifinalists, it was time for mathematical point counting, after which it was decided, that in semifinals will qualify team from Spain, which we did win.

In finals team Hamburg from Germany won 1st place, best team from England took 2nd place, but 3rd place won team from Spain. Our team had to compete outside the semifinals to decide the remaining places. Our team in intense games with a overall score 3-2 won over champions from Turkey, but in next day we lost again against team from Sweden 2-3. After counting the results, it was decided, that team Liepaja took 6th place at European Senior Club Championship 2014.

Team Liepaja returned home with very positive emotions, because team from such a small country as Latvia showed, that we can fight for high places against countries with tennis dynasty.

We remind, that our men this year again won in Latvian club championship, so team Liepaja has earned the possibility to represent Latvia in next years European Senior Club Championship. Liepaja senior team says big thanks to Liepaja Sport department and Liepaja Tennis Sports school for close collaboration during the whole season and for the support for participation at European Senior Club Championship.

Full squad of Liepaja senior team: Andrejs Koļesins, Andis Cirsis, Didzis Holštroms, Gints Rolis, Eduards Grodskis, Artūrs Eglītis, Andis Černecovs, Erlands Lazdāns, Imants Andersons. All squad members are former students of Liepaja Tennis Sports school and their children now are training there and participating in tennis tournaments.

This weekend in Riga will take place “Future tennis cup by SEB” tournament for youth

This weekend, October 4th and 5th in Riga, tennis club “Enri” (Kalnciema str. 207) will take place tournament “Future tennis cup by SEB”, where will participate best young players in age groups U9, U11 and U13 from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.The origins of this tournament comes from last year, when Tennis unions from all three Baltic states and SEB bank agreed for cooperative young tennis players competition. First competition took place in Lithuania, when participated tennis clubs, but this year it’s planned competition between best players from each country.

Competition will take place at tennis club “Enri”, in Riga, Latvia, Kalnciema str 207. At the competition will participate two girls and two boys from each country in each age group (U9, U11 and U-13). Each country competition will consist from six games – two boys and two girls single games (first number against first and second number against second), as well boys and girls double games. Together will be played 54 games, but the winners will be decided in counting together all won and lost games in all age groups.

Team Latvia will be represented by:
U9 age group: Ksenija Rage, Stasja Račovskaja, Stefans Audriņš, Matīss Ulmanis
U11 age group: Eva Zazdravniha, Amēlija Matjunina, Nikolajs Galkins, Edvards Teodors Liepiņš
U13 age group: Anna Jakovļeva, Darja Semeņistaja, Renārs Grodskis, Roberts Jaričevskis

Team captains – Marika Netenberga and Arina Mihailova.

Tournament is supported by SEB Bank, which took care for the prices for young tennis players. We invite you to attend the games in October 4th and 5th from 11:00, to support our young tennis players and to see yourself, which country will win this year!

Information prepared by Latvian Tennis union

We wish luck to student of Liepaja Tennis Sports school – Renārs Grodskis!

Good results for the new tennis players

In September 20th at TK Jelgava Tennis center took place JTC open tournament for U10 age group.At girls competition 1st place won our Enija Paula Aploka, but in boys competition 2nd place took Ričards Špaks.

Day later in Ventspils took place Ventspils Prize competition in U8 age group. At boys competition 3rd place won Gregors Lazdāns, meanwhile our girls took all the podium:
1st place – Ketlina Arone
2nd place – Marija Lauva
3rd place – Patrīcija Putra

Congratulations and luck in next tournaments!

Liepaja city open summer championship 2014 has finished

In September 20th with a award-ceremony finished Liepaja city open summer championship 2014 for U12, U14 and U18 age groups.Winners:
U12 group
1st place – Dāvids Špaks
2nd place – Daniels Špaks
3rd place – Kārlis Vēberis

1st place – Elza Tomase
2nd place – Alise Vindiga
3rd place – Dana Gribeļska

U14 group
1st place – Renārs Grodskis
2nd place – Elvijs Eihvalds
3rd place – Daniels Špaks

1st place – Patrīcija Špaka
2nd place – Elza Tomase
3rd place – Alise Grundule

U18 group
1st place – Renārs Grodskis
2nd place – Reinis Jurkovskis
3rd place – Elvijs Eihvalds

1st place – Signija Stībele
2nd place – Agate Gurecka
3rd place – Alise Grundule


Davis Cup in Valmiera with participation by us

As written before, from September 12th to 14th in Valmiera took place Davis Cup duel between team Latvia and team Austria. This year from Liepaja at Davis Cup participated one line judge and 9 ball kids (overall in this duel participated 20 ball kids). Students from Liepaja Tennis Sports school had common training with team Latvia.Student of Liepaja Tennis Sports school Patrīcija Špaka shared her experience in Davis Cup:

I think, that for a lot of tennis players, including me, September was the month to wait. This time not because school was starting, but because for few students of Liepaja Tennis Sports school had the opportunity again to get to Davis Cup and feel the atmosphere! For lot of us first time was two years ago, when Davis Cup duel was held in Liepaja Olympic center. It seemed that the world had turn around, because it was possible to meet Ernests Gulbis and play tennis with him. It seemed unbelievable!This time, when we received the invitation to be as ball kids at Davis Cup games in Valmiera, I didn’t think for long, because I wanted to be there! We from Liepaja probably are bit different, because we wanted to be there more than it was allowed.

When we got to Valmiera, we were surprised for the good living conditions, hotel was very good and the food was great, I think that everyone of us is now a little bit heavier. Of course we all wanted to meet with the team Latvia! Common training with team Latvia, photosession, small talks and autographs. That all gave such a great emotional power, what is hard to describe. Every morning we woke up with a thougth – let’s go faster to Vidzeme Olympic center (Davis Cup venue), our team probably are training there now. Glance from Ernests was enough to have a great day! Either way, time at Davis Cup was running to fast.If such a opportunity will be again, of course I will participate. Being together with your friends and other ball kids is necessary.