Good results at Latvian championship for U12 and U16 age groups

Has finished Latvian championship for U12 and U16 age groups. Students from Liepāja Tennis Sports schools had good results.

In U12 age group for girls Patrīcija Špaka took 2nd place, at final with a score 6/0 6/4 she lost to Stefānija Poļiščuka. Elza Tomase took 3rd place, with a score 6/2 6/1 she won over our other student – Veronika Zalcmane.

In U16 age group for girls our Rebeka Mertena became a champion, in game for 1st place she won over Gundega Pastore with 6/2 6/2. 4th place took Signija Stībele, in a game for 3rd place she lost to S.Oļesovai with 6/3 6/2. Marta Pagraba took 5th place.

In U16 group for boys our Toms Rolis took 4th place. Our students had successful starts at doubles tournament. In U12 group our duet Špaka/Tomase izcīnīja became champions, but Zalcmane/Vindiga took 4th place. Also in U16 group champion title went to our students – Zīverte/Pagraba, but in boys competition Grodskis/Rolis took silver medals. In mixed doubles one more winn took our Rebeka Mertena which in pair with Grīnvalds from Rīga, in final won over Liepaja Tennis Sports school pair Rolis/Pagraba. Bronze medal went to our tennis player – Zīverte, who was playing in pair with Jakovļevs from Riga.

Our students overall took 9 medals in this tournament – 4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze. Congratilation to Latvian championship medalists!

From Riga with 4 medals

July 12 and 13 in TK Riga Traffic Tennis club July tournament students of Liepāja Tennis Sports school won four medals.

U8 boys:
1st place – Gregors Lazdāns (coach E.Reinfelde)

U8 girls:
1st place – Ketlina Arone (coach I.Kublačova)

U9 girls:
3rd place – Kristiāna Lagzdiņa (coach O.Bordjugova)

U10 boys:
3rd place – Ričards Špaks (coach O.Bordjugova)

Liepāja Tennis Sports school and Babolat international Prix has finished

In July 5th finished Liepāja Tennis Sports school and Babolat international Prix for U8 and U9 groups.

Girls U8:
1st place – Beatrise Zeltiņa
2nd place – Paula Kapleite
3rd place – Alina Krancmane

Boys U8:
1st place – Ralfs Rukmanis
2nd place – Gregors Lazdāns
3rd place – Rainers Pētersons

Girls U9:
1st place – Nikola Elizabete Pētersone
2nd place – Daniela Konstantinova
3rd place – Kristiāna Lagzdiņa

Boys U9:
1st place – Lauris Siksna
2nd place – Gustavs Dambiņš
3rd place – Didzis Vārna

From Ventspils with 3 medals

June 28th in Ventspils took place Ventspils Prix for U10 (Green) age group. Students of Liepāja Tennis Sports school returned from Ventspils with 3 medals.

1st place – Evelīna Ķīvīte (coach O.Bordjugova)
2nd place – Karolīna Skābe (coach E.Reinfelde)

3rd place – Ričards Špaks (coach O.Bordjugova)

Evelīna Ķīvīte

Venden Cup 2014 has finished

In courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school has finished Tennis Europe international youth tournament Venden Cup for U14 age group.

Girls single:
1st place – Julia OCZACHOWSKA (Poland)
2nd place – Yuliya HATOUKA (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Ekaterina GRIB (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Kseniya YERSH (Belarus)

Boys single:
1st place – Timofey SKATOV (Russia)
2nd place – Karol PALUCH (Poland)
3rd/4th place – Daniils BATMANOVS (Latvia)
3rd/4th place – Robin Erik PARTS (Estonia)

Girls doubles:
1st place – Kristina FILICHENOK (Belarus) and Julia OCZACHOWSKA (Poland)
2nd place – Victoria DEMA and Juliya POPYK (Ukraine)
3rd/4th place – Iveta DAUJOTAITE (Lithuania) and Ekaterina GRIB (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Darya SHVARTSMANN and Ilana TETRUASHVILI (Israel)

Boys doubles:
1st place – Robin Erik PARTS and Johannes SEEMAN (Estonia)
2nd place – Timofey SKATOV and Andrey VOROBYEV (Russia)
3rd/4th place – Artsiom BARDZIN and Annei LASKA (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Tsimafei BASALYHA (Belarus) and Pavel SHUMEIKO (Ukraine)

Congratulations to all winners and see us next year!

Second day of Venden Cup has finished

It’s the second main draw day of Venden Cup 2014 for U14 age group. It’s cleared eight best players in girls and boys competitions. June 24th was unfortunate for Latvian young tennis players, because all of them lost, except the favorite Daniils Batmanovs. In the eigth strongest boys in the tournament with Daniils are two players from Israel and two from Estonia, as well one by Russia, Belarus and Poland. In girls singles our Patrīcija Špaka lost to Russian Kubareva 6:1 6:1 and Elza Tomase lost to Israeli D.Shvartsmann 6:3 6:3. Alongside them into the quarterfinal got one more Russian representative as well as three girls from Belarus, one from Poland and one from Ukraine.

Our players are withdrawn from double games.

Tomorrow, June 25th, will take place interesting games for getting into the best four. Beginning of games at 10:00. You can follow the scores in Tennis Europe homepage.

First day of Venden Cup has finished

First day of Venden Cup for U14 age group has Finished. Our players had different efforts. Patrīcija Špaka in a difficult game won over Russian player Kristina Sorokolet, who is ranked 148th at European ranking, with a score 3:6, 6:2, 6:1. Our Elza Tomase as well got into best 16, by winning Varvara Zlotnik from Belarus with a score 6:7(6), 6:4, 7:6(5). Our other girls and boy Renārs Grodskis lost their games. In ahead – games in doubles. We wish a great success.

Patrīcija Špaka

Elza Tomase


Today starts Tennis Europe Venden Cup main draw

June 23rd, in courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school starts Tennis Europe international youth tournament Venden Cup for U14 age group. On June 21st and 22nd were played qualification games, but today starts main draw. This morning games had small delay because of rain, but now the sun is shining and the games are starting.

In tournament are playing participants from 10 countries. Liepāja Tennis Sports school will be represented by Renārs Grodskis, Patrīcija Špaka, Katrīna Lasmane, Alise Grundule. Elza Tomase, Veronika Zalcmane and Alise Vindiga.

The newest scores you can find at Tennis Europe homepage.

Everyone is welcome to support our players and of course other participants at courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school – Liepāja, Jūrmalas parks (Seaside park). Entrance is for free.

Five Latvian players in “Riga Open 2014″ quarterfinals

Behind is the third day of “Riga Open 2014″. Due to rain on Wednesday wasn’t possible to play all planed matches. In singles is known almost all quarterfinalists (postponed only 6 games). In quarterfinals will participate five Latvian young tennis players.

After a day long break, on courts returned U12 group players. In girls tournament in 2nd round player three Latvians, two of the had to play against each other. In duel between Darja Semenistaja and Stefānija Polisčuka better with a score 6:3, 7:5 was Darja, who got in to the quarterfinal, where she’ll have to play against Viktorija Kanapatskaja from Belarus. Meanwhile, to our Patrīcija Špaka this competition finished with a lost game against Russian Jekaterina Vinika with a score 0:6, 3:6.

At boys U12 Latvia will have one quarter-finalist – Roberts Jaričevskis, who won over Russian representative Boriss Frolov – 6:1, 6:0. In game for semifinal, Roberts will have to play against Ņikita Fjodorov from Lithuania. Other Latvian player – Kārlis Ozoliņš – didn’t finish 2nd round game, where, against Estonian Mark Lajal, Kārlis was in lead with 6:4, 0:1, but had to retire because of health problems.

In U14 girl competition all Latvian players already lost in the 1st round, but in boys competition in quarterfinal will play Daņils Batmanovs. 2nd seeded Daņils won over Ukranian Pavel Šumeiko – 6:4, 3:6, 4:3 (Pavel didn’t finish the game). Next opponent of Daņils will be Robin Erik Prak from Estonia. Meanwhile, Mārtiņš Rocēns today lost to Georgy Kravčenko (Ukraine) – 5:7, 1:6.

In U16 singles from Latvia in the 2nd round was Aļina Ņikušina and Roberts Grīnvalds. Aļinai didn’t got into the quarterfinals – lost game to Lithuanian Gerda Zikute with a 0:6, 5:7. But Roberts was one of them, who didn’t finish game on Wednesday. This game against Lithuaninan Gvido Motuza was stopped because of darkness. Before stopping the game in lead was Gvido with 6:2.

At U18 singles today played two Latvian girls and two boys. Both boys won their games and got into the quarterfinals.Mikus Losbergs with 6:1, 7:6(4) won over Estonian Hendrik Inno, but Arkādijs Slobodkins won over other Estonian player Kristjan Tamm – 6:4, 6:2. Tomorrow Mikus will play against Swedish Jesper Akerlund, but Arkādijs against Roberts Vžesinskis from Lithuania. Unfortunately our both girls didn’t succeed. 13 years old Daniela Vismane with a score 6:7(6), 3:6 lost to Julia Birn from Irland, but Annija Anna Veinšteina lost (1:6, 0:6) to Šelija Krolicka from Israel.

On Thursday at both venues (Mežaparks and Viesturdārzs) games will continue. In singles should be known all semifinalists, but at doubles it has to be played quit a lot of games (for winners several games per day). Beginning of first games already at 9:00 – game list and more information you can find at –

Entrance to all games is for free. Let’s support young players! “Riga Open 2014“ is supported by Itera Latvija, SEB bank, Riga city education, culture and sports department.

Rainy and windy day – 2nd day of “Riga Open 2014″ has finished

At international youth tennis tournament “Riga Open 2014″ has finished second day. Despite strong wind, quite cold weather and rain, a lot of planned games had been played in Mežaparks and Viesturdārzs.

At U12 girls tournament 1st round games finished already yesterday. We remind, that at 1st round Latvia was represented by 3 players – Darja Semenistaja, Stefānija Polisčuka and Patrīcija Špaka. They will have games for quarterfinal on Wednesday. At U12 boys competition at second day finished remaining games at 1st round. From Latvians continue Roberts Jaričevskis and Kārlis Ozoliņš. U12 doubles were postponed to Wednesday.

At U14 for girls Latvia was represented by six players – Katrīna Lasmane, Laura Slišāne, Anna Jakovļeva, Sona Oļesova, Herta Uzkalne and Aleksandra Beļakova, unfortunately they didn’t got in the second round. At boys U14 Latvian representatives had better effort – fight for title is continuing Daņils Batmanovs and Mārtiņš Rocēns, who did win in two sets. But for Teodors Pukše, Rūdolfs Ulmanis and Renārs Grodskis singles tournament has finished.

At U16 for girs, from 32 participants 10 were from Latvia, however only Aļina Ņikušina got in to 2nd round. Sandra Rocēna, Anna Marija Bukina, Darja Šumskaja, Alise Čerņecka, Katrīna Jansone, Marta Pagraba, Gundega Pastore lost in two sets, but Elīza Buka and Rebeka Margareta Mertena lost in three sets games. At U16 for boys all 1st round games didn’t finish, games were played till 21:10, but then, because of rain, was decided to stop the games. From Latvian players 2nd round reached Roberts Grīnvalds, but hopes for 2nd round still has Toms Rolis, whose game was stopped. At 1st round lost Artūrs Kuļibaba and Kristaps Stenders.

On Wednesday first games will start at 9:00 as usual. List of games you can find at official homepage of “Riga Open 2014″ – There you can find more information about tournament, scores and photo gallery from all game days.

Entrance to all games is for free. Let’s support young players! “Riga Open 2014“ is supported by Itera Latvija, SEB bank, Riga city education, culture and sports department.