LTU cup leg for all age groups has been played

Last week took place LTU cup leg for all age groups. U12 and U14 groups participated in Mežparks (Riga), but U18 group competed in Ventspils. In all tournaments participated Liepaja Tennis Sport school students with various success.

In U12 group Liepaja Tennis Sport school students couldn’t get any medals, even thou for the bronze competed Evelina Ķīvīte and Dāvis Rolis. Evelīna lost to Valērija Kargina (Rīga) with 6/3 6/4, but Dāvis couldn’t play for the 3rd place because health issues.alise_vindigaIn U14 group Daniels Špaks in 1st round won over Martins Ugļevs with 7/6(7) 6/1, but in 2nd round lost to the tournaments favorite Renards Skutelis (Daugavpils) with 6/0 6/1. At girls competition the best result had Alise Vindiga, she won 3rd place and bronze. In Semifinal Alise lost to Dārta Daļecka (Riga) with 6/2 6/1 and in Final Dārta Daļecka became the winner of the tournament. Our Alise in game for 3rd place won over 1st seeded Līva Vēvere with 6/2 6/1. Meanwhile our Dana Gribeļska won in the 1st round, but in the 2nd round lost to the tournaments winner Dārta Daļecka with 6/1 6/1, but our Veronika Zalmane already in 1st round lost to Eva Zazdravniha with 4/6 6/0 6/1.tomaseIn U18 group in Ventspils girls from Liepaja had good success. Elza Tomase took home Silver medal. In Final she lost to Kristiāna Linda Zahare with 6/3 6/4. Elza training partner Alise Grundule took 3rd place, by winning in the last game over 2nd seeded Annelija Akmane with 6/1 6/1.

Already this weekend new tennis players will compete in tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school, where will take place LTSS and Yonex Grand Prix.

From Vilnius with silver

Two Liepaja Tennis Sport school students – Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga had a successful Tennis Europe “Vilnius Tennis Academy Cup” tournament for U14 age group, which took place from 4th to 10th July in Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Alise had a great qualification round and could continue the tournament in Main draw. In 1st round Alise won over 3rd seeded Sofija Každan from Belarus with 6/3 6/3. In 2nd round Lithuanian Milena Kriukelite with 6/4 6/0 was won, but in quarterfinal Alise lost to Belarusian Kristina Dmitruk with 7/6(6) 6/2.elza_tomase_vilna_07_16Elza in this tournament took Silver medal in Singles, but in Doubles, together with Dārta Daļecka they played till Semifinal. In Singles Elza till the Final game had great victories one after another, but in the Final game she lost to the 1st seeded opponent from Russia – Marija Bondarenko with 6/4 7/5. In Doubles Elzas pair was stopped in Semifinal by Russian pair Marija Bondarenko/Anna Grigoreva with 6/4 6/3.

This week our tennis players will have tournaments in Latvia – U18 in Ventspils, but U12 in Rīga.

Latvian Olympics successful to our players

July 1st to 3rd, at Cēsu tennis courts took place tennis tournament of Latvian Olympics, where good success had our players.13621399_1027432377371619_995738658_oAt women competition the Latvian Olympics gold was won by our Rebeka Mertena, who in Final won over Kristiāna Zahare (Riga) with 6/3 6/4. In game for 3rd place competed both our players – Marta Pagraba against Elīna Zīverte. Bronze was taken by Marta Pagraba with 6/3 6/3.13639487_1027432364038287_763980641_oIn women Doubles our pair Mertena/Pagraba lost in Final to Zahare/Veinberga (Riga) with 3/6 6/4 10/8 and took Silver medal.13621628_1027432390704951_1047570676_oIn Men Doubles our Kozlovs/Rolis in the game for Bronze won over Breicis/Krūze (Valmiera) with 6/3 6/1 and took 3rd place.

Good success for Liepaja tennis players

In Tallinn has concluded Tennis Europe “17th Babolat Cup U14”, where Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Valērijs Vorobjovs. In Singles tournament Valerijs successfully passed the qualification rounds and got into the Main draw.DSC_1255In the 1st round of Main draw Valērijs Vorobjovs won over Mihail Dubrousk from Belarus with 6/4 6/2, but in second round, in a 3 set game lost to the next winner of the tournament – other Latvian representative Daniels Linkuns-Morozovs with 7/5 4/6 6/0. In Doubles, playing in pair with Linkuns-Morozovs, they won the champions title, by winning in Final ower Finnish pair Antinheimo/Leikola with 2/6 6/2 10/7.pagrabaMeanwhile, back in Latvia, at Riga Championship, which was as well LTU cup 6th leg for U18, great results had our Marta Pagraba, who during the tournament won over 2nd seeded Kristiana Linda Zahare (Rīgas Satiksmes tennis club) with 4/2 4/0, as well as winning over the main favorite of the tournament Anna Jakovļeva (ACB/VL tennis school) with 1/4 5/4(7) 5/4(6).pagraba2

TE Liepaja International Tournament U14 has concluded

Junie 18-24, during Midsummer celebration in Latvia (“Līgo”), at tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school, took place Tennis Europe 2nd category tournament “Liepaja International Tournament” for U14 age group.vienspeles_zeniIn the tournament participated best European young tennis players from 9 countries. At Singles tournament victories was celebrated by Russian representatives. In girls Final M.Shusharina(RUS) won over S.Kimchi(ISR) with 6-4 6-2. At boys competition E.Agafonov(RUS) defeated M.Kasnikowski(POL) with 7-6(4) 6-2vienspeles_meitenesLatvian success at Singles – our Patrīcija Špaka had to retire because of injury in Semifinals, but Daniels Linkuns-Morozovs from Riga lost at Semifinals.dubultspele_meitenesIn Doubles, our Elza Tomase in pair with E.Avetisyan(ARM) won champion title by winning in Final over Brich/Kimchi(BLR/ISR) with 7-6(5) 6-4. Meanwhile in boys Doubles Final Arzhankin/Kasnikowski(RUS/POL) defeated Eldiyar Uulu/Linkuns-Morozovs(RUS/LAT) with 6-1 6-3.dubultspele_zeniMore pictures from the tournament can be seen in “Gallery“.

Intense games for the young tennis players in Liepaja

Last weekend in Liepaja Tennis Sport school tennis courts took place “Labas balvas” Prix, where competed more than 70 young tennis players from various Latvian and Lithuanian tennis clubs.

Autore - Inga Aleksandroviene

Autore – Inga Aleksandroviene

Even thou the rain disturbed the 1st day events, it was possible to find out the winners of the tournament. In the youngest age group 1st place won our Anna Azarova (coach A.Rozentāls). 2nd and 3rd place was taken by representatives from Ādaži and Jelgava Kjāra Paula Želubovska and Aleksandra Torgošova. In the boys competition champion title was taken by Ralfs Upenieks from Jelgava, but 2nd and 3rd place stayed in Liepaja – Ernests Brūders and Markuss Lejiņš (both coached by A.Rozentāls).

Orange group was the hardest to our players. Only Marija Lauva (coach O.Bordjugova) could manage to get into medalists – 2nd place. 1st place took Daniela Puiše (Rīga), 3rd – Austeja Vasiļauskaite from Klaipēda. At boys competition 1st place – J.Aleksandrovs from Klaipeda, 2nd place – A.Sotikovs from Rīga, 3rd place – R.Gorsvāns from Ventspils.

In the Green group in girls competition the podium was taken by Riga representatives – 1st place – A.Rožkalne (Jaunmārupe), 2nd place – S.Zariņa (Mārupe), 3rd place – B.Zeltiņa (Rīgas klubs “Fortūna un sports”). In boys competition 3rd place was taken by our Ralfs Rukmanis (coach E.Reinfelde), 1st place was taken by Mārtiņš Rubezis from Mārupe tennis school, 2nd place – Georgijs Harjuzovs from Ventspils.

Gold and Silver from Tallinn

May 21st to 29th, in Tallinn (Estonia) took place Tennis Europe tournament “Estonian Junior Open” for U14 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova) and Valērijs Vorobjovs (coach Edgars Kļaviņš).

Elza Tomase returned home with Gold medal in Singles tournament and Silver medal in Doubles, where she played in pair with Dārta Daļecka from Riga.elza_tomase_tallina_16In Singles tournament Elza won in 1st and 2nd rounds without problems with 6/0 6/1, while playing against Armenian and Finnish representatives. Intense game was in the Quarterfinals against Elizaveta Gavrilova from Russia. In three set game better was our Elza with 6/3 4/6 6/1. In Semifinal Elza had to play against 1st seeded Anna Mikhailova from Russia, but she wasn’t a strong opponent to Elza in this tournament, and she won with 7/5 6/2. In Final Elza competed against Emilia Salo from Finland, and the champion title went to Elza by winning with 6/1 6/4.

In Doubles Final Elza and Dārta had to play against Anna Mikhailova and Emilia Salo. Opponents this time were better with 6/0 7/6(6). So Elza and Dārta took Silver.

Overall Elza received necessary points in Tennis Europe, which will allow to climb up in the European ranking and begin international tournaments in better positions.

Meanwhile our Valērijs Vorobjovs this tournament started from qualification, where he won over two Estonian players. In Main Draw in the 1st round Valērijs won over Oskar Erola from Finland with 6/0 6/1. In the 2nd round Valērijs had to compete against 1st seeded Pjotr Bar Birjukov from Russia, who won over Valērijs with difficult 6/3 6/7(5) 6/1.

In Liepaja concluded “Amber Wilson” for U12 age group

Despite rainy weather, in Liepāja took place “Amber Wilson” tournament for U12 age groupdzintara_wilson_u12_2dzintara_wilson_u12_1At girls competition 1st place took Enija Paula Aploka, by winning in Final over Mia Melbārde from Riga with 6/1 6/0. Bronze was taken by Karolīna Skābe, in game against Annu Bārbali with 6/0 6/0.dzintara_wilson_u12_4At boys competition unbeaten remained Dāvids Špaks, who in Final won over his training partner Dāvis Rolis with 6/3 6/2. 3rd place was taken by Ralfs Laukagals who won over other our student Ričards Špaks with 6/7(3), 6/1 6/2.dzintara_wilson_u12_3

Gold at LTU Cup leg

Last week in Riga, Mežparks tennis courts, took place LTU Cup leg for U14 age group. At this leg participated 5 students from Liepaja Tennis Sport school – 4 boys and 1 girl.vorobjovsOverall the tournament for our students went good. With the Gold medal and Champion title back home returned our Valērijs Vorobjovs, by winning in the Final over Nikolajs Galkins (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) with smashing 6/1 6/0. In Semifinals Valērijs had to play with his school partner Dāvids Špaks, who was won with 6/3 3/6 6/2. Dāvids in the game for third place lost to Ņikita Kupičs with 6/3 2/6 1/6. u_14_uzvaretajiBoth other boys Ričards Špaks and Daniels Špaks could pass the 1st round, but in the second round they both lost. Dana Gribeļska lost already in the 1st round to Amēlija Šūpulniece (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) with 5/7 6/3 4/6.

This week at the same venue takes place LTU Cup leg for U18 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school is represented by 2 players – Marta Pagraba and Elīna Zīverte.

Good success in LTU cup legs

May 6th to 8th, two Latvian Tennis union Cup legs took place.

In Mežparks tennis courts took place LTU cup leg for U12 age group, where participated 7 Liepaja Tennis Sport school students. At girls competition best results had our youngest participant Enija Paula Aploka, she played till Semifinal where she lost to Valērija Kargina (Lielupes TC) with 6/4 6/2. Evelīna Ķīvīte won only in 1st round, but Karolīna Skābe lost already in first game.davis_spaksAt boys competition with Gold medal returned our Dāvids Špaks, who in Semifinal won over 1st seeded Daniels Tens (Spars TK) with 7/6(4) 6/2, but in Final Dāvids was better than Reinis Kupfers (Orange Tennis s/sk) with 7/6 (3) 6/3.u_18_balvasMeanwhile in Liepāja took place LTS cup leg for U18 age group. At girls competition victory was celebrated by our Rebeka Mertena, in Final with 7/5 6/4 she won over Anna Jakovļeva (ACB/VL Tenisa skola). For the Bronze medal competition was between two our students Elza Tomase and Marta Pagraba. At this game better was Elza and with 7/5 6/3 she took Bronze.u_18_meitenesAt boys competition Toms Sutris, who this year is representing Liepāja Tennis Sport school, took Gold. In Final with 6/1 6/1 he won over our other student Toms Rolis. Our Renārs Grodskis had to play for the Bronze, but because of injury he couldn’t finish the game, so the third place was taken by Justs Jakovļevs (ACB/VL Tenisa skola).u_18_zeni