Liepaja earns “European Sports City 2016″ title

Evaluating Liepaja sports infrastructure, available sporting events range, experience and community involvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle, the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation gave to Liepaja the title of “European Sports City 2016″.

“Congratulations on the acquisition of the title. Your city is a good example, where sport is used as a tool for health, unity, education and mutual respect.”said the President of the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation Gian Francesco Lupattelli in his letter.

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Liepaja has a good success in Yonex tournaments

Sunday, August 2, in tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sport school took place LTSS and Yonex Prix for young players of U10 age group.At boys competition undefeated remained Gustavs Dambiņš from Riga. 2nd and 3rd place was taken by our students Kristians Lasmanis (coach E.Reinfelde) and Didzis Vārna (coach I.Kublačova).At girls competition won Aleksandra Šķebrina from Riga. 2nd and 3rd place was won by our students Kristiana Lagzdiņa (coach O.Bordjugova) and Megija Sokolovska (coach I.Kublačova). Pictures from the tournament can be seen at “Galerija“.

In other Yonex tournament for U14 group, which took place last weekend in RīgaTK Spars, won our student Alise Grundule (coach I.Kublačova).

LTSS and “Yonex” Prix has concluded

In Liepāja has concluded LTSS and “Yonex” Prix, for U14 and U18 age groups. Winner in U14 group for girls became our Patrīcija Špaka (coach O.Bordjugova), who won in final with 6/0 6/0 over our Elza Tomase (coach I.Kublačova). 3rd place took Katrīna Lasmane (coach E.Reinfelde), who won over her training partner Alise Vindiga with 6/1 6/1.At boys competition winner was our Renārs Grodskis (coach D.Kozlovs), who in final won with 6/0 6/3 over our Valērijs Vorobjovs (coach O.Bordjugova). Bronze went to Vents Dambekalns (Mārupes TS), by winning over Rūdolfu Auniņu (Jelgava) with 6/3 6/4.

In U18 group again won 13 years old Patrīcija Špaka from Liepaja (coach O.Bordjugova), by winning over Agate Gurecka in final (coach O.Bordjugova) with 6/1 6/2. 3rd place took 1st seeded Marta Pagraba (coach O.Bordjugova), who won over Signija Stībele (coach I.Kublačova).In boys competition won our Toms Rolis (coach D.Kozlovs), who won over Renārs Grodskis (coach D.Kozlovs) with 7/5 6/3. 3rd place took student from LSNT Akadēmija Rūdolfs Ulmanis, by winning with 6/4 6/3 over Valērijs Vorobjovs (coach O.Bordjugova).

Seniors take champion cup

Liepāja seniors in the higher league at 35+ group, participated in annual Latvian club team tennis championship. Third year in a row they took home the champion cup. This was the 4th time after founding the team in 2011. With this year victory, our seniors will have the opportunity to represent Latvia in European championship in 2016. This year our team will participate in European championship in September in south Spain.

Our team for the fifth year hasn’t changed – Andrejs Koļesins, Eduards Grodskis, Gints Rolis, Didzis Holštroms, Artūrs Eglītis, Andis Cirsis, Andis Černecovs, Erlands Lazdāns, Darius Augustinaitis, Arunas Rozga and Imants Andersons.

Liepāja Tennis Sports school woman team wins gold in Latvia!

In Latvia tennis club team championship for woman in Open group Liepāja Tennis Sport school team won 1st place. The team was represented by Marta Pagraba, Rebeka Margareta Mertena, Agate Gurecka, Elīna Zīverte and Signija Stībele.In Club team championship participated 4 teams – Liepāja Tennis Sport school, Ādaži-1, Ādaži-2 and Jaunmārupe. Our girls convincingly won over Ādaži-2 and Jaunmārupe with score 4:0; 4:0. In final met two strongest teams – Liepāja Tennis Sport school and Ādaži-1. In single games Marta Pagraba and Rebeka Margareta Mertena won easily. But in three set game our Elīna Zīverte lost. But in overall the won games gave victory to our team.

The victory in Latvian club team championship gives the possibility for our girls to participate in European club championship! Congratulations!

Strength is in Team – Davis Cup in Liepaja was successfull

Big thanks to students of Liepāja Tennis Sport school for active participation at the organizing of Davis Cup by BNP in Liepāja.Ball kids – Katrīna Lasmane, Elza Tomase, Francis Andersons, Karolīna Skābe, Patrīcija Špaka, Dāvis Rolis, Dāvids Špaks, Inna Rozga, Toms Rolis, Herberts Davidaitis, Dinija Ramanauska, Alise Grundule, Ričards Špaks, Daniels Špaks, Roberta Iesalniece, Elizabete Laizāne, Veronika Zalcmane.Line Umpires – Māris Dubrovskis, Elīna Prokopenko, Agate Gurecka, Marta Pagraba, Elīna Zīverte
Voluntaryhelpers – Margareta Rebeka Mertena, Alise Frickausa, Signija Stībele, Marta Krauze, Eduards Andersons.Big thanks to all Liepāja Tennis Sport school staff for endurance and responsibility. And thanks to all tennis supporters.

Davis Cup: Latvia wins over Madagascar

In July 17, 18 and 19 in tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sport school took place Davic Cup by BNP Paribas games between Latvia and Madagascar. Team Latvia won with a score 3:2.Results:
Mārtiņš Podžus –
Žakobs Rasolondrazana 6:1 6:2 7:6(5)
Miķelis Lībietis – Antso Rakotondramanga 2:6 3:6 6:7(4)
MārtiņšPodžus/Miķelis Lībietis
– Antso Rakotondramanga/Tony Rajaobelina 6:1 6:4 6:2
Mārtiņš Podžus
– Antso Rakotondramanga 2:6 6:2 4:6 7:6(6) 6:4
Jānis Podžus – Jean Jaques Rakotohasy 3:6 2:6

Davis cup by BNP Paribas games in Liepaja is supported by Itera, Liepāja city, Domenikss, Storent, ACB and Barons Bumbiers.

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Win at LTU cup leg

June 13 to 15, at tennis courts of Rīgas Satiksme took place Latvian Tennis Union cup leg for U14 age group. In Main draw competed 5 girls from Liepāja Tennis Sport school – Veronika Zalcmane (coach Ina Kublačova), who won 2 games in to qualification round got into the Main draw, and for more Main draw players – Katrīna Lasmane (coach Evija Reinfelde), Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova), Alise Grundule (coach Ina Kublačova) and Patrīcija Špaka (coach Olga Bordjugova).
Young tennis players from Liepaja celebrated double victory, by taking 1st and 2nd place. For this leg winner became Patrīcija, but second place went to Elza. In a hard three set game, our Alise unfortunately lost and took 4th place.

Davis Cup draw and training with kids have taken place

June 17, in Liepaja will start Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Europe/Africa zone 2nd group first games between team Latvia and team Madagascar. Today was the game schedule draw.First game tomorrow will start at 12:00 and will be played between Mārtiņš Podžus and Jacob Rasolondrazana. Second game of the Friday will be between Miķelis Lībietis and Antso Rakotondramanga. Saturday at 14:00 will be played one Double game between Jānis Podžus and Miku Losbergu against Antso Rakotondramanga and Tony Rajaobelina. Sunday from 12:00 will start Mārtiņš Podžus against Antso Rakotondramanga, after then Miķelis Lībietis will compete against Jacob Rasolondrazana.Yesterday team Latvia made a training together with new tennis players from Liepaja Tennis Sport school. Pictures can be found at “Gallery“.

Rebeka Margareta Mertena takes 3rd place in ITF U18 tournament in Estonia

July 6 to 10, student of Liepāja Tennis Sport school Rebeka Margareta Mertena (coach D.Kozlovs) participated in 14th Tallinn ITF cup for U18 age group.

In 1st round Rebeka with a score 6:2 4:6 6:4 won over Russian new tennis player Maria Kozyreva (seeded 5th). In 2nd round Emilija Gedvilaite from Lithuania was won with a score 6:3 6:3. But in quarterfinals with a score 7:5 6:4 was won over Birgit Burk from Estonia. In Semifinal Rebeka Margareta Mertena in three sets lost to 3rd seeded Katsiaryna Yemelyanenka from Belarus with 2:6 7:5 3:6. Rebeka Margareta Mertena took 3rd place in this tournament.