Liepaja city open summer championship 2014 has finished

In September 20th with a award-ceremony finished Liepaja city open summer championship 2014 for U12, U14 and U18 age groups.Winners:
U12 group
1st place – Dāvids Špaks
2nd place – Daniels Špaks
3rd place – Kārlis Vēberis

1st place – Elza Tomase
2nd place – Alise Vindiga
3rd place – Dana Gribeļska

U14 group
1st place – Renārs Grodskis
2nd place – Elvijs Eihvalds
3rd place – Daniels Špaks

1st place – Patrīcija Špaka
2nd place – Elza Tomase
3rd place – Alise Grundule

U18 group
1st place – Renārs Grodskis
2nd place – Reinis Jurkovskis
3rd place – Elvijs Eihvalds

1st place – Signija Stībele
2nd place – Agate Gurecka
3rd place – Alise Grundule


Davis Cup in Valmiera with participation by us

As written before, from September 12th to 14th in Valmiera took place Davis Cup duel between team Latvia and team Austria. This year from Liepaja at Davis Cup participated one line judge and 9 ball kids (overall in this duel participated 20 ball kids). Students from Liepaja Tennis Sports school had common training with team Latvia.Student of Liepaja Tennis Sports school Patrīcija Špaka shared her experience in Davis Cup:

I think, that for a lot of tennis players, including me, September was the month to wait. This time not because school was starting, but because for few students of Liepaja Tennis Sports school had the opportunity again to get to Davis Cup and feel the atmosphere! For lot of us first time was two years ago, when Davis Cup duel was held in Liepaja Olympic center. It seemed that the world had turn around, because it was possible to meet Ernests Gulbis and play tennis with him. It seemed unbelievable!This time, when we received the invitation to be as ball kids at Davis Cup games in Valmiera, I didn’t think for long, because I wanted to be there! We from Liepaja probably are bit different, because we wanted to be there more than it was allowed.

When we got to Valmiera, we were surprised for the good living conditions, hotel was very good and the food was great, I think that everyone of us is now a little bit heavier. Of course we all wanted to meet with the team Latvia! Common training with team Latvia, photosession, small talks and autographs. That all gave such a great emotional power, what is hard to describe. Every morning we woke up with a thougth – let’s go faster to Vidzeme Olympic center (Davis Cup venue), our team probably are training there now. Glance from Ernests was enough to have a great day! Either way, time at Davis Cup was running to fast.If such a opportunity will be again, of course I will participate. Being together with your friends and other ball kids is necessary.

Andrejs Kolesins from Liepaja is ranked 1st in ITF world ranking

From September 6th to 10th former students of Liepaja Tennis Sports school Andrejs Koļesins (coach Edgars Ernestsons) together with his wife Dace Iesalniece (coach Biruta Porcika) participated at ITF senior tournament Venden Cup, which took place in Jūrmala, Latvia. Our pair playing at mixed doubles in 35+ group won 1st place. Thanks to win and received in this tournament, in ITF newest mixed doubles 35+ group world ranking Andrejs Koļesins is ranked 1st. Meanwhile Dace Iesalniece at ITF newest mixed doubles 40+ group ranks 5th.Next to participating in tournaments together with his wife, Andrejs Koļesins as well plays in Liepaja senior team. As champions of Latvia, Liepaja senior team are training for European senior club championship, which will start at September 22nd in one of the best tennis clubs in the world – La Manga, Murcia region, Spain.


Davis Cup: concede to Austria with 1:4, in October against Sweden

Davis Cup by BNP Paribas is team competition in tennis which origins can be found in Year 1900.  In different levels at competitions participate teams from 122 countries, but team Latvia is playing at Europe Africa zone 1st group. First duel was played in February in Slovakia, where our tennis players lost to team Slovakia.Next games were at our home. For the venue this year has been chosen Valmiera – Valmiera Olympic center. As in previous home games we were playing on special laid hard court. Or opponents – strong team Austria, who we haven’t played against till now. At this moment team Austria ranks in Davis Cup 21st, but team Latvia ranks – 39th.

In draw on Thursday was decided the game schedule. Unfortunately team Latvia leader Ernests Gulbis haven’t healed his foot injury he got in “US Open”, so we couldn’t see him on the first day single games.

The games started with Andis Juška and Martin Fischer duel, where Austrian was better with a score 6:3, 6:3, 6:2. As well in second game team Latvia couldn’t win a set 3:6, 1:6, 4:6, still Jānis Podžus could surprise with his game against former TOP 10 player Jurgen Melzer. On Saturday in court stepped Ernests Gulbis and Miķelis Lībietis who in three sets 7:5, 7:6(3), 6:4 could win over strong team Austria pair – Philip Oswald and Alexander Peya.

In the last, decisive game day Gulbis was not ready to play singles, so Miķelis Lībietis had to step in court instead, to play against Jurgen Melzer who won this match with 2:6, 2:6, 4:6. Even thou team Austria had already won the whole duel, fifth match still was played. Jānis Podžus lost to Martin Fischer with 6:7(6), 3:6. So in the duel team Latvia lost with 1-4, it means, that team Latvia will have one more duel – in end of October against team Sweden – for staying in 1st group.

Thanks to supporters – Itera, Skonto būve, Valmiera city, Valmieras stiklašķiedra, shopping center Valleta, Mercedes-Benz, Cēsu alus and Venden – for well organized competition in Valmiera!

Liepaja city open summer championship

At September 15th in courts of Liepaja Tennis Sports school will start Liepaja city open summer championship in U12, U14 and U18 age groups.

Liepaja city open summer championship:
September 15th to 16th – U14 age group, registration until September 12th 14:00.
September 17th to 18th – U18 age group, registration until September 14th 14:00.
September 19th to 20th – U12 age group, registration until September 16th 14:00.

We invite all participants to register timely at Latvian Tennis Union homepage

Davis Cup duel Latvia – Austria will open Andis Juška and Martin Fischer

This weekend (September 12th to 14th) at Vidzeme Olympic center in Valmiera will take place Davis Cup by BNP Paribas duel in tennis, where team Latvia will meet team Austria. on Thursday was official draw for games.

This weekend in the world will take place Davis Cup by BNP Paribas games. Team Latvia this year participates at 1st group of Europe Africa zone. First duel was held in February at Slovakia, where team Latvia lost to team Slovakia. Next opponents for team Latvia will be strong team Austria (ranked 21st, while team Latvia is ranked 39th). Till now both teams haven’t met.

Thursday at 14:00 was official draw for the game sequence. Before the draw team captains had to nominate players for the games. Team Austria captain Clemens Trimmel didn’t surprise – 1st number for team Austria will be former TOP 10 player Jurgen Melzer, but second single player will be Martin Fischer. For doubles team Austria nominated Philipp Oswald and Alexander Peya.

Meanwhile team Latvia captain Kārlis Lejnieks had to admit, that team Latvia leading player Ernests Gulbis is not ready to play singles on Friday. Ernests haven’t healed the leg injury he got in US Open. However, Ernests has told, that he will be ready to get in the court on Saturday for doubles. Because of that team Latvia 1st number in singles will be Andis Juška, but as 2nd – Jānis Podžus. For doubles will play Ernests Gulbis with Miķelis Lībietis.

The draw decided, that 1st game on Friday will be played between Andis Juška and Martin Fischer. Beginning of this game will be at 15:00. Followed by Jānis Podžus and Jurgen Melzer. Saturday at 15:00 will be the double game, but Sunday from 14:00 will be played remaining single games – Juška against Melzer, but Podžus against Fischer. However team captains can make changes for games on Saturday and Sunday.

Davis Cup games between team Latvia and team Austria is supported by Itera, Skonto būve, Valmieras city, Valmieras  stiklašķiedra, shopping center Valleta, Mercedes-Benz, Cēsu alus and Venden.

E.Ernestsons Prize competition

Has finished E.Ernestsons Prize competition 2014 for U9 and U10 age groups.

Award winning places:
U9 girls
1st place Deniela Konstantinova
2nd place Megija Sokolovska
3rd place Marina Markina

U9 boys
1st place Didzis Vārna
2nd place Lauris Siksna
3rd place Gustavs Pagrabs

U10 girls
1st place Karolīna Skābe
2nd place Enija Paula Aploka
3rd place Evelīna ĶīvīteU10 boys
1st place Dāvids Špaks
2nd place Dāvis Rolis
3rd place Ralfs LaukagalsBig thanks to Andrejs Koļesins for supporting this tournament.

Venden Cup 2014 U12 has finished

September 6th with final games has finished Tennis Europe Venden Cup 2014 for U12 age group.

In boys competition Venden Cup 2014 U12 champion became Alexander Georg MANDMA from Estonia, who in final game won over Daniel LINKUN-MOROZOV from Latvia with a score 6-0 6-1.

In girls competition for Venden Cup 2014 U12 champion title competed two girls from Latvia – Kamilla Bartone from Riga and our own Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova) from Liepaja Tennis Sports school. In intense game the champion title won Kamilla Bartone, who defeated Elza with a score 7-5 6-4.

Pictures from the tournament you can see at “Gallery“. Congratulations!

Venden Cup 2014 U12 fourth day has finished: doubles champions are known

September 5th, has finished 4th day of Tennis Europe Venden Cup 2014 for U12 age group. It’s known who are champions for double games and consolation tournament winners, as well singles finalists, who will compete for the champions title tomorrow at 10:00. In final will compete student of Liepaja Tennis Sports school – Elza Tomase.

In consolation tournament in girls competition 1st place won Vera Alenicheva from Russia, who in the last game was better than Nikola Trama from Latvia with a score 4-0 4-0. Meanwhile in consolation tournament at boys competition 1st place won Oskar Erik Hakonen from Estonia who won over Matas Bruzas from Lithuania with a score 5-3 5-4(2).

In Main draw single game final will compete two girls from Latvia – Kamiila Bartone from Rīga agains our own Elza Tomase, who got in final by winning Lissi Kubre from Estonia with a score 1-6 6-3 6-0. In boys competition final will compete Daniel Linkuns-Morozovs from Latvia, who will try to win over Alexander Georg Mandma from Estonia. Both final games will start tomorrow, September 6th, at courts of Liepaja Tennis Sports school. Lets support our Elza in competing for the champions title.

Today was cleared Venden Cup 2014 U12 double games champions in girl as well in boys competition. As mentioned earlier in double game finals competed our Patrīcija Špaka in pair with Lissi Kubre from Estonia against Latvian pair – Kamiila Bartone and Stefānija Polischuka, who won over Patrīcija and Lissi with a score 6-4 6-1. In boys competition champion title was won by pair from Estonia – Oliver Saarinen and Iiro Vasa, who in the final with a score 6-1 3-6 10-6 were better than Alexander Kuriga from Russia, who played in a pair with Mikhail Malakhovich from Belarus.

We wish a lot of success to Elza Tomase tomorrow while fighting for the first place in Tennis Europe Venden Cup 2014 U12 tournament.

Third day of Venden Cup 2014 U12 has finished

Tennis Europe Venden Cup tournament for U12 age group is continuing. Today, September 4th, we found out the best young tennis players who will participate in single semi-finals and double finals.

In girls single games in semifinals will meet Kamilla Bartone from Riga against Sayfetdinova Avelina from Russia, but in the second semifinal will meet our Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova), who won over other Liepaja player – Patrīcija Špaka (coach Olga Bordjugova). Tomorrow opponent of Elza Tomase will be Lissi Kubre from Estonia, who in quarterfinals won over our Alise Vindiga (coach Evija Reinfelde).

In boys single games will meet Roberts Jaričevskis from Latvia against A.Mandma from Estonia. In second semifinal will be game between D.Linkuns – Morozovs from Latvia and Mark Lajala from Estonia.

Tomorrow in doubles will be game for champion title. In girls final will meet Latvian pair Kamilla Bārtone/Stefānija Poļiščuk against pair with our Patrīcija Špaka and Estonian Lissi Kubre. In boys double final game will meet pair from Finland against pair from Belarus and Estonia.

In consolation tournament in semifinals got only one girl from Latvia – Nikola Trama from Ventspils, all our girls today lost.

You can follow the tournament statistics and results at Tennis Europe homepage – But pictures from tournament you can find in our homepage under “Gallery

Saturday, September 6th at 10:00 will take place final games for girls and boys. At the same time will start Edgars Ernestsons Prize competition for U9 and U10 age groups.