Patrīcija Špaka wins in LTU leg

In Ādaži has concluded leg of Latvian Tennis union Cup for U14 age group. Students from Liepaja Tennis sports school has gained another good results. For this leg champion became our Patrīcija Špaka (coach O.Bordjugova). The most difficult game for Patrīcija was semifinals, where she had to play against other our student – Elza Tomase (coach I.Kublačova). Patrīcija won with 6/2 7/5. In game for 1st place against Laura Slišāne (Mārupes TC) the result was crushing 6/0 6/2. As well the opponents of the first two games couldn’t put anything against Patrīcija. Elza took 4th place, by loosing in the game for the 3rd place against K.Lisovskai with 6/4 6/7 1/6. All new tennis players from Liepaja succeeded to win in the first round – Alise Vindiga (coach E.Reinfelde) won over Paula Iesalniece (Enri TK) 6/0 6/4, Katrīna Lasmane (coach E.Reinfelde) was better than Agrita Gavronska with 6/1 6/3 and Alise Grundule (coach I.Kublačova) won over Nika Balmiševa (TK Spars) 4/6 6/4 7/5. Boys from Liepāja Tennis Sports school didn’t compete at this leg.

Former Liepāja Tennis Sports school students dominates in Ādaži

In April 18th and 19th in Ādaži took place TC Ādaži Minhauzena spring Prix, where as well competed representatives from Liepāja Tennis Sports school. Senior 35+ age group could bring quite strong participants competition, what could be explained because from this year there is no Tennis Winter championship in Latvia. In this tournament participated almost all Liepaja team representatives – from 16 participants 5 where Liepāja senior team representatives. Former Liepāja Tennis Sports school students had a very successful tournament, they won 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th places. Meanwhile 4th place was taken by former Liepaja Tennis Sports school representative, who now represents Rīga Traffic team.The tournament winner was our Andrejs Koļesins, who in final won over Ogre TK representative with 6/3 5/7 and 10/6. In 3rd place was our Eduards Grodskis, who in a bronze game with 6/2 6/2 won over former Liepāja Tennis Sports school representative Jānis Strods. For the 5th place competed two Liepāja Tennis Sports school representatives. 5th place won Artūrs Eglītis, who with a score 2/6 6/3 10/6 won over Didzis Holštroms.Congratulations to Liepāja Tennis Sports school graduates with a successful tournament in Ādaži!

First place in Jelgava

Has concluded another LTU cup leg for U18 age group, which this time took place in Jelgava. This leg winner became our Rebeka Mertena (coach Daņils Kozlovs).

In first game Rebeka won over Kamilla Bārtone from Riga with 6/4 5/7 6/3, following win was over Laura Slišāne (Mārupe TS) 6/4 6/1. In semifinals Rebeka was better than Anna Babņejeva from Jūrmala with 6/2 3/6 6/4 and in the game for champion title Rebeka won over Anna Jakovļeva from Riga with a score 3/6 6/4 6/3.1st round of the tournament overcame our Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova), who won over Stefānija Poļiščuka (TK Enri) 0/6 6/1 6/4.

At boys competition best result from Liepaja Tennis Sports school representatives had Toms Rolis (coach Daņils Kozlovs), who took 4th place. In first game Toms won over Jānis Auslands (LSNT Akadēmija) 6/4 6/4, but in second game he was better than Valters Čapkevičs 6/2 7/6(3). In semifinals Toms lost to Toms Sutris and in the game for 3rd place better was Krišs Cērpiņš (Princis SK).

Remaining tournament participants from Liepaja lost already at the 1st round.

Next week in Ādaži will compete best Latvian tennis players including players from Liepaja at U14 age group.

New experience and friends! Patrīcija Špaka participates in tournament in Germany

At the last week of March 2015 one of the students of Liepāja Tennis Sports school Patrīcija Špaka participated at Europe Tennis tournament “Cup der Nordverbaende” for U14 age group. Tournament took place near to Hannover (Germany).

Tournament took place in a small city, which is smaller than Liepaja. Even though it’s smaller city, they have indoor tennis courts (6 fields), indoor badminton fields, gym and hotel.

As there were a lot of strong players at the tournament, Patrīcija had to start with qualification, where she was successful. At first qualification round Patrīcija won over German tennis player Zanna GINZBURG with 6:0, 6:0. And in the second qualification round Patrīcija was better than other German player Sophia HUMMEL, and won with score 6:3, 6:0.

In the first round of Main draw Patrīcija could win over one more German player Amelie-Christin JANSSEN with 6:2, 6:4.

In the second round Patrīcija lost to young German tennis player Julia MIDDENDORF with 3:6, 4:6. As Patrīcija told us, the game was quite even, but because of own mistakes the result was as it was.

Patrīcija participated as well in double games, together with German tennis player Luzia OBERMEIER they reached semifinal, where they lost to the next winners of this tournament.

As Patrīcija told us, this kind of European tournaments are very necessary to young tennis players, because it’s possible to gain experience, which is not possible just by playing in Latvia. As Patrīcija explains – in Latvia the new tennis players know each other very well and that doesn’t help to develop the game. Even though the participation at the European tournaments are quite expensive, they give good possibilities, for example, it’s possible to compare the level of tennis players and by training together with tennis players from different countries, it’s possible to gain new knowledge and experience. As well, it’s possibility to meet new friends and that motivates to learn languages.

Patrīcija would like to thank to the coaches, who works everyday with her, as well a big thank goes to Liepāja Tennis Sports school, who supports and helps not only to Patrīcija to participate in this kind of tournaments.

Two silvers at LTU cup 3rd leg for U14 age group

In March 27-29 at Tennis center Jelgava took place 3rd leg of LTU cup for U14 age group. At qualification rounds participated 6 players from Liepaja. Best success had Veronika Zalcmane – after two won games in qualification, she got into Main draw. At 1st round of Main draw Veronika won over Marta Uzuliņa, but in the next round Veronika lost and the tournament for her was over. Another student of Liepaja Tennis Sports school – Alise Vindiga – as well succeeded in the 1st round and won over Paula Iesalniece from Riga with a score 7/6 6/0, but in the 2nd round Alise lost to the winner of this tournament – Laura Slišāne (Mārupes TC) with a score 6/2 6/3. In the 1st round didn’t succeed Katrīna Lasmane, but after then she won at the Consolation cup.
The most successful at this tournament was Elza Tomase and Renārs Grodskis. Even thou both were 1st seeded at this tournament, both lost at the final game. Elza lost to Laura Slišāne (Mārupes TC) with score 6/0 6/0, but Renārs in though game lost to Kārlis Ozoliņš (Mārupes TC) with 7/5 6/2. So both players from Liepaja took home silver medals.

Liepāja Tennis Sports school Easter Prix for U8 age group

In March 29th, 2015 took place Liepāja Tennis Sports school Easter Prix for U8 age group. Together with Easter bunnies at tournament participated girls and boys.


1st place – Didzis Čerņecovs
2nd place – Emīls Solovjovs
3rd place – Ralfs Frickauss

1st place – Marija Lauva
2nd place – Megija Mūrniece
3rd place – Maija Alise Zvirbule

Pictures from the tournament can be seen at “Gallery

Congratulations and luck in next tournaments.

Win at LTU cup 3rd leg for U18 age group

In Ādaži on March 21st and 22nd took place 3rd leg of LTU cup for U18 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sports school was represented by 5 youngsters – Rebeka Mertena, Marta Pagraba, Signija Stībele, Elīna Zīverte and Toms Rolis.E.Zīverte lost at 1st round to A.Babņejeva with a score 6/3 6/2, but T.Rolis in first match lost to M.Rocēns with 6/1 6/4. S.Stībele finished the competition at second round by loosing to K.Cērpiņai. M.Pagraba successfully was playing until the semifinal, at the game for getting into final, M.Pagraba lost to teammate R.Mertena with 6/1 6/1. But in the game for 3rd place M.Pagraba lost to Krista Cērpiņa with a score 7/5 3/6 2/6, and took 4th place. Our Rebeka Mertena won this leg of LTU cup by winning over Viktorija Demčenkova with a score 6/4 6/2.

2nd place at 3rd leg of Latvian Tennis Union cup for U12 age group

Has finished the 3ed leg of Latvian Tennis Union cup for U12 age group, which took place in Jelgava. Young tennis players from Liepaja participated in this tournament with various results.Best results this time was succeeded by boys. From Liepaja in tournament participated 4 boys – Kārlis Vēberis, Dāvids Špaks, Dāvis Rolis and Ričards Špaks (all coached by O.Bordjugova). D.Rolis and R.Špaks defeated already at the first round of the main draw. K.Vēberis succeeded into the best of eight, by winning the first round with a 6/0 6/2 over Kristaps Toms Tauriņš from Ādaži, but in the next round Kārlis lost to Martins Ugļovs (TK Spars) and the competition for Kārlis was over. D.Špaks in the first game won over M.Locs (Daugavpils BJSS) 6/1 6/3, in the second game Dāvids won over D.Tens (TK Spars) 6/4 7/5. In semifinal Dāvis succeeded against R.Auniņš from Jelgava with a score 6/3 6/2. In a game for champions title Dāvis lost to E.T.Liepiņš and took 2nd place.At the girls competition both girls from Liepāja – Inna Rozga and Karolīna Skābe lost already in the first round of Main draw. But I.Rozga succeeded at qualification rounds, where she won two games. One won game in qualification had Paula Jankova and Enija Aploka, but it wasn’t enough to get in to the Main draw. As well at qualifications competed our Evelīna Ķīvīte, but she lost already in the first game.

Next weekend in Jelgava will compete players from U18 age group, but on March 27th – 29th – U14 age group.

Determined game schedule in Davis Cup match “Latvia – Bulgaria”

On March 6th to 8th at tennis center “Lielupe” will take place Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Europe Africa zone 2nd group match between team Latvia and team Bulgaria. Today at hotel “Islande” took place the official draw in which it was determined that Friday first game will be between Mārtiņš Podžus and Aleksandar Lazov.At official draw it is determined the game schedule. Team captains Kārlis Lejnieks and Todor Enev for single games nominated highest ranked players, but Bulgaria Tennis federation president Stefan Tzvetkov drew the name of Mārtiņš Podžus. So it meant, that Mārtiņš will play the first game against 2nd number of Bulgaria – Aleksandar Lazov. Beginning of this game – Friday at 15:00.

After this game will take place the second single game, where the twin brother of Mārtiņš – Jānis Podžus will meet against team Bulgaria 1st number – Dimitar Kuzmanov. Saturday at 14:00 will take place double games, team captains nominated Artūrs Lazdiņš / Rūdolfs Mednis and Tihomir Grozdanov / Ilia Kushev. Sunday from 14:00 remaining single games – Mārtiņš Podžus against Dimitar Kuzmanov and Jānis Podžus against Aleksandar Lazov.We remind that games will take place at tennis center “Lielupe” in Jūrmala, Oskara Kalpaka prospekts 16. Ticket sale in all “Biļešu serviss” cash-boxes. Ticket prices – 25 euro for all gamedays, 10 euro (Friday or Sunday) and 8 euro (saturday). Davis Cup by BNP Paribas is supported by – Itera, Skonto būve, Jūrmalas city and Domenikss.

Information from Latvian Tennis union

Latvian Tennis Union Cup for U14 age group 2nd leg – two medals

On February 26th to 28th at Tennis center “Lielupe” took place 2nd leg of Latvian Tennis Union Cup for U14 age group.From Liepaja Tennis Sports school at this tournament participated Daniels Špaks, who unfortunately didn’t pass qualification round, Alise Vindiga and Veronika Zalcmane, both got into the main draw from qualification tournament, Renārs Grodskis (1st seeded), Patrīcija Špaka (2nd seeded) and Elza Tomase (3rd seeded).

Patrīcija Špaka (coach – O.Bordjugova) started 1st round with win over Nika Balmiševa (Spars-TK) with a score 6:3 6:1. 2nd round Patrīcija had a great game and won over Aleksandra Jakovleva (individual) with a score 6:1 6:0. In Semifinals Patricia continued successful game by winning over Stefānija Poļiščuka (Enri-TK) with a score 6:1 6:2. In Finals Patrīcija met with Laura Šlisāne (Mārupes TS) and took confident victory with a score 6:2 6:1, and took 1st place in the tournament.

Renārs Grodskis (coach – D.Kozlovs) in 1st round with 6:1 2:6 6:2 won over Renards Skutelis (Daugavpils BJSS), in 2nd round with 6:0 6:2 won over one more representative from Daugavpils BJSS – Mihails Draguns. In Semifinals Renārs continued his winning streak by winning over Rūdolfs Aksenoks (LSNT Akadēmija) with a score 6:4 6:3. In Finals Renārs competed against Kārlis Ozoliņš (Mārupes TS) and lost with a score 1:6 3:6. So in the 2nd leg of Latvian Tennis Union Cup for U14 age group Renārs Grodskis took 2nd place.

Elza Tomase (coach – I.Kublačova) in 1st round with score 6:1 6:2 won over Dārta Daļecka (Mārupes TS). In 2nd round Elza won over Eva Zazdravniha (Enri-TK) with 6:0 6:2. But in Semifinals Elza lost to Laura Slišāne (Mārupes TS) with a score 2:6 4:6. In the game for 3rd place against Stefānija Poļiščuka (Enri-TK), Elza lost with a score 3:6 1:6 and took 4th place.

Alise Vindiga in 2nd round lost to Laura Slišāne. But Veronika Zalcmane in 1st round lost to Stefānija Poļiščuka.