Latvian new tennis players will participate in Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD

In coming weeks in all Europe new tennis players will participate in “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD”.Team Latvia will participate with six teams – three girls and three boys.

“Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” is annual competition, which takes part in end of January and beginning of February. During this tournament each country is participating in three age groups – U12, U14, U16 – in boys and girls competition.

In U12 age group in boys competition team Latvia will be represented by Nikolajs Galkins, Edvards Teodors Liepiņš and Renards Skutels, team captain – Vadims Morozs. Team Latvia competes in C group together with Russia, Poland, Belarus and Georgia.

In U12 age group in girls competition team Latvia will be represented by Amēlija Matjunina, Odrija Aleksandra Rača and Eva Zazdravniha, team captain – Marika Netenberga. Team Latvia competes in C group together with Estonia, Great Britain, Lithuania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

In U14 age group in boys competition team Latvia will be represented by Roberts Jaričevskis, Daņils Linkūns-Morozovs and Kārlis Ozoliņš, team captain – Jānis Viņķis. Team Latvia competes in A group together with Belarus, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Norway, Romania and Slovakia.

In U14 age group in girls competition team Latvia will be represented by Kamilla Bartone, Anna Jakovļeva and Stefānija Poļiščuka, team captain – Džems Viņķis. Team Latvia competes in B group together with Russia, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus and Belarus.

In U16 age group in boys competition team Latvia will be represented by Daņils Batmanovs, Roberts Grīnvalds and Artūrs Kuļibaba, team captain – Romans Batmanovs. Team Latvia competes in A group together with France, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

In U16 age group in girls competition team Latvia will be represented by Daniela Vismane, Denīza Marcinkeviča and Rebeka Margareta Meretena, team captain – Jānis Juška. Team Latvia competes together with Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, Great Britain, Romania and Switzerland.

All results will be avialbe at TENNIS EUROPE homepage –

Information from Latvian Tennis Union

Sevastova returns with victory

Former student of Liepaja Tennis Sports school – Anastasija Sevastova – who finished professional tennis player career in 2013 has returned in year 2015. On January 27th Anastasija played her first game after returning to professionals. In ITF 10 000 tournament in Egypt with a score Anastasija in her first game won over E.Silva from England with a score 6:3, 6:1. To return in WTA ranking, Sevastova has to receive at least one point in three tournaments or 10 points in one torunament.

Congratulations to Anastasija with successful return and we wish a lot of success in her career!

Win at LTU cup 1st leg for U14 age group

Has finished 1st leg of Latvian Tennis Union cup for U14 age group, which took place in Jelgava. Overall in qualification and main draw participated 9 students from Liepaja Tennis Sports school.

At qualification tournament from Liepaja competed Veronika Zalcmane, Dana Gribeļska and Daniels Špaks. Unfortunately no one of these young tennis players didn’t qualify for main draw.At main draw participated Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase, Katrīna Lasmane, Alise Grundule, Renārs Grodskis and Valērijs Vorobjovs. In the 1st round of main draw V.Vorobjovs and A.Grundule didn’t win. But at 2nd round two more tennis players from Liepaja didn’t succeed – K.Lasmane and 2nd seeded E.Tomase. But overall this LTU cup leg was successful for us, because champion title in girl competition was won by our student Patrīcija Špaka (coach O.Bordjugova). Patrīcija in the game for 1st place won over Laura Slišāne (Mārupes TS) with a score 6/7(5) 6/2 6/4. In boys competition our Renārs Grodskis (coach D.Kozlovs) remained 2nd, by loosing in final game to Roberts Jaričevskis (Orange Tennis) with a score 1/6 4/6.

For now young tennis players from Liepāja has 2 golden medals in 1st leg of Latvian Tennis union cup. As we wrote before – in U18 age group gold was won by our Rebeka Mertena.

Latvian Tennis union cup 1st leg for U12 age group

Latvian Tennis union cup 1st leg for U12 group took place in Ādaži from January 17th to 18th. To Ādaži went 5 young tennis players from Liepāja – K.Skābe, P.Jankova, K.Vēberis, D.Špaks and D.Rolis. Unfortunately for both girls and D.Rolis the cup ended already after 1st game. D.Špaks (coach O.Bordjugova) at first game won over  M.Ugļovs (TK Spars), but in the next round lost to R.Skutelis from Daugavpils with a score 2/6 1/6. At Latvian Tennis union cup 1st leg our Kārlis Vēberis (coach O.Bordjugova), played till best four and in the game for 3rd place lost to Nikolajs Galkins (TK Spars).

Gold and silver from Latvian Tennis union cup 1st leg

January 9th to 11th at Jelgava Tennis center took place Latvian Tennis union cup 1st leg for U18 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sports school was represented by 6 players.

Agate Gurecka participated in qualifications tournament, but unfortunately she couldn’t get into the main draw by loosing to Marupe TC representative Annija Zeihmane with 6/3 2/6 4/6.

In Main draw participated Rebeka Mertena, Elīna Zīverte, Marta Pagraba, Toms Rolis and Renārs Grodskis. All players from Liepaja won the 1st round and got into the quarterfinals. In second game M.Pagraba, T.Rolis and R.Grodskis experienced lost, so the tournament was over for them. Sporty success helped to get into the final to Elīna Zīverte (coach Olga Bordjugova). In semifinal she had to compete against tournaments 1st seeded Daniela Vismane, but Daniela did not show up for the game, so Elīna got into the final. Second finalist was our Rebeka Mertena (coach Daņils Kozlovs). In semifinal she won over Elīza Buka (Enri TC) with a score 3/6 6/2 6/1.

In game for the champion title between both players from Liepaja, better was Rebeka Mertena, she won over Elīna with a score 6/4 6/2. This time tennis players from Liepāja took home gold and silver medals. Congratulations to girls and we wish luck in other LTU tournaments as well as in other tournaments in Latvia and abroad.

We inform that in year 2015, 2nd category tournaments are taking place as a LTU cup in all age groups and consists from 8 legs. Participation is obligatory in 6 legs and best 6 results will be rated.

Next LTU cup 1st leg will take place in January 17th to 18th at TC Ādaži for U12 age group.

Liepaja city winter championship in tennis has finished

From January 2nd to 3rd took place Liepājas city winter championship in tennis for U14 age group.

U-14 group for girls:
1st place Elza Tomase
2nd place Alise Grundule
3rd place Alise Vindiga

U-14 group for boys:
1st place Daniels Špaks
2nd place Dāvids Špaks
3rd place Valerijs Vorobjovs

But from January 4th to 5th Liepaja city winter championship in tennis took place for U-18 age group.

U-18 group for girls:
1st place Rebeka Margareta Mertena
2nd place Marta Pagraba
3rd place Elīna Zīverte

U-18 group for boys:
1st place Toms Rolis
2nd place Renārs Grodskis
3rd place Valerijs Vorobjovs

Liepaja city winter championship in tennis for U-12 age group took place from January 10th to 11th.

U-12 group for girls:
1st place Inna Rozga
2nd place Karolīna Skābe
3rd place Paula Jankova

U-12 group for boys:
1st place Dāvis Rolis
2nd place Dāvids Špaks
3rd place Kārlis Vēberis

Congratulations to all winners and we wish to everyone successful competitions in 2015!

Estonia wins “Future tennis cup by SEB” tournament for youth, Latvia gets 2nd place

Last weekend, October 4th and 5th in Rīga, tennis club “Enri” (Kalnciema str 207) took place tournament for young tennis players “Future tennis cup by SEB”. In tournament competed best U9, U11 and U13 age groups players from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Overall victory took team Estonia, Latvia got 2nd place, but Lithuania stayed 3rd.

Beginning of this tournament can be found last year, when all three Baltic states tennis unions together with SEB bank decided to organize games between all three Baltic states. Last year tournament took place in Lithuania, and it was between tennis clubs. This year competed best tennis players from each country in U9, U11 and U13 age groups.

Team Latvia was represented by Ksenija Rage, Nikola Baikova, Stefans Audriņš, Daniels Tens (U9 age group), Eva Zazdravniha, Amēlija Matjunina, Nikolajs Galkins, Renards Skutels (U11 age group) and Anna Jakovļeva, Darja Semeņistaja, Renārs Grodskis and Roberts Jaričevskis (U13 age group). Team captains – Marika Netenberga and Arina Mihailova.

Competition took place Saturday and Sunday in tennis club “Enri”, Rīga, Kalnciema str 207. It was planned to have 54 games in two days – single games and doubles. Few doubles were not played, because it was already known, who was the winner of the tournament.

Between team Latvia and team Lithuania were played 16 from 18 games, our players won with a score 11-5. Team Lithuania was won by team Estonia as well (13-4), but in the games for wining the tournament, better were team Estonia, by wining team Latvia with 10-6.During the tournament, new tennis players became friends and gained experience. As well the participants received prizes from the tournament main supporter “SEB Bank”. Received positive emotions received by players and organizers probably will allow to make such a tournament as well in next year!

Information from LTS

On weekend few 1st places

From October 3rd to 5th at tennis center Jelgava took place Anatta Open 2014 U14 tournament. From Liepaja Tennis Sports school in this tournament participated Elza Tomase and Alise Grundule. Elza Tomase showed good games in this tournament and won 1st place.

In October 4th and 5th at Ādaži took place TCĀ Spin WILSON and TCĀ Saldus Gotiņas U8, U9, U10 tournament. 1st place won Gregors Lazdāns (coahc E.Reinfelde) in U8 group and Enija Paula Aploka (coahc O.Bordjugova) in U10 group. Gustavs Pagrabs (coach I.Kublačova) took 5th place in U9 group.