Our students successful in LTU Masters tournament

At the end of October in Lielupe tennis center took place LTU (Latvian Tennis union) cup conclusion – LTU MASTERS, where competed TOP 8 in every age group according to LTU cup legs in 2016. At LTU Masters participated 13 Liepaja Tennis Sport school students.uzvaretajiIn U12 age group for boys, our Dāvids Špaks in a Final lost to Daniels Tens (TK Spars) with 6/4 1/6 0/6 and took Silver medal. At girls copmetition our Evelīna Ķīvīte in a game for 3rd place lost to Sindija Manovska (Rīga) with 6/4 6/2.u12_zeniIn U14 age group for girls the Final was between two our students. For the Gold competed Patrīcija Špaka with Elza Tomase. This time our Elza won the duel with 6/2 6/3.u14_meitenesIn U18 age group for boys our Toms Rolis made a small sensation by winning in the 1st round over 1st seeded Andris Gudiņš (Mārupe TS) with 2/6 6/2 6/3. Unfortunately in Final our Toms lost to other Mārupe TS student Teodors Pukše with 1/6 5/7 and took 2nd place.u18_zeniIn U18 age group for girls Gold was taken by our Rebeka Mertena. In Final she won over Kamilla Bartone (ACB/VL Tennis school) with 6/3 3/6 6/3.u18_meitenesWith this tournament the LTU cup 2016 has concluded. New challenges are coming in 2017.liepajas_godalgotie

With great competition the beach tennis season has completed

In the sunny last weekend of September in Liepaja beach took place Liepaja open championship in beach tennis. which was organized by the head of Liepaja Tennis Sport school Elans Strazdiņš, in collaboration with Liepaja city Sport department, football club “Liepāja” and Red Sun Buffet.DSC_1233-001Beach tennis for the first time in Liepaja was played in summer of 2015. It was something new and unknown. But in summer of 2016 beach tennis fast became as a lovely free time activity and it was played till sunset.DSC_1424Elans Strazdiņš decided that in September 23 and 24 the tournament will be the summer season closing for beach tennis. In the fist day the competition was played in 3 groups – U18 boys, 18+ men, 18+ women, overall 16 pairs. In the second day the competition was played for mixed pairs in two groups – Pro and amateurs, overall 18 pairs.DSC_1457-001Both days were filled with sun, music and a lot of supporters. Among participants were tennis players, football players, musicians, hairdressers, entrepreneurs and other professions.DSC_1317-001The results were following:
DSC_1609-001U18 boys:
1st place – Dāvids Špaks, Daniels Špaks
2nd place – Ričards Špaks, Dāvis Rolis
3rd place – Gustavs Pagrabs, Didzis Vārna
DSC_1624+18 women:
1st place – Elīna Zīverte, Marta Pagraba
2nd place – Gita Karule, Diana Lauva
3rd place – Signija Stībele, Rebeka Mertena
DSC_1615-001+18 men:
1st place – Valērijs Vorobjovs, Toms Rolis
2nd place – Edgars Kļaviņš, Eduards Hamitovs
3rd place – Ģirts Antonovs, Kristaps Juskevičs
1st place – Rebeka Mertena, Valērijs Vorobjovs
2nd place – Elīna Zīverte, Toms Rolis
3rd place – Patrīcija Špaka, Daniels Špaks
1st place – Gita Karule, Elans Strazdiņs
2nd place – Signija Stībele, Mareks Zuntners
3rd place – Marija Kraule, Egils Trušelis

The closing ceremony took place at „Red Sun Buffet” beach bar. Winners were awarded with cups, medals and goods from Liepaja Tennis Sport school, German sports nutrient manufacturer „Squeezy” and their representative Aivis Gusts, as well as beach tennis equipment company „MBT/HP Latvia” and their representative Eduards Andersons.
DSC_1537Organizers thanks to collaboration partners and all participants. See you in 2017.

More pictures in “Gallery“.

19 students graduated Liepaja Tennis Sport school

On rainy September 29, at Liepaja Tennis Sport school came together students, coaches and their parents to the graduation of professional study programs “20V 81300 Teniss” (9 years education) and “30V 81300 Teniss” (four years education, but the student can study up to 25 years of age).6Liepaja Tennis Sport school issued 19 certificates – 18 for “20V 81300 Teniss” and 1 for “30V 81300 Teniss” program.kopbilde“20V 81300 Teniss” certificates received coaches Ina Kublačova students Poļina Beļakova, Alise Helēna Grundule, Elza Jānaite, Signija Stībele, Elza Tomase, Veronika Zalcmane, Jana Hļipenko, Sannija Kristlība and Rebeka Zvirbule.7Coaches Evija Reinfelde students Elizabete Dementjeva, Katrīna Lasmane, Dinija Ramanauska, Kristers Kārlis Skābe, Alise Vindiga.8Coaches Olga Bordjugova students Dana Gribeļska, Vanesa Molodija, Patrīcija Špaka, Daniels Špaks.9But for obtaining program “30V 81300 Teniss” certificate received coaches Daņils Kozlovs student – Uģis Vīva.3We thank to the coaches and parents for the inputs in the education and sport development of the students!

Return from European club team championship

From European club team championship which took place in Southspain has returned Liepaja Senior tennis team. As usual, the competition level was high, as well the temperature was high – about 30 degrees.klubu_cemp_1Liepaja Senior tennis team could compete against best senior teams as evens – in 3 from 4 games they lost with only 2-3. But against Spain, Liepaja Senior tennis team lost as others – with 5-0. In Spain champions team played many former ATP players. At the end the European club team championship in 35+ group won Spain. Silver was won by team Netherlands.klubu_cemp_2Liepaja Senior tennis team in European club team championship 35+ group: Andrejs Koļesins, Eduards Grodskis, Artūrs Eglītis, Gints Rolis. Rest of the team – Andis Čerņecovs, Didzis Holštroms, Erlans Lazdāns and Andis Cirsis supported the team from Latvia. We would like to thank to Liepaja Sport department, LSEZ and Elektrons&K for the support.
With this years victory in Latvian team championship, team Liepaja will have the opportunity to represent Latvia at European club team championship in 2017.

Liepaja Summer Championship has concluded

All week in Liepaja took place last summer season tournament “Liepaja Summer Championship” for youth in all age groups and for adults. Even though the participant number was not so big, the city champions were decided.u12_meitenesIn U12 age group for girls won Karolīna Skābe by winning in Final over Evelīna Ķīvīte with 7/6(4) 6/2. 3rd place was taken by Agnese Laugale (Rīga). At boys competition won Dāvis Rolis by winning with 6/0 6/2 over his training partner Ričards Špaks. 3rd place was taken by Ralfs Laukagals.u12_zeniIn U14 age group for girls great victory was celebrated by Alise Vindiga who during the whole tournament lost only 5 games. In Final she won over Dana Gribeļska with 6/1 6/1. Bronze went to Veronika Zalcmane. The boys competition didn’t take place because of lack of participants.u14_meitenesIn U18 age group for girls, the champion title was taken by Marta Pagraba who won in Final with 6/1 6/4 over Alise Vindiga. 3rd place was taken by Alise Grundule who in intense game won over Dana Gribeļska with 6/1 0/6 7/6(2). As well in this age group boys competition didn’t take place because of lack of participants.u18_meitenesIn the weekend competed adults at Mans competition. Liepaja champion title was won by Jānis Skroderis (ACB/VL), 2nd place won Daņils Kozlovs and 3rd – Toms Rolis.viriesi

Second ITF in Liepaja has concluded

Already second year in the courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place ITF tournament “Venden Cup Liepaja 2016”.balvasAt the tournament participated 6 Liepaja Tennis Sport school students – 3 girls and 3 boys. Toms Rolis and Renārs Grodskis started with qualifiers, but unfortunately they couldn’t manage to get into the Main draw. At Main draw competed Valērijs Vorobjovs, Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase and Rebeka Mertena.meitenes_pusfinalistesThe best success had our Rebeka, who managed to get into the Semifinal, where in a long and intense game she lost to the next tournament champion Anastasia Kulikova (Russia) with 6/1 5/7 1/6.dubultspeles_meitenes_finalistes_ar_tiesnesiemElza won in two rounds, and lost only in game for getting into the Semifinals to next Silver medalist Katrina Saar (Estonia) with 3/6 3/6. Unfortunately Patrīcija and Valērijs lost already in the 1st Round.lielbildeIn Doubles our girls showed good game. Elza Tomase and Elīza Buka, by receiving the Wild card to play in the Doubles, had good games and won Silver medals, by loosing only in Final to Finnish and Belarus pair with 2/6 1/6.dubultspeles_zeni_finalistizeni_pusfinalistimeitenes_finalisteszeni_uzvaretaji

In Liepaja has concluded Tennis Europe tournament for U12

Last week of August, 2016, in the courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place “Tennis Europe” tournament for U12 age group “Liepaja International Tournament”. In tournament participated 74 participants from 10 countries.IMG_3689Winner in girls Singles competition became Laura Hietaranta from Finland, in Final she won over Rozalia Gruszczynska from Poland with 6/3 6/2. In Doubles champion title was taken by Latvians – our student Evelīna Ķīvīte and Amēlija Šūpulniece from Riga, in the Final they won over Lithuanians Smilte Bakyte and Patricija Paukstyte with 6/3 6/2. In Singles tournament participated two our students Evelīna Ķīvīte and Karolīna Skābe, but both lost already in the 1st round. But in the Consolation tournament our Evelīna Ķīvīte became winner.IMG_3695At boys competition the champion title was taken by Filip Pieczonka who in Final won over Claudius Amon with 6/2 6/1. Claudius in the 1st round with 6/4 6/4 won over our Dāvidu Špaku, but in the 2nd round with 6/1 6/1 he won over other our student Dāvis Rolis. Our third player Ričards Špaks unfortunately lost already in 1st round. In the Consolation tournament our Dāvids Špaks took all wins. At boys Doubles 1st place was taken by Polish pair Gabriel Matuszewski and Filip Pieczonka, in Final with 6/4 6/2 they won over Claudius Amon (Germany) and Osvaldas Borkertas (Lithuania).IMG_3671 IMG_3656 IMG_3643 IMG_3635 IMG_3623 IMG_3614