In Liepāja starts Tennis Europe for U12

From August 29 to September 5 in Liepāja Tennis Sport school starts Tennis Europe international tennis tournament for U12 age group. This year at the tournament will participate 100 participants from 12 countries. Tournament has already begun with qualification, where will be settled the 8 successful tennis players who will participate in Main draw.With a big number of young tennis players will be represented Stabekk Tennisklubb from Oslo, Norway. Liepaja Tennis Sport school has started new friendship with Stabekk Tennisklubb. Last year in summer and winter to Oslo went few young tennis players from Liepāja, but now the young players from Oslo are enjoying Liepaja. During the tournament there are common practices for the children from the both cities. As well parents of our new tennis players has welcomed to their homes the young tennis players from Oslo. Families say that this collaboration is very positive as from the sports side, as well, the kids has the great possibility to strengthen their English language knowledge as well have some new friends.More pictures can be found in “Gallery“.

Liepāja Tennis Sport school thanks to the Pagrabs, Rolis and Skābe families, who has welcome to their homes young tennis players from Norway.

7th leg of LTU cup for U12 has concluded

In tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sport school from August 26 to 29 took place 7th leg of LTU cup for U12. At girls competition the best success had and the champions title took Arina Dokukina (RTU-SK), who in final won over Odrija Aleksandra Rača with 7/5 6/2. Bronze medal was won by our Inna Rozga (coach O.Bordjugova), who in the game for the 3rd place won over other our student Karolīna Skābe (coach E.Reinfelde) with 6/2 6/0. In boys competition all medals was won by our students which are coached by O.Bordjugova. Champion title was won by Dāvids Špaks, who in final won over Dāvis Rolis with 6/1 6/4. Third place won our Kārlis Vēberis, who won over Edvards Šnepsts (Ādaži TC) with 6/1 6/2.More pictures can be seen in “Gallery“.

In LTU cup 7th leg for U18 – gold and silver

August 26-28 in Mārupe tennis courts took place 7th leg of LTU cup for U18 age group. Liepāja Tennis Sport school was represented by 4 tennis players – Marta Pagraba, Elīna Zīverte, Elza Tomase and Toms Rolis.From girls, the best results was to Marta Pagraba (coach O.Bordjugova), who won silver by loosing in final to Kristiana Linda Zahare (Orange Tennis) with 6/2 6/2. E.Zīverte (coahc O.Bordjugova) lost in the second round to the tournament favorite A.Čerņeckas with 6/0 6/2, but E.Tomase (coach I.Kublačova) lost already in the first game of the tournament to Elīza Buka from Rīga with 6/3 7/6(4).
Toms Rolis (coach D.Kozlovs) this time became championship in this LTU cup leg by winning in final over Kārlis Ozoliņš from Rīga with 6/2 6/3.

Our students get all three medals at 8th leg of LTU cup for U12

Two days in Ventspils took place 8th leg of LTU cup for U12 age group. Liepāja Tennis Sport school was represented by 10 young tennis players – 7 girls and 3 boys.Winner at the girls competition was our Elza Tomase (coach I.Kublačova), 3rd place took our Alise Vindiga (coach E.Reinfelde), who won over other our student Veronika Zalcmane (coach I.Kublačova) with 6/3 6/2.At boys competition Silver medal went to our Valērijs Vorobjovs (coach E.Kļaviņš).

From Latvian championship for youth returns with all three kinds of medals

Whole week – August 16-22, at Lielupe Tennis center took place Latvian championship for youth for all age groups. Liepaja was represented by 30 young tennis players. In each age group competed 32 participants from all Latvia and the tournament was played til two lost games.

In U12 age group for girls participated 5 our students. Best results had Evelīna Ķīvīte (coach O.Bordjugova) and Paula Jankova (coach E.Reinfelde), by taking 11th-12th place.In U12 age group competition for boys, participated 6 our students. Best results had Dāvids Špaks (coach O.Bordjugova), who lost in a game for 5th place to Rūdolfs Auniņš from Jelgava. Our Kārlis Vēberis (coach O.Bordjugova) had good games and took 7th-8th place.At U14 age group for girls competed 7 our students. Patrīcija Špaka (coach O.Bordjugova) won the champion title by winning in final over Stefānija Poļiščuk from Riga with 6/1 6/4. In the game for 5th place our Katrīna Lasmane (coach E.Reinfelde) lost to Laura Slišāne with 6/1 6/1, but our Elza Tomase (coach I.Kublačova) took 7th-8th place.In U14 age group for boys 2nd place took our Renārs Grodskis (coach D.Kozlovs), who lost in final to Kārlis Ozoliņš with 6/1 6/2. 9th place was taken by our Valērijs Vorobjovs (coach E.Kļaviņš), who lost only one game in the 2nd round of competition.

In U16 age group for girls from 3 of our students, the best result was to Alise Grundule (coach I.Kublačova), who took 9th place.In U18 girls competition little problems had our Rebeka Mertena (coach D.Kozlovs), who was 1st seeded. Rebeka in the game for champions title lost to Alise Čerņecka from Riga with 6/3 7/5. Bronze medal was taken by our Marta Pagraba (coach O.Bordjugova), who won over Anna Marija Bukina with 6/1 6/3. Elīna Ziverte and Agate Gurecka (coach O.Bordjugova) took 5th and 7th-8th place.In U18 competition for boys Bronze medal was won by our Toms Rolis (coach D.Kozlovs), by winning over Reits Elnions with 7/6(5) 6/3.All young tennis players participated in Doubles by playing together with training partners or young tennis players from other Latvian cities.

In U12 for girls 3rd place was taken by Arina Dokukina/Paula Jankova, who won over Emīlija Sausverde/Karolīna Skābe with 7/5 6/2. In boys competition Bronze medal was taken by Dāvids Špaks/Dāvis Rolis who won with 7/5 6/3 over Auniņu/Rancānu.

In U14 for girls one more champion title was won by our Patrīcija Špaka, she played in pair with the Singles final opponent Stefāniju Poļiščuk. They won over Laura Slišāne/Klaudija Lisovska with 6/1 6/7(8) 10-8. In boys competition champion title was won by Renārs Grodskis/Rūdolfs Aksenoks.In U16 age group for girls 3rd place was taken by Elza Tomase/Alise Grundule, who won over Dinijas Ramanauskas/Vilkovas pair with 6/2 6/1.

In U18 group for girls one more champion title for Liepāja was won by our pair Rebeka Mertena/Marta Pagraba, who with a score 2/6 7/6(3) 10-3 won over Buku/Zeihmani. 3rd place was taken by Agate Gurecka/Monika Kavace who won over Elīnu Zīverti/Signiju Stībeli with 7/6(0) 6/7(5) 10-7.Overall our students took home 4 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals.

All pictures from the Latvian championship for youth can be found –

We thank to young tennis players parents for the big support!

First-grader tournament has concluded

August 22, in tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sport school took place First-grader tournament for U8 and U9 age groups.Winners:

U8 girls:

1st place – Megija Mūrniece (Ventspils TK)

2nd place – Maija Zvirbule (coach Evija Reinfelde)

3rd place – Evelīna Poikāne (coach Evija Reinfelde)U8 boys:

1st place – Rūdolfs Grencmanis (Rīga, ENRI TK)

2nd place – Rafaels Gorsvāns (Ventspils TK)

3rd place – Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese (coach Ina Kublačova)U9 girls:

1st place – Žaklīna Buče (coach Ina Kublačova)

2nd place – Renāte Krūklīte (Jelgavas TC)

3rd place – Ketlina Arone (coach Ina Kublačova)U9 boys:

1st place – Ralfs Rukmanis (coach Evija Reinfelde)

2nd place – Normunds Rudzītis (Ikšķile)

3rd place – Gregors Lazdāns (coach Evija Reinfelde)More pictures from the tournament can be seen in “Gallery“.

Congratulation to all players and we wish a lot of success and knowledge for the new study year!
For the support we thank toČili pica, Liepājas papīrs and Venden.

Patrīcija Špaka has good success at two Tennis Europe tournaments

In the beginning of August, Liepāja Tennis Sport school student Patrīcija Špaka played in two “Tennis Europe” tournaments.

First tournament took place in Estonian city Viljandi – “Airok Voljandi Open”. That was debut for Patricija in U16 in Europe! In Singles and Doubles she went over the first round. In Singles 2nd round Patrīcija lost to S.Orav from Estonia (seeded 2nd) with 0:6, 5:7, but in Doubles playing together with S.Poļišķuku (Latvia) they lost to pair from Latvia/Russia with 2:6, 6:2, 8:10.Last week in Lithuania, Patrīcija participated in “Vilnius tennis academy cup” organized tournament. In Estonia Patrīcija had debut in U16 group, but in Lithuania was the best tournament till now, because in Singles and in Doubles Patrīcija got till finals.In Doubles Patrīcija together with L.Heiskanen from Finland in final lost to Latvian/Belarus pair with 0:6, 3:6.

What wasn’t possible in Doubles final, that was done in Singles final, Patrīcija won over A.Tsyurpalevych from Ukraine with 6:4, 6:0 and the first victory in the “Tennis Europe” was here!As Patrīcija told, that the final game was quite intense, especially the first set. Patrīcija explained that the hardest game in this tournament was semifinal, where she won over 2nd seeded S.Plotņikova with 7:5, 7:5.Congratulations to Patrīcija and we wish a lot of success in the future!

Latvian adult championship 2015 has concluded

Man singles:
Winner Edgars Maņušis
Finalist Arkādijs Slobodkins
Semifinalists – Rūdolfs Mednis un Uldis Gaismiņš

Woman singles:
Winner Daniela Vismane
Finalist Anna Ozerova
Semifinalists – Laura Gulbe un Ieva Irbe

Man doubles:
Winners: Andis Juška, Krišjānis Stabiņš
Finalists: Arkādijs Slobodkins, Uldis GaismiņšWoman doubles:
Winners: Daniela Vismane, Anna Ozerova
Finalists: Rebeka Mertena (Liepaja Tennis Sport school), Viktorija Demčenkova

Mixed doubles:
Winners: Greta Veinberga, Uldis Gaismiņš
Finalists: Laura Gulbe, Arkādijs Slobodkins

Consolation tournament winners:
Marta Pagraba in woman competition (Liepaja Tennis Sport school)
Krišs Cērpiņš in man competition

Already this Sunday starts Latvian youth championship in tennis for U12, U14, U16 and U18 age groups. At this tournament will participate 30 students from Liepaja Tennis Sport school and all will participate already in Main Draw. We wish luck and success at the tournament to all our students!

In Liepaja took place 6th leg of LTU cup for U12 group

July 31 to August 2, in tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place 6th leg of Latvian Tennis Union cup for U12 age group.Winner at the girls competition was RTU SK student from Riga – Arina Dokukina, who in the game for the champions title won over our young tennis player Inna Rozga (coach O.Bordjugova) with 6/0 6/0. 3rd place took Odrija Aleksandra Rača.
At boys competition unbeaten remained Lithuanian Vilius Gaubas, who in the final game with 6/2 6/1 won over Rūdolfs Auniņš from Jelgava. The bronze stayed in Liepaja, because pur Dāvids Špaks (coach O.Bordjugova) with 6/4 6/4 won over Daniils Snaiders (TK Spars).
More pictures from the tournament – “Gallery“.