Season opening tournament “Amber Wilson U12” has concluded

May 12 and 13 at the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place Internationa season oppening tournament “Amber Wilson U12”. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Ralfs Rukmanis, Kristers Boks, Marija Lauva, Valērija Januška, Ketlina Arone, Paula Kapleite and Elizabete Marta Hamitova.At boys competition the best result from our students had Ralfs Rukmanis by taking 6th place. Overall 1st place won Daņila Folkheims (Centrālais tenisa klubs), 2nd place – Georgijs Harjuzovs (Ventspils TK), 3rd place – Tomass Priede (Lielupe TC).At girls competition the best result from our students had Marija Lauva, who finished 5th. Overall 1st place won Beatrise Zeltiņa (individual), 2nd place – Jasmīne Lūse (Mārupes TS), 3rd place – Aleksandra Rožkalne (Mārupes TS).Liepaja Tennis Sport school would like to thank the Wilson representative SIA “Intrad” for the long term collaboration and to the jewelry master Renards Purmalis for the new design of the medals, which are made from silver and amber.

More pictures are available in “Gallery“.


Gold in Riga championship for U18

May 9 to 11 in Riga took place “Riga championship” which was as well the 6th leg of LTU cup for U18. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Renārs Grodskis, Valerijs Vorobjovs, Dāvids Špaks and Veronika Zalcmane.

For Veronika and Dāvids the tournament finished already in 1st round. Valerijs finished in 2nd round.Renārs Grodskis in 1st round with 6-3 6-2 won over Aleksandrs Taukačs (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In 2nd round with an easy 6-0 6-0 Renārs smashed Mihails Vasiljevs (Tenisa sporta skola OPEN). In Semifinal Renārs with 6-4 7-5 won over Nikolajs Galkins (ACB/VL tenisa skola) and granted himself a spot in the Final, where he had to play against Daniels Tens. With confident 6-2 6-0 Renārs managed to win the game and won gold medal!

In June will begin beach volleyball and tennis league 2018

Beach volleyball and tennis league”Liepāja” 2018!

In June 20, 2018 will begin Beach volleyball and tennis league “Liepāja”. Tournament will take place from June 20 till August 15, 2018. Overall there will be 5 legs of beach tennis:

  • 1st leg – 20.06.2018. – men and women pair games;
  • 2nd leg – 04.07.2018.- mixed pair games;
  • 3rd leg – 18.07.2018.- men and women pair games;
  • 4th leg – 01.08.2018.- mixed pair games;
  • 5th leg – 15.08.2018.- men and women pair games.

Main differences from 2017 tournament is in the point count system – from overall the worst leg points will be removed from all 5 legs and this year awarded will be 6 best players (last year it was 3).

More information about the tournament and application to it – Pludmales volejbola un tenisa līgas “Liepāja” pludmales tenisa nolikums.(in Latvian)

See you in beach!

Beach tennis in 2017

In girls competition all podium to Liepaja

Mai 4-6 at the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place 5th leg of LTU cup for U18. Liepaja Tennis Sport school at the home competition had a lot of representatives – Renārs Grodskis, Valerijs Vorobjovs, Dāvids Špaks, Daniels Špaks, Dāvos Rolis, Ričards Špaks, Kristers Skābe, Patrīcija Špaka, Alise Vindiga, Elza Tomase, Veronika Zalcmane, Paula Jankova, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Enija Paula Aploka, Karolīna Skābe, Dana Gribeļska, Alise Grundule, Anastasija Rižkova, Elizabete Deglava, Katrīna Lasmane and Vanesa Molodija.At boys competition best success had Valerijs Vorobjovs and Renārs Grodskis. Both managed to get into the Semifinal, where unfortunately they both lost. At the conclusion Renārds Grodskis finished 3rd, but Valerijs Vorobjovs – 4th.At girls competition in Semifinal four landed three Liepaja tennis players – Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga. In first Semifinal Patrīcija Špaka with 6-1 6-0 won against Agrita Gavronska (Mārupes TS), meanwhile in the second Semifinal between our players Elza Tomase with 6-2 6-3 won over Alise Vindiga. Alise Vindiga finished 3rd and granted the whole podium for Liepaja Tennis Sport school players. In the Final Patrīcija Špaka with 6-3 6-4 were better than Elza Tomase, so Patrīcija finished 1st, Elza finished 2nd.

At home takes silver and bronze

April 28 to 30 in the Liepaja Tennis Sport school tennis courts took place 4th leg of LTU cup for U14. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Dāvids Špaks, Dāvis Rolis, Ričards Špaks, Kristians Lasmanis, Didzis Vārna, Gustavs Pagrabs, Dāvis Ziemelis, Haralds Gūža, Karolīna Skābe, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Enija Paula Aploka and Valērija Januška.At boys competition best success had Dāvis Rolis, who took 2nd place, meanwhile Dāvids Špaks finished 3rd. At girls competition our girls this time unfortunately couldn’t pass 2nd Round.

From Ventspils with bronze

April 29 in Ventspils took place “Ventspils balvas izcīņa” for U9. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Orests Ronis, Timo Bertrams Tikums, Karolīna Lāce, Poļina Iļasova and Jeļizaveta Rižkova.

Timo Bertrams Tikums took 6th place overall, meanwhile, Orests Ronis in overall won 3rd place and bronze medal.

Karolīna Lāce took 7th place, Poļina Iļasova – 9th place, but Jeļizaveta Rižkova finished 11th overall.

1st place in senior tournament

April 28 to 29 in Adazi took place “Minhauzena pavasara kauss senioriem”. Liepaja Tennis Sport school in 35+ was represented by Mārtiņš Jaunzems. In the 1st game with 7-6(3) 2-6 10-8 Mārtiņš won over Andrejs Skroderis (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In Semifinal Mārtiņš Jaunzems with 6-2 6-3 won over Māris Krastiņš (Ādaži TC). In Final with 6-1 6-1 victory over Dzintars Baranovskis (Rīgas satiksmes TK) was celebrated, so Liepaja Tennis Sport school representative Mārtiņš Jaunzems took the victory in the tournament!

From Jelgava with gold and two silver medals

April 13-15 in Jelgava took place 4th leg of LTU cup for U18. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Renārs Grodskis, Patrīcija Špaka, Alise Vindiga, Veronika Zalcmane, Paula Jankova and Elizabete Deglava.

Paula Jankova and Elizabete Deglava began the tournament with the Qualifying tournament, but unfortunately couldn’t manage to qualify for Main draw.

Renārs Grodskis in the 1st Round of Main draw with 6-0 6-0 had an easy win over Mihails Vasiljevs (LSNT akadēmija). in 2nd Round with 6-3 6-1 Reinis Kupfers (ACB/VL tenisa skola) was taken out of the tournament. In Semifinal with 6-2 6-2 a win over Andris Savickis (LSNT akadēmija) was taken. In an intense Final game against Jānis Auslands (LSNT akadēmija) with 6-4 2-6 0-6 Renārs Grodskis lost and finished 2nd Overall.

At girls competition, Veronika Zalcmane with 3-6 5-7 lost already in 1st Round. Patrīcija Špaka and Alise Vindiga managed to organize a Liepaja Final with easy wins in earlier rounds. In Final with 6-2 6-1 victory was taken by Patrīcija Špaka. So in the end, Alise Vindiga finished 2nd Overall, but Patrīcija Špaka took the win of the 4th leg of LTU cup for U18.

Wins 3rd place

April 15 in Riga took place “Event Lab/Enri Tour balvas izcīņa” competition for U8 and U9 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Damirs Livanskis and Viktorija Homutova in U8, Timo Bertrams Tikums and Karolīna Lāce in U9.

In U8 Damirs Livanskis took 1st place in his subdivision and continued to compete for the victory in the tournament. By winning two games out of three, Damirs Livanskis took 3rd place overall in the tournament. Meanwhile, Viktorija Homutova finished 25th.

In U9 Timo Bertrams Tikums finished 9th overall, while Karolīna Lāce finished 12th overall.