New experience in Egypt

March 30 – April 14, Liepaja Tennis Sport school student Rebeka Margareta Mertena with her coach Daņils Kozlovs traveled to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, to participate in two adult tournaments “ITF 10000 Sharm El Sheikh” for the first time in Rebeka’s career.


Rebeka Margareta Mertena

Unfortunately in both tournaments Rebeka lost already in the 1st round. In the first tournament Rebeka competed against Emmanuelle Salas from France and lost with 2:6 3:6, but in the second tournament Rebeka lost to Oleksandra Korashvili from Ukraine with 2:6 2:6. Parallel to Singles tournament, Rebeka as well tried Doubles, where she as well lost both games. We invited 16 years old Rebeka and her coach Daņils to talk about her first international experience in adult competition.

Ceļā uz Ēģipti pēc lielās pieredzes

Let’s fly to Egypt

What are your thougths after the participation in these tournaments?
Not all went as we expected. I was thinking, that I will play better. Nevertheless I lost all games, still this participation in these tournaments gave me big experience. However in this tournament participated adult women and they are much more experienced n tennis and the games are faster as well.
After this tournament I understood, that during the games I don’t need to think about previous points, but I have to concentrate to the point which is being played. If I’ll think about the previous points, then all my game will have mistake after mistake. As well I understood, that I shouldn’t express my emotions and I have to be calm on the court.
It was hard to adapt to the heat in Egypt, especially in the first game, when I even had problems to breath at that kind of temperature (+40 degrees Celsium). I needed some time to adapt to that, already in the second tournament it was easier for me to play. As well my couch could manage to prepare me physically for the second tournament.
Participation at these tournaments gave me confidence, that I want to spend my life with tennis. During the tournaments a lot of things in my game didn’t work, and I felt, that the competition is better than me, but now I understand, that it was only the first tournament in adult competition.
Daņils: We gained confidence, new knowledge on how to behave at games. And of course, that we have to practice even more. All this was something new. It was possible to observe, how the professional tennis players are preparing for game. At the tournament participated women ranked around 300th and 400th place, so it was interesting to look how they are playing and how they concentrate. It’s sad, that we couldn’t fulfill our own goal – win in the 1st round. This tournament was good experience for Rebeka.

Rebekas treneris - Daņils Kozlovskis

Danils Kozlovs – Rebeka’s coach

Did the coach’s presence help?
Yes, of course, coaches presence helps always. I felt myself much more confident and the coach knows how to motivate me.

How often did you practice in Egypt and did you had some practices with other players?
We had practices three times a day. We started our first practice always at 7 in the morning. We had good practices with other players as well. I practiced together with little older girls than me from Japan, Austria and Estonia. At these practices I could manage a lot of things in my game, we had quite tight games when we played on points, I could even win over my opponents.
Daņils: Rebeka had a great opportunity to practice with better players, so we could see our problems and things which we have to work on. The conclusion is that we have to pay more attention to the thinking during the game. At this level the game speed is faster and on the court you have to make fast decisions. During these practices I chatted with other coaches. Some of them wanted to know our experience on how to improve tennis practices. During chat with coach from Japan, he said, that we have to spend more time on the court, but from us he wanted to know how to prepare better tactically for the games for young players.

Treneri no Latvijas, Igaunijas un Japānas vēro treniņprocesu

Coaches from Latvia, Estonia and Japan

Would you recommend to other young tennis players to participate in this kind of tournaments?
Of course, during these tournaments it is possible to gain great experience.
Daņils: To participate at this kind of tournaments, quite big funding is needed. Thanks to financial support from Liepaja city Sport department and Liepaja Tennis Sport school, we could participate in these tournaments and have a little training camp. But to start and to get in to the world ranking, with one trip like this it is not enough.

Pēc vienspēles

After Singles game

From which tennis players you try to learn?
I really love watching the games of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. On the court they are so calm and they don’t show their emotions during the game, as well, they are changing their tennis style during the game. But I really try to learn something new from a lot of tennis players.

How often do you have practices when you’re home?
I have practices every working day. But at this point I try to pay more attention to my studies in school, because I have to catch up a little bit. Sometimes it’s really hard to combine studies with tennis.
Daņils: I’m planning practices, so that we have harmony in everything and the studies shouldn’t suffer. Speaking about tennis practices in Liepaja, we need to have tennis arena, so that we could practice normally during whole year.


During practice

Now you’re studying in 10th grade, have you had thoughts what to do after secondary school?
At this point I plan to apply for scholarship to study in the USA, where I could practice tennis during my studies.

Maybe it’s to soon to ask, but which profession do you plan to learn?
At this point I’m not sure yet. My dad told me that IT technologies are very needed in job market, but I’m more interested in tourism and hotel management. But I still have time to think about that.

Pēc dubultspēles

After Doubles

What are your plans for this season?
During this summer I plan to participate in few international tournaments in Estonia, Lithuania and of course in Latvia. In practices I have to improve my serve, physical condition, leg movement, generally, I have to improve everything.
Daņils: At this moment it is important to get better results at the tournaments.

What are your conclusion for this interview?
At the conclusion I would like to repeat the words of former Liepaja Tennis Sport school student Anastasija Sevastova: “This is only the first tournament, this is experience. Not everyone could show their best game at their first tournament.”. So Rebeka and others have to continue practicing and hope for the best.
Rebeka: I would like to thank Liepaja city Sports department, Liepaja Tennis Sport school and my parents for the financial support, so I could participate at these tournaments. And of course the greatest gratitude i have to express to my parents for the moral and financial support helps me every day.

Ceļā uz mājām

Way to home

Tennis courts opens in April 20

April 20, Liepaja Tennis Sport school tennis courts at the Liepaja beach park resumes opening season. All tennis lovers have the possibility to enjoy playing tennis, because Liepaja Tennis Sport school offers to rent tennis court if there they are no practices.TE_14 008During working days till 5pm and on weekends the tennis court rent is 8 euro/hour, but on working days after 5pm – 10 euro/hour. It’s possible to buy subscription for 10 hours – for plays during working days till 5pm and on weekends the price is 57 euro, but on working days after 5pm – 85 euro. It’s possible to rent tennis rackets for 2 euro/hour and tennis balls (3 balls – 0,50 euro/hour).

For possible rent times and more information is available at Tennis courts or by phone +371 63425107 or +371 28306323.

All Tennis lovers are invited to beautiful tennis courts of Liepaja!

Two medals in Jelgava

April 15-17, in Jelgava took place LTU cup leg, at which this time participated 4 Liepaja Tennis Sport school students. Two of them took home medals.Toms RolisAt boys competition successful were Toms Rolis and Renārs Grodskis. In Semifinal they had to play against each other. In this game Toms won with 6/3 4/6 6/3. Toms got into the Final, where he lost in a hard three set game to Justs Jakovļevs from Riga with 6/2 3/6 4/6 and took 2nd place. Meanwhile Renārs took bronze medal by winning over student from LSNT Akadēmija – Jānis Auslands with 7/5 6/4.

Girls didn’t have such a good success this time. Elza Tomase lost already in the 1st round, but Marta Pagraba lost in game for getting into Semifinals.

In a week LTU cup leg for U14 will take place in tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school.

In LTU cup leg our students couldn’t reach 3rd round

LTSlogoApril 1-3, best Latvian U14 age group tennis players competed at LTU cup leg in Jelgava. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by 3 boys – Kārlis Vēberis, Daniels Špaks, Dāvids Špaks and 2 girls – Alise Vindiga and Dana Gribeļska.

In the 1st round won Dāvids Špaks and Alise Vindiga. Dāvids in difficult three set game with 7/5 3/6 6/2 won over Māris Locs from Daugavpils, meanwhile, Alise won over LSNTA Akadēmija student Jeļizaveta Govrova with 6/1 6/3. In 2nd round both of our players lost.

From LTU cup leg returns with bronze

March 17-19, at Lielupe tennis center took place LTU cup leg for U18 age group. At girls competition our Rebeka Mertena took bronze medal, in game for 3rd place she won over Kristiana Linda Zahare (TC Lielupe) with 6/3 6/4. Even though Rebeka was seeded 2nd, she couldn’t manage to get into the Final, in Semifinal she lost to Kamilla Bartone (Riga) with 2/6 3/6.meitenesLiepāja Tennis Sport school student Elza Tomase in 1st round won over Sandra Rocēna (Ādaži) with 5/7 7/5 6/1, but in the next game she lost to Kristiana Linda Zahare with 6/3 6/2. Other our student Signija Stībele lost already in the 1st round to Stefānija Poļiščuka (ACB/VL Tenisa sola) with 5/7 2/6. After loosing in to the 1st round, Signija had the possibility to play in the Consolation tournament, where she took 2nd place.

At boys competition our Toms Rolis didn’t had the success everyone was hoping for. Even though Toms was seeded 2nd, in the Semifinal he lost to Valters Čapkevičs with 5/7 4/6, but in the game for 3rd place Toms lost to Andris Gudiņš with 6/1 6/2, and took 4th place. Other our student Renārs Grodskis won in the 1st round, but in the 2nd round he lost to the next winner of the tournament Teodors Pukše (Mārupe Tennis school) with  3/6 1/6.

Gold was not so far away

March 11th – 13th, in Ādaži Tennis center took place LTU cup 3rd leg for U12 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by 8 new tennis players. Kristiāns Lasmanis, Elizabete Deglava and Enija Paula Aploka, started the tournament by participating in qualification tournament. Into the Main draw got only E.P.Aploka.

zeniIn Main draw the best result had Dāvids Špaks, who in Final played against Ruslans Filipenko (Lielupes TC), but because of the health issues, by score 6/4 3/6 0/2, Dāvids couldn’t finish the game, so took 2nd place.

meitenesAt girls competition 3rd place was taken by Evelīna Ķīvīte, who after loosing a hard and interesting semifinal game, in game for 3rd place won over Amēlija Šūpulniece (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) with 6/3 6/3 and took bronze medal.

In the 1st round of tournament Turnīra won our Karolīna Skābe, but in 2nd round she lost to next winner of the tournament D.Vorslava.

gandarijuma_turnirsMeanwhile, Enija Paula Aploka, Ričards Špaks and Ralfs Laukagals lost their 1st round games. But they had the possibility to play in the Consolation tournament, which was won by Liepāja Tennis Sport school students – Enija Paula Aploka and Ričards Špaks.

March 17th – 19th will take place next LTU cup leg for U18.

Two golds and one silver in LTU cup leg

February 26 to 28, in Ādaži took place leg of LTU cup, where as well participated tennis players from Liepaja Tennis Sport school.Our Patrīcija Špaka triumphed in this tournament and didn’t feel strong competition, while in all matches she lost only 5 games. In Final Patrīcija with 6/0 6/0 won over other our tennis player – Elza Tomase.At girls competition participated two more our players – Dana Gribeļska lost already in 1st round, but Alise Vindiga, got into the 2nd round, where she lost to the future 3rd place winner Dārta Daļecka with 6/2 6/2.Meanwhile at boys competition, the champion title was taken by our player Valērijs Vorobjovs, who in Final won over Daniils Snaiders from Riga with 6/1 6/4. Other our players – Dāvis Rolis and Daniels Špaks passed over 1st round, but in the 2nd round they lost. Kārlis Vēberis lost already in his first game of the tournament.

Young tennis players compete at winter season

With different success the youngest tennis players from Liepaja have actively participated in various winter season mini tennis tournaments in Latvia. The best results in February can be mentioned Ādaži tournament, where our Anna Azarova (coach Aivars Rozentāls) won champion title in RED group.

Not so successful at this tournament was Marija Lauva (coach O.Bordjukova), she took 5th place in ORANGE group. In GREEN group Ketlina Arone (coach I.Kublačova) took 13th place from 26 participants, although she competed against players who were older one year.

February 20, in Mārupe TK”Spars” successful competition had Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese (coach I.Kublačova), he took 3rd place. A.Azarova this time took 4th place.

Last weekend in Liepaja took place tournament for the youngest players. Winners were Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese and Sabīne Vaidere (coach I.Kublačova). 2nd place took Bogdans Kozlovs (coach D.Kozlovs) and Anna Azarova (coach A.Rozentāls). 3rd place – Krišjānis Mazais (coach D.Kozlovs) and Daniela Krušatina (coach E.Reinfelde).

In the second leg of LTU cup for U12 gold is won by Dāvids Špaks

February 4-6, in Lielupe took place 2nd leg for Latvian Tennis union cup for U12 age group.
In boys Single tournament victory was taken by student of Liepāja Tennis Sport school – Dāvids Špaks, who won in final over Daniels Tens (Spars TK) with 6/4 6/0. Dāvis Rolis and Ričards Špaks won in the 1st round, but in 2nd round both lost to their opponents.
At girls competition the favorite of the tournament, our Evelīna Ķīvīte unfortunately lost already in 2nd round to Stasiai Račkovskai (Rīga) with 2/6 2/6, meanwhile Karolīna Skābe already in 1st round lost to Valērija Kargina with 0/6 1/6.

Our player and coach are representing Latvia at Tennis Europe tournament in Russia

January 28 to 31. In Ryazan (Russia) at N.N.Ozerov Tennis academy took place Tennis Europe international tournament “Winter Cups by Head” qualification round for girls 13 and under. At competition in Russia participated best young tennis players from different countries – Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Russia.

This year the qualification tournament for girls was split in four groups:: A-Austria, B-Czech Republic, C-Russia and D-Turkey. In the C participating team Latvia was represented by 3 young tennis players: E.Ķīvīte (Liepāja), D.Vorslava (Aizkraukle) and E.Sausverde (Rīga). Team captain was coach from Liepāja Tennis Sport school – O.Bordjugova.In the first leg of the tournament competed team Latvia against Team Romania (next winners of the tournament) and lost with 3:0. Liepāja Tennis Sport school student Evelīna Ķīvīte played against A.Petric and lost with 6:1 6:0. E.Sausverde lost to V.Teiusanu with the same score. In Doubles E.Ķīvīte playing in pair with D.Vorslava lost to Romanian couple A.Petric/M.Wetherall with 6:1 6:2.In the next tournament leg Latvian girls met with their neighbors from Estonia. Unfortunately team Latvia lost with 2:1. In Singles E.Ķīvīte lost with (6:3 7:6(4)) and E.Sausverde with (7:5 6:3). In Doubles E.Ķīvīte this time played in pair with E.Sausverde and succeeded with 6:4 7:5. In conclusion team Latvia was placed 7th.This tournament was a great possibility for our girls to get new experience in playing against other young tennis players from different countries. The conclusion after the tournament is, that it is necessary to continue hard work on the court and gain physical condition. We have to keep playing games and gain victories, so that we can continue and get better at international competitions.