Victory in international tournament

February 10 to 17 in Lithuanian city Siauliai took place Tennis Europe international tournament “Toyota Cup 2018” for U16. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase, Alise Vindiga un Valerijs Vorobjovs.

Valerijs Vorobjovs unfortunately lost to Jakub Federowicz (Poland) with 0-6 2-6. Valerijs together with Lithuanian Vilius Gaubas participated in Doubles tournament as well. They managed to get till the Quarterfinals, where they lost to Polish pair Jakub Federowicz and Marcel Kamrowski with 2-6 2-6.In girls competition Alise Vindiga began the tournament with the Qualifiers, where she won both games and joined to other players from Liepaja at the Main Draw. In the Main Draw Alise managed to get till the Quarterfinals, where she lost to Nikol Palecek from Serbia with 6-3 4-6 4-6.

Elza Tomase managed to get till the Quarterfinals as well, where she lost to Lithuanian Patricija Paukstyte with 5-7 6-2 0-6.

Patrīcija Špaka made her way till the Final, where she met with Lithuanian Patricija Paukstyte. With quite dominant game our Patrīcija with 6-4 6-1 won the game, so Liepaja Tennis sport school representative Patrīcija Špaka celebrated victory in the international Tennis Europe tournament!

Patrīcija Špaka in pair with Elza Tomase participated in Doubles where they managed to get till the Semifinals, where with intense 2-6 6-4 10-12 they lost to Lithuanians Klaudija Bubelyte and Patricija Paukstyte.

Congratulations to Patrīcija Špaka with the victory!

From Ādaži with gold and silver

February 10 in Ādaži took place “TC “Ādaži” prix” for U8 and U9. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by – in U8 Damirs Livanskis and Emīlija Brūdere, in U9 Paula Gurecka and Karolīna Lāce.

In U8 for boys Damirs Livanskis in overall finished 2nd place.In U8 for girls Emīlija Brūdere finished in 10th place overall.

In U9 Paula Gurecka finished in 13th place overall, but Karolīna Lāce – 9th place overall.

Meanwhile, in February 11 in Ādaži took place “TC Ādaži BABOLAT prix ” for U10 where Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Bogdans Kozlovs, Alise Latiša and Anna Azarova.

Bogdans finished 8th overall.

Alise finished 9th overall, but Anna Azarova won the tournament.

Medals in LTU cup leg

February 2-4 in Riga took place 2nd leg of LTU cup for U18. Liepaja Tennis Sport school in Main draw was represented by Valerijs Vorobjovs, Renārs Grodskis, Elza Tomase, Alise Vindiga, Veronika Zalcmane, but in Qualifiers by Alise Grundule.Valerijs Vorobjovs and Renārs Grodskis till the Final won all games, so for the win in the tournament they had to go head to head. With 6-2 6-3 this time succeeded Valerijs, so Renārs Grodskis finished in 2nd place, but Valerijs Vorobjovs finished in 1st place.In girls competition, Alise Grundule couldn’t qualify to the Main draw, but Alise Vindiga and Veronika Zalcmane lost already in the 1st Round of Main draw. However Elza Tomase in 1st Round in Main draw with 6-4 6-0 won over Elizabete Kļavinska (Mārupes TS). In 2nd Round Elza with 6-4 6-1 won over Nika Balmiseva (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In Semifinal Elza played against Sabīne Rutlauka (Rīgas satiksmes TK) and with 6-7(3) 2-6, so Elza Tomase finished in shared 3rd place.

Liepaja young tennis players in team Latvia

Febturary 2-4 Liepaja Tennis Sport school students Dāvis Rolis and Dāvids Špaks were chosen in team Latvia U14 to represent Latvia in “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” Qualifiers which took place in Sweden. For the team captain was chosen Liepaja Tennis Sport school coach – Olga BordjugovaTeam Latvia during the tournament played against Russia, Estonia and Norway. Team Latvia played 9 games, but unfortunately only in the last game with 6-0 4-6 10-4 in Doubles Dāvids Špaks, in pair with Daniels Tens victory against Norwegian pair was celebrated.

Tournament in Jelgava

February 2-4 in Jelgava took place tournament “Tenisa Klubs Jelgava” for U12. Liepaja Tennis Sport school in Qualifiers were represented by Paula Kapleite, Ketlina Arone, Elizabete Marta Hamitova. In the Main draw managed to get Ketlina Arone, but unfortunately she lost in 1st Round to the tournament winner Polina Korolova (Biedrība Teniss Rīgā).

In LTU cup leg – Silver and Bronze

January 25.-27. in Jurmala took place 1st leg of LTU cup for U14 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Dāvids Špaks, Ričards Špaks, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Enija Paula Aploka and Karolīna Skābe.Ričards Špaks finished already in 1st Round, but Dāvids Špaks in Semifinal lost with 3-6 2-6. In the game for Bronze he won with easy 6-0 6-0 so at the end Dāvids Špaks took Bronze medal.Karolīna Skābe finished in 1st Round. Enija Paula Aploka finished in 2nd Round. Evelīna Ķīvīte manged to get into the Final, where in intense game with 6-4 2-6 1-6 she lost, so at the end Evelīna Ķīvīte finished with Silver medal.

In seniors tournament – Silver medal

January 27.,28. in Adazi took place “Pure BLUEBOX kauss SEN” tournament for seniors. In 35+ competition Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Mārtiņš Jaunzems and Andis Aigars.Andis Aigars finished in 2nd round, but Mārtiņš Jaunzems in Final lost with 1-6 1-6 and won 2nd place in tournament.

Takes Bronze

January 21 in Riga took place Tennis Pro Academy AFY Prix for U9. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Timo Bertrams Tikums, Orests Ronis and Karolīna Lāce.Orests Ronis and Karolīna Lāce finished 7th overall, Timo Bertrams Tikums finished 3rd overall.

Patricija Spaka triumphs in the 1st leg of LTU cup

January 19 to 21 in Ādaži took place 1st leg of Latvian Tennis Union Cup for U18 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Valerijs Vorobjovs, Dāvids Špaks, Patrīcija Špaka, Alise Vindiga and Veronika Zalcmane.Dāvids Špaks staye at Quarterfinals. Valerijs Vorobjovs took 4th place.Veronika Zalcmane piedzīvoja finished in 1st round. Alise Vindiga finished at Quarterfinal. Patrīcija Špaka in Final won with 6-1 6-3 and took the victory of 1st leg of LTU Cup.

Youngest tennis players bring back home two silver medals

January 20 in Rīgā took place Tennis Pro Academy AFY Prix for U8 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Damirs Livanskis, Olivers Arons, Leonards Ozoliņš, Jeļizaveta Rižkova, Emīlija Brūdere, Beatrise Varkale and Keitija Petrovica.Damirs Livanskis took 2nd place overall and Jeļizaveta Rižkova took 2nd place overall.