From Jelgava with double victory

November 4 and 5 in Jelgava took place tournament for U18 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Valerijs Vorobjovs and Alise Vindiga.

Valerijs Vorobjovs easy could manage to get into the Final, where with 7-6(2) 6-3 he won over Markuss Tions (Tennis Pro Academy). So Valerijs Vorobjovs took 1st place in the tournament.Alise Vindiga, similar as Valerijs, could manage to get into the Final with ease, where with 6-2 6-4 she won over Laura Slišāne (ACB/VL Tenisa skola). So Alise Vindiga took the 1st place in the tournament and together with Valerijs Vorobjovs brought back to Liepaja to Gold medals.

In Riga wins Gold

November 5, in Riga took place “Tennis 4 Fun balvas izcīņa” tournament for U9 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Timo Bertrams Tikums, Orests Ronis, Paula Gurecka and Karolīna Lāce.In boys competition Orests Ronis finished 7th, but Timo Bertrams Tikums finished 4th.

In girls competition Karolīna Lāce finished 5th, meanwhile Paula Gurecka could manage to get into the Final, where she succeeded, so at the end Paula Gurecka took the overall victory in the tournament.

Liepaja supported Ostaponko in Singapore

Liepaja Tennis Sport school former students Andrejs Koļesins (coahc Edgars Ernestsons) and Dace Koļesina (former Mežniece) (coach Biruta Porcika) participated in Aļonas Ostapenko mother and coach (former Liepaja Tennis Sport school students (coach Biruta Porcika)), Jeļena Jakovļeva official dellegation who visited Singapore to support Aļona in WTA Finals last game. Aļona is the first Latvian tennis player in history who participated in WTA seasons conclusion tournament, where competes only 8 best tennis players in world.In the last game Aļona had to play against her subdivision winner Karolina Pliskova from Czech republic. We are happy that our support with flags of Latvia and Liepaja could help to Aļona to show the best game in winning with 6/3, 6/1. With this win Aļona concluded this years season with the best result of Latvian tennis players in WTA ranked 7th in the world. We wish Aļona And Jeļena successful next season!Aļona Ostapenko mother is from Liepaja and in her youth trained in Liepaja Tennis Sport schoo, where in her childhood Aļona spend her summers training and participating in tournaments. In picture you can see three time winner of E.Ernestsons tournament – Aļonas Ostabenko from 2005 with the winners trophy.Aļona with her WTA 2017 most progressed tennis player prize in Singapore.

Eduards Grodskis returns from Lithuania with double victory

October 26-29 in Lithuanian city Klaipeda took place international tournament “Klaipeda Autumn Open 2017 Carlsberg Cup” for seniors. Liepaja Tennis Sport school representative Eduards Grodskis participated in V40.In the 1st round of Singles Eduards with 6-3 6-0 won over Nerijus Bendinskas (Lithuania), in Quarterfinal with 6-2 6-2 he won over Viktoras Gasiunas (Lithuania). To get into the Final Eduards had an intense game, where he with 6-4 4-6 6-2 won over Konstantin Sushkov (Russia). In Final against Skrimantas Jutkonis (Lithuania) with 6-1 6-3 Eduards succeeded, so Eduards Grodskis won gold medal in Klaipeda tournament.Meanwhile Singles tournament, Eduards Grodskis in V35 together with Tomas Butvilas (Lithuania) competed in Doubles, where they managed to get into the Final. Playing in Final against Robertas Blagusauskas (Lithuania) and Viktoras Gasiunas (Lithuania) with 6-3 6-2 success was made, so Eduards Grodskis and Tomas Butvilas won gold medal in Doubles. At the end Eduards Grodskis managed to get double victory in the tournament in Klaipeda.

Young tennis players compete in Jelgava

October 28 and 29 in Jelgava took place “JTC atklātais turnīrs” tournament for U10. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese, Laura Kristiāna Sprūde, Anna Azarova, Anastasija Lomovska and Annete Skripka.In boys competition Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese won two out of four games in his subdivision, and took 11th-12th palce overall.

In girls competition Anastasija Lomovska finished 17th-20th overall, Annete Skripka – 13th-16th, Laura Kristiāna Sprūde 9th-12th. Meanwhile Anna Azarova in her subdivision won all the opponents and could continue to compete for overall victory. Unfortunately she lost both games, so Anna Azarova finished 4th overall.

In the LTU cup conclusion young Liepaja tennis players wins medals

October 24-27 in Riga took place LTU cup “MASTERS” final leg, where competed best players from 8 legs of all season overall in each age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by U12 age group – Dāvis Rolis, Ričards Špaks and Enija Paula Aploka, U14 age group – Dāvids Špaks and Evelīna Ķīvīte, U18 age group – Valerijs Vorobjovs, Justs Jakovļevs, Renārs Grodskis, Matīss Šteinhards, Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga.In U12 for boys Ričards Špaks lost already in 1st round, but Dāvis Rolis with two easy wins got into the Final, where he had to compete against Gustavs Dambiņš (Tennis Pro Academy). In intense Final with 6-4 4-6 4-6 Dāvis Rolis lost and took 2nd place overall.In U12 for girls Enija Paula Aploka easy got into the Final, where she unfortunately with 4-6 3-6 lost to Nikola Nikolajeva (Biedrība Teniss Rīgā), so Enija Paula Aploka won 2nd place overall.
In U14 for boys Dāvids Špaks with 6-1 6-1 got into the Semifinal, where he lost to the next tournament winner Edvards Liepiņš (ACB/VL tenisa skola) with 0-6 1-6, but in the game for 3rd place Dāvids won with 7-5 6-3 over Ruslans Fiļipenko (Lielupe TC) and Dāvids Špaks finished with Bronze medal.In U14 for girls Evelīna Ķīvīte couldn’t manage to get into the Semifinal by loosing with 2-6 6-7(5) to Elizabete Kļavinska (Mārupes TS).
In U18 for boys best result succeeded Matīss Šteinhards, by winning 3rd place overall.In U18 for girls best result succeeded Patrīcija Špaka, she managed to get into Final, where she with 6-1 2-6 2-6 lost to Margarita Ignatjeva (Rīgas satiksmes TK), so Patrīcija Špaka won 2nd place overall.

Liepaja tennis senior team has the best result till now in European championship

Liepaja tennis senior team has returned from Mallorka (Spain), where took place European senior club championship, where our team had the best result in Latvian senior tennis history – won 4th place overall. Six-time Latvian champions participated in 35+ age group, even though all team players play already in 40+ age group.Liepaja team in European senior club championship was represented by Andrejs Koļesins, Eduards Grodskis, Arunas Rozga, Artūrs Eglītis, Didzis Holštroms, Gints Rolis and Andis Čerņecovs, as well not playing team captain, the most loyal supporter – former head of Liepaja Tennis sport school – Imants Andersons.“We are happy for achieved result. 4th place is our highest place till now and we are ready to fight for medals next year. Our city Liepaja name this year has been used already in tennis field, we are happy, that we could continue to promote Liepaja in tennis,” explains one of the team leaders Andrejs Koļesins.

European senior club championship round is played following – 3 Single games and 2 Doubles, for each won game the team is awarded with one point. Team Liepaja were successful in their subdivision and won place in play-off round (Semifinal), where they lost to the next tournament winners – team from Netherlands and as well to Germany champions.In Subdivision team Liepaja first opponents were German Bundesliga 2016 winners in 30+ age group – team “Ratinger TC GW 1911”. Unfortunately team Liepaja lost to Germans with 2-3, and the victory was taken only in the last game tiebreak of 3rd set with 10-8. Meanwhile, next opponents – European club champions of 2016 from Barcelona, team Liepaja won with 3-2, when in the deciding Doubles game where our team players Eduards Grodskis and Arunas Rozga won with 7-5, 7-6. The last game in Subdivision was against team from Turkey, team Liepaja won and that gave the possibility to compete in the Semifinal of European senior club championship.

In the game for getting into the Final, team Liepaja met with the favorites of the championship – team from Netherlands. Team Liepaja lost with 0-3, but it wasn’t surprising as in team from Netherlands played one of the world top players in 35+ age group, including this years ITF World championship in South Africa winner in Singles and Doubles.

In game for Bronze team Liepaja again had to compete against team from Germany. Team leader Andrejs Koļesins lost to the German leading player, Meanhile, team Liepaja 3rd number Arunas Rozga had revenge for the lost game in Subdivision. Very intense and interesting game had Eduards Grodskis – in the game the decider was 3rd set, where with 13-11 better was German representative.Painfully team Liepaja had to give up the 3rd place in European senior club championship without Doubles, because of the rain Doubles were moved from Friday to Saturday, but on Saturday team Liepaja had to return to Latvia.

Team Liepaja thanks to Liepaja City and Liepaja Tennis Sport school for support, as well to their coaches Edgars Ernestsons and Biruta Porcika. Considering, that team Liepaja already has won in this year Latvian senior club championship, so team Liepaja will compete in next years European senior club championship, this time to compete for medals.

Two our students in LTU cup leg

October 6-8 in Jelgava took place 8th leg of LTU cup for U12 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Ričards Špaks (Main draw) and Valērija Januška, who had to begin the tournament with Qualifiers, where she unfortunately lost in last game and didn’t qualify for the Main draw.Ričards Špaks in 1st round of Main draw won over Armands Duks (Enri TK) with 6-4 6-4, but in game for getting into the Semifinal, Ričards in intense game lost to Oskars Gulbis (ACB/VL tenisa skola) with 6-2 2-6 3-6 and finished in 5th-8th place.

9 young tennis players graduates Liepaja Tennis Sport school

In beautiful and sunny Friday, 29 September, in Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place an event where gathered coaches, students and their parents, to congratulate 9 Liepaja Tennis Sport school graduates who have obtained two vocational education programs – “20V81300 1” tennis (9 years training) and “30V81300 1” tennis (4 years training and is continuation of “20V81300 1” program).

This year Liepaja Tennis Sport school graduated 9 students – six in “20V81300 1” tennis and three in “30V81300 1” tennis programs. “20V81300 1” tennis program were gratudated by Evija Reinfelde students Roberta Iesalniece, Luīze Jaksta, Paula Jankova, Inna Rozga and Katrīna Karolīna Skābe, as well as coach Dainis Bernāts student Pols Bernards Bernots.

“30V81300 1” tennis were graduated by Daņils Kozlovs students Agate Gurecka, Toms Rolis and Elīna Zīverte.Liepaja Tennis Sport school administration thanks to coaches and student parents for input of personal time in our student education and development.