Ended Latvian winter tennis championship for U12 and U16 groups

Ended Latvian Republic winter tennis championship for U12 and U16 age groups. Given that the competition awarded the highest category, in the tournament participated powerful Latvian tennis players in their age groups. Race format was that in the Main tournament participated 10 best tennis players according to rating and 4 players who won the qualifying competition. As usual, the race organizers had rights to grant 2 “wild cards” in  each age group. Liepaja Tennis Sports School in the race represented a total of 13 students. The best results by our students were achieved in U12 group, where they won two medals! Liepaja Tennis Sports School students once again demonstrated that they are able to succeed in major tennis events, thanks in particular to coaches, parents and school!

U12 boys group:
2nd place – Renars Grodskis (coach O.Bordjugova)
6th place – Elvijs Eihvalds (coach I.Kublacova)

U12 girls group:
3rd place – Hardija Vidnere (coach I.Kublacova)
5th place – Patricija Spaka (coach O.Bordjugova)
7th/8th place – Alise Grundule (coach I.Kublacova)
9th place – Elza Tomase (coach I.Kublacova)
11th/12th place – Katrina Lasmane (coach E.Reinfelde)

U16 boys group:
9th place – Toms Rolis (coach O.Bordjugova)

U16 girls group:
6th place – Margareta Rebeka Mertena (coach L.Freimane)
9th place – Elina Ziverte (coach O.Bordjugova)
11th/12th place – Agate Gurecka (coach O.Bordjugova)
13th/16th place – Marta Pagraba (coach L.Freimane)
13th/16th place – Signija Stibele (coach I.Kublacova)

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of Liepaja Tennis Sports School students!