LTSS students returned from Jelgava open minitennis tournament

In this weekend was held open minitennis tournament at Jelgava Tennis Centre in Red and Orange groups. Students of Liepaja Tennis Sport School returned with excellent results and won several awards. At this tournament participated players from all over the Latvia (Liepaja, Riga, Marupe, Jurmala, Adazi and other cities), which predicted that there will be an interesting and challenging games for both Red and Orange groups!

In Red group (U-8) for boys participated 15 participants. New title to Liepaja brought Ricards Spaks (coach O.Bordjugova), who won 1st place and has taken a major step to become player of a year at Red group!
On the podium went new player Lauris Siksna (coach O.Bordjugova), who took 3rd place. Little bit unlucky was another student of Liepaja TSS – 5th place winner Fredijs Laivenieks-Pirs (coach E.Reinfelde).

In Red group (U-8) for girls participated 18 player and 9th place took Amanda Frickausa (coach O.Bordjugova).

In Orange group (U-9) for girls participated 23 participants. It is noteworthy that so many players at Orange group tournament has not yet been gathered together this year!
Also in this group students of Liepaja TSS showed very good results! In the final, in beautiful and dynamic game, the victory and 1st place took Evelina Kivite (coach O.Bordjugova). As successful debut at the Orange group may also be called Enijas Paulas Aplokas (coach O.Bordjugova) 8th place, she had the ability to win 4 games! Less luck had Elizabete Deglava (coach O.Bordjugova), which took 11th place!

In Orange group (U-9) for boys participated 16 players. No expectations to other opponent left Davids Spaks (coach O.Bordjugova), he took 1st place! But Kristians Lasmanis (coach E.Reinfelde) took 11th place, he, in terms of sporting competitions, were unsuccessful. Just the point ratio between players took him of the award-winning games!