Latvian club team championship for seniors

Sunday, July 14 will take place in the higher leagues Latvian club team championship for seniors. It is expected to be interesting games, because the LM/Liepaja team this time has strong opponents.

At championship will feature legendary tennis players, such as:
1.Rene Busch from Estonia, who is currently in senior world rankings ranks at 10th place and has entered at the semi-finals of the world cup.
2.Egils Valeinis – Latvian 1st racquet at age group for seniors (40 +).
3.Girts Dzelde – former Latvian and Soviet Davis cup team participant. Has also participated at the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament.
4.Pauls Feldmanis – former Latvian team member, master of sports in former USSR.

We invite all tennis enthusiasts to watch the games in person and support our team!