LTSS and Babolat International Prize Competition

Over the weekend at Liepaja tennis courts again were a lot of young tennis players who participated in Liepaja Sports Tennis school and Babolat international Prix competition.

Overall of 37 young tennis players from Latvian and Lithuanian, competed for the awards in U-8 and U-9 age groups.

In U-8 group for girls victory took Klera Nemūra from Riga, which in the interesting final game with the score 14:12 won over Megija Sokolovska from Liepāja (coach – I.Kublačova). It should be noted that Klēra Nemūra at the race did not experience the bitter of loss and won all the matches. The third place was divided between girls from Liepāja – Marta Viktorija Pacunska (coach – E.Reinfelde) and Amanda Frickausa (coach – O.Bordjugova). This time, more power and success was to M.V.Pacunska, who won with a score 11:4 and won third place in the competition.

U-8 group for girls:
1st place – Klēra Nemūra (Rīga)
2nd place – Megija Sokolovska (Liepāja)
3rd place – Marta Viktorija Pacunska (Liepāja)
4th place – Amanda Frickausa (Liepāja)
5th place – Kristiana Lagzdiņa (Liepāja)
6th place – Elizabete Cimermane (Liepāja)
7th place – Kseņija Simoņenko (Liepāja)

Interesting battles were expected at U-8 group for boys because players from Liepāja Ričards Špaks (coach – O.Bordjugova) and Didzis Vārna (coach – I.Kublačova) wanted to know who is the strongest in Liepāja. It has to be noted that just a month ago, D.Vārna organized the biggest surprise, by winning one of the final races against R.Špaks. This time fate included these two athletes in one subgroup and both athletes were not very excited! Running ahead of events, it should be mentioned that this time R.Špaks did not allow anyone else to win the race! The final game was dramatic. D.Vārna was ahead with 6:0, but victory “slipped” out of hand and it was celebrated by R.Špaks, who won the game with result 11:7. In the battle for third place the victory was taken by Fredijs Laivenieks-Pīrss from Liepāja (coach – E.Reinfelde) who “snatched” the victory from Ralfs Zeihmanis from Riga with a result 12:10!

U-8 group for boys:
1st place – Ričards Špaks (Liepāja)
2nd place – Didzis Vārna (Liepāja)
3rd place – Fredijs Laivenieks – Pīrss (Liepāja)
4th place – Ralfs Zeihmanis (Rīga)
5th place – Gustavs Pagrabs (Liepāja)
6th place – Lauris Siksna (Liepāja)
7th place – Dāvis Ziemelis (Liepāja)
8th place – Gregors Lazdāns (Liepāja)
9th place – Haralds Gūža (Liepāja)

This time all the awards in U-9 group for girls went to Riga and Jurmala. Sure that Liepaja wouldn’t been so “hospitable” if in this competition would participate Evelīna Ķīvīte and Enija Paula Aploka from Liepāja, but because of a variety of health issues this time these girls were forced to watch the competition from the sidelines! In spite of everything, the games were quite intense, but more power for finals saved Mia Melbārde (LSNTA, Rīga) from Rīga, she won the finals over other player from Rīga – Sindija Manovska (Orange tennis, Rīga) with a score 11:3. In the fight for third place Viviāna Arinkina from Jūrmala, won against Līva Vēvere (ENRI-TK, Rīga) with the score 11:6. The best result for players from Liepāja had Linda Ruņģe (coach – E.Reinfelde), she took the 7th place.

U-9 group for girls:
1st place – Mia Melbārde (Rīga)
2nd place – Sindija Manovska (Rīga)
3rd place – Viviāna Arinkina (Jūrmala)
7th place – Linda Runģe (Liepāja)
9th place – Elizabete Deglava (Liepāja)
10th place – Zane Līva (Liepāja)

To the competition at U-9 group for boys came almost all powerful new tennis players, including from Lithuania. Such a composition of the participants even before the games created some intrigue – could Latvians will be able to win over new talents from Lithuaniana?! The most interesting events took place at semifinals, where for a real “dessert” took care Daniels Tens (Spars-TK, Rīga) and Lithuanian Tomas Žvinakis (Klaipēda-TK, Klaipēda), who fought like a lion! However, this time the luck to the success was in the side of the Lithuanian and T. Žvinakis had the ability to win the semi-final with the result 13:11. At the in the second semi-final competed Dāvids Špaks from Liepāja (coach – O.Bordjugova) and Haralds Rožkalns from Jaunmārupe (Mārupes TS, Jaunmārupe). This time, more convincing was D.Špaks, who won with a score 11:7. In the finals met “old acquaintances” T.Žvinakis and D.Špaks. Of course both wanted to win! Laborious and rather nervous beginning of the game from both players led to the conclusion that each point is worth winning, and no one wants to take the risk! Although at the beginning of the game in the lead was T.Žvinakisgame, the winner with a nice closing rally at the net became our student D.Špaks, who won the final game with a score 11:7.

U-9 group for boys:
1st place – Dāvids Špaks (Liepāja)
2nd place – Tomas Žvinakis (Klaipēda, Lithuania)
3rd place – Haralds Rožkalns (Mārupe)

7th place – Francis Andersons (Liepāja)
8th place – Kristiāns Lasmanis (Liepāja)

We would like to thank to “Babolat” and personally to Andris Bērziņš for prizes for the participants of the competition! Thanks also to all the participants for all the emotions and to coaches and parents!

See you in Liepāja!