Successfully has completed Latvia summer championship

Young tennis players of Liepāja Tennis Sports School recently played one of the most important events of the year in Latvia – “Latvia summer championship”. The results can be seen as very good, because we have to remember that in Liepāja it is not possible to practice at winter in normal conditions. However, our students are playing good and opponents are aware of our players.

In U-14 group champion of Latvia became our student Margareta Rebeka Mertena (coaches – L.Freimane / D.Kozlovs). The bronze medal winner was Signija Stībele (coach – I.Kublačova) Both girls playing at the doubles were really close to gold medals, but silver medal is ours. In mixed doubles R.Mertena together with T.Pukšis won the gold medal.

Playing at the older age-group, our Renārs Grodskis (coach – O.Bordjugova) won the 5th place, but in his U-12 group, in final Renārs only gave up one game to his opponent, the other results on zeros, so Renārs Grodskis became the Latvian U-12 group champion. R.Grodskis played doubles pairing with K.Ozoliņš from Rīga and won a silver medal.

Another encouraging note for the big fights has deserved U-12 group players K.Lasmane (coach – E.Reinfelde) for 2nd place and E.Tomase (coach – I.Kublačova) – 4th place. While these two girls are not in a high place in Latvian ranking, they both managed to get into the semi-finals. At the final Katrīna Lasmane only a little bit missed to get the victory. At doubles for girls second place took K.Lasmane (coach – E.Reinfelde) paired with P.Špaka (coach – O.Bordjugova).

In U-16 group our players showed great fighting spirit. E.Zīverte (coach – O.Bordjugova), showing stable performance, won the bronze medal. It should be noted that at the semi-final she lost to the group champion D.Vismane.

The two other our players of this group also showed a good performance and the will to fight for every point. M.Pagraba (coach – L.Freimane) – 5th place, A.Gurecka (coach – O.Bordjugova) – 6th place.

At the boys competition T.Rolis (coach – O.Bordjugova) in the first round had to fight with the next new champion R.Mednis. After an initial loss followed all the victories, resulting in 9th place. At doubles – M.Pagraba and E.Zīverte (coach – O.Bordjugova) – 2nd place. In mixed doubles – E.Zīverte with A.Gudiņš from Rīga – 1st place.