Mārupe Tennis School prize of August for groups U12, U14

In August at Mārupe took place tennis tournament “Mārupe Tennis School prize of August for groups U12, U14”. As usual, at the tournament attended students of Liepāja Tennis Sports School. In recent years, Mārupe has been very successful for young tennis players of Liepāja, who managed to win several awards. This time was no exception! Liepāja Tennis Sports School was represented by Patrīcija Špaka (coach – O.Bordjugova) and Alise Grundule (coach – I.Kublačova) who participated in the U14 group.

The draw decided, that at the first round P.Špaka had to compete against first seeded Liene Roziņa (Jelgava TC). Despite the fact that L.Roziņa is much older and taller than P.Špaka, victory was celebrated by P.Špaka (6:4, 6:2). A.Grundule in the first round had to play against the 11th number Stefānija Poļiščuka (Orange Tennis). In long and heavy game the winner was A.Grundule (6:7(5), 6:3, 6:2).

The next round for our students turned out differently. P.Špaka triumphed (6:2,6:0) over Katrīna Jansone (LSNT Academy), but A.Grundule had to contend with the loss in similar game (1:6, 4:6) to the tournament 2nd seeded Anna Marija Bukina (LSNT Academy).

In the battle for 5th place A.Grundule managed to win take convincing victories. At the beginning win over Evita Vītoliņa (Enri – TK) with a score of 3:1 (abandoned), but then also win over Jeļizaveta Galkina (Spars – TK) with a score 5:3, 4:2.

While P.Špaka knew how to beat in the semi-finals the tournament 4th seeded Herta Uzkalne (Mārupes TS) with a score 6:4, 6:0, and in the final, in exciting fight victory over the tournament’s 3rd seeded – Hardija Vīdnere (individual) with a score 6:2, 6:3!