“The Olympic stars” shines in Liepaja

In last weekend, December 14th, Liepaja Olympic Centre was home for the new tennis stars, because it took place this year’s last tennis tournament “The Olympic stars”, at which attended tennis players from U8 and U9 age groups. It has already become like a tradition, where the first and the last tournament is held in Liepaja.

In the tournament participated 32 players from Latvia and Lithuania. Tournament attendees included such heavyweights as the legendary tennis coach E.Ernestsons and I.Andersons, who is the one of the tournament ideas author. We hope, that it was possible to watch some young starlets, who will shine in a few years not only in Latvian, but even on a global tennis fields.

Overall in the tournament was played 95 games. Again, the tradition was followed, a house wall is the best advantage tennis players can use. Because players from Liepaja won a total of 17 medals out of 24 possible medals. As is known, then at the tournament “The Olympic stars” first six places are awarded.

As noted by the tournament organizers , the tournament was with very positive emotions and thank to the tournament sponsors, a variety of prizes got everyone that attended – Liepaja Tennis Sports School ,  Liepaja Olympic Centre, Liepaja municipality , Cili pica, Liepaja RAS, Venden, cafeteria Lotte and “Art Soapworks”.

Pictures from the tournament can be seen here.

U8 group for boys:
1.Lauris Siksna (Liepāja)
2.Fredija Laivenieks-Pirss (Liepāja)
3.Haralds Gūža (Liepāja)
4.Gustavs Pagrabs (Liepāja)
5.Dāvis Ziemelis (Liepāja)
6.Gregors Lazdāns (Liepāja)

U8 group for girls:
1.Megija Sokolovska (Liepāja)
2.Kristiāna Lagzdiņa (Liepāja)
3.Poļina Koroļova (Rīga)
4.Amanda Frickausa (Liepāja)
5.Ksenija Simoņenko (Liepāja)
6.Džuliana Džeina Kublinska (Rīga)

U9 group for boys:
1.Ričards Špaks (Liepāja)
2.Fancis Andersons (Liepāja)
3.Didzis Vārna (Liepāja)
4.Tomas Žvinakis (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
5.Kristiāns Lasmanis (Liepāja)
6.Georgijs Abdulajevs (Liepāja)

U-9 group for girls:
1.Enija Paula Aploka (Liepāja)
2.Ksenija Rage (Rīga)
3.Marija Āboliņa (Rīga)
4.Sonora Briede (Rīga)
5.Līva Vēvere (Rīga)
6.Linda Ruņģe (Liepāja)