Zelta Wilson finished with four medals to our students in U18 group

In May 6th-7th concluded traditional “Zelta Wilson” tournament with games in U18 group, where our students won 4 medals. Morning May 7th began with a short rain, which a bit postponed games, but later on the games could start.

In group for girls our students took all three medals:
1st place – Margareta Rebeka Mertena (coach – D.Kozlovs)
2nd place – Signija Stībele (coach – I.Kublačova)
3rd place – Marta Pagraba (coach – O.Bordjugova).

But in group for boys golden medal won our Toms Rolis (coach – O.Bordjugova), who in a tight three set finalgame won over Toms Sutris from Riga. 3rd place won Matīss Šteinhards from Ventspils by winning over Justs Jakovļevs from Riga.