Second day of Venden Cup has finished

It’s the second main draw day of Venden Cup 2014 for U14 age group. It’s cleared eight best players in girls and boys competitions. June 24th was unfortunate for Latvian young tennis players, because all of them lost, except the favorite Daniils Batmanovs. In the eigth strongest boys in the tournament with Daniils are two players from Israel and two from Estonia, as well one by Russia, Belarus and Poland. In girls singles our Patrīcija Špaka lost to Russian Kubareva 6:1 6:1 and Elza Tomase lost to Israeli D.Shvartsmann 6:3 6:3. Alongside them into the quarterfinal got one more Russian representative as well as three girls from Belarus, one from Poland and one from Ukraine.

Our players are withdrawn from double games.

Tomorrow, June 25th, will take place interesting games for getting into the best four. Beginning of games at 10:00. You can follow the scores in Tennis Europe homepage.