Third day of Venden Cup 2014 U12 has finished

Tennis Europe Venden Cup tournament for U12 age group is continuing. Today, September 4th, we found out the best young tennis players who will participate in single semi-finals and double finals.

In girls single games in semifinals will meet Kamilla Bartone from Riga against Sayfetdinova Avelina from Russia, but in the second semifinal will meet our Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova), who won over other Liepaja player – Patrīcija Špaka (coach Olga Bordjugova). Tomorrow opponent of Elza Tomase will be Lissi Kubre from Estonia, who in quarterfinals won over our Alise Vindiga (coach Evija Reinfelde).

In boys single games will meet Roberts Jaričevskis from Latvia against A.Mandma from Estonia. In second semifinal will be game between D.Linkuns – Morozovs from Latvia and Mark Lajala from Estonia.

Tomorrow in doubles will be game for champion title. In girls final will meet Latvian pair Kamilla Bārtone/Stefānija Poļiščuk against pair with our Patrīcija Špaka and Estonian Lissi Kubre. In boys double final game will meet pair from Finland against pair from Belarus and Estonia.

In consolation tournament in semifinals got only one girl from Latvia – Nikola Trama from Ventspils, all our girls today lost.

You can follow the tournament statistics and results at Tennis Europe homepage – But pictures from tournament you can find in our homepage under “Gallery

Saturday, September 6th at 10:00 will take place final games for girls and boys. At the same time will start Edgars Ernestsons Prize competition for U9 and U10 age groups.