On weekend few 1st places

From October 3rd to 5th at tennis center Jelgava took place Anatta Open 2014 U14 tournament. From Liepaja Tennis Sports school in this tournament participated Elza Tomase and Alise Grundule. Elza Tomase showed good games in this tournament and won 1st place.

In October 4th and 5th at Ādaži took place TCĀ Spin WILSON and TCĀ Saldus Gotiņas U8, U9, U10 tournament. 1st place won Gregors Lazdāns (coahc E.Reinfelde) in U8 group and Enija Paula Aploka (coahc O.Bordjugova) in U10 group. Gustavs Pagrabs (coach I.Kublačova) took 5th place in U9 group.