New experience and friends! Patrīcija Špaka participates in tournament in Germany

At the last week of March 2015 one of the students of Liepāja Tennis Sports school Patrīcija Špaka participated at Europe Tennis tournament “Cup der Nordverbaende” for U14 age group. Tournament took place near to Hannover (Germany).

Tournament took place in a small city, which is smaller than Liepaja. Even though it’s smaller city, they have indoor tennis courts (6 fields), indoor badminton fields, gym and hotel.

As there were a lot of strong players at the tournament, Patrīcija had to start with qualification, where she was successful. At first qualification round Patrīcija won over German tennis player Zanna GINZBURG with 6:0, 6:0. And in the second qualification round Patrīcija was better than other German player Sophia HUMMEL, and won with score 6:3, 6:0.

In the first round of Main draw Patrīcija could win over one more German player Amelie-Christin JANSSEN with 6:2, 6:4.

In the second round Patrīcija lost to young German tennis player Julia MIDDENDORF with 3:6, 4:6. As Patrīcija told us, the game was quite even, but because of own mistakes the result was as it was.

Patrīcija participated as well in double games, together with German tennis player Luzia OBERMEIER they reached semifinal, where they lost to the next winners of this tournament.

As Patrīcija told us, this kind of European tournaments are very necessary to young tennis players, because it’s possible to gain experience, which is not possible just by playing in Latvia. As Patrīcija explains – in Latvia the new tennis players know each other very well and that doesn’t help to develop the game. Even though the participation at the European tournaments are quite expensive, they give good possibilities, for example, it’s possible to compare the level of tennis players and by training together with tennis players from different countries, it’s possible to gain new knowledge and experience. As well, it’s possibility to meet new friends and that motivates to learn languages.

Patrīcija would like to thank to the coaches, who works everyday with her, as well a big thank goes to Liepāja Tennis Sports school, who supports and helps not only to Patrīcija to participate in this kind of tournaments.