Playing for team Latvia our Patrīcija Špaka wins in both games

In June 26th and 27th student of Liepāja Tennis Sports school – Patrīcija Špaka – playing for team Latvia participated in Tennis Europe European Summer Cup for U14 age group which took place in Czech Republic. In the first day team Latvia had to play against team Slovenia. In first game of the day our Patrīcija played against P.Lovric and the beginning was positive – won game with 6:4,1:6,6:1! In the next game K.Bartone (LAT) against Z.Falkner, sadly, but Kamilla lost with 1:6,1:6! The winners in this duel had to be decided in Doubles, where Latvians K.Bartone with A.Jakovļeva lost with a score 6:2,3:6,2:6!

In the next day team Latvia won over team Greece with 3:0. The first game of the day again was for our Patrīcija, who won over M.Kallistrou with 6:1,6:1! The next game was between A.Jakovļevai and V.Stamatogiannopoulou, our A.Jakovļeva won with 6:4,6:1! In Doubles this time played our Patrīcija with K.Bartone and they won with 6:1,6:3! Unfortunately win over Greece didn’t give the opportunity to continue participate in the tournament.