Davis Cup draw and training with kids have taken place

June 17, in Liepaja will start Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Europe/Africa zone 2nd group first games between team Latvia and team Madagascar. Today was the game schedule draw.First game tomorrow will start at 12:00 and will be played between Mārtiņš Podžus and Jacob Rasolondrazana. Second game of the Friday will be between Miķelis Lībietis and Antso Rakotondramanga. Saturday at 14:00 will be played one Double game between Jānis Podžus and Miku Losbergu against Antso Rakotondramanga and Tony Rajaobelina. Sunday from 12:00 will start Mārtiņš Podžus against Antso Rakotondramanga, after then Miķelis Lībietis will compete against Jacob Rasolondrazana.Yesterday team Latvia made a training together with new tennis players from Liepaja Tennis Sport school. Pictures can be found at “Gallery“.