Liepaja has a good success in Yonex tournaments

Sunday, August 2, in tennis courts of Liepāja Tennis Sport school took place LTSS and Yonex Prix for young players of U10 age group.At boys competition undefeated remained Gustavs Dambiņš from Riga. 2nd and 3rd place was taken by our students Kristians Lasmanis (coach E.Reinfelde) and Didzis Vārna (coach I.Kublačova).At girls competition won Aleksandra Šķebrina from Riga. 2nd and 3rd place was won by our students Kristiana Lagzdiņa (coach O.Bordjugova) and Megija Sokolovska (coach I.Kublačova). Pictures from the tournament can be seen at “Galerija“.

In other Yonex tournament for U14 group, which took place last weekend in RīgaTK Spars, won our student Alise Grundule (coach I.Kublačova).