From Lielupe returns with gold and two silver medals

From January 21 to 23 in Lielupe tennis courts took place LTU Cup leg for U14 age group. Liepāja Tennis Sport school students took home three medals.

At girls competition in Final competed our students – Patrīcija Špaka and Elza Tomase. In two set game, with 6/2 6/1, better was Patrīcija Špaka and took gold medal.At boys Final competed our Valērijs Vorobjovs. Valērijs took silver medal, because in the Final game Edvards Liepiņš (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) won with 6/2 6/1.Veronika Zalcmane and Dana Gribeļska won in the 1st round, but they lost games to get into the Semifinals. Alise Vindiga, Kārlis Vēberis and Daniels Špaks lost already in the 1st round.