Gold and Silver from Tallinn

May 21st to 29th, in Tallinn (Estonia) took place Tennis Europe tournament “Estonian Junior Open” for U14 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Elza Tomase (coach Ina Kublačova) and Valērijs Vorobjovs (coach Edgars Kļaviņš).

Elza Tomase returned home with Gold medal in Singles tournament and Silver medal in Doubles, where she played in pair with Dārta Daļecka from Riga.elza_tomase_tallina_16In Singles tournament Elza won in 1st and 2nd rounds without problems with 6/0 6/1, while playing against Armenian and Finnish representatives. Intense game was in the Quarterfinals against Elizaveta Gavrilova from Russia. In three set game better was our Elza with 6/3 4/6 6/1. In Semifinal Elza had to play against 1st seeded Anna Mikhailova from Russia, but she wasn’t a strong opponent to Elza in this tournament, and she won with 7/5 6/2. In Final Elza competed against Emilia Salo from Finland, and the champion title went to Elza by winning with 6/1 6/4.

In Doubles Final Elza and Dārta had to play against Anna Mikhailova and Emilia Salo. Opponents this time were better with 6/0 7/6(6). So Elza and Dārta took Silver.

Overall Elza received necessary points in Tennis Europe, which will allow to climb up in the European ranking and begin international tournaments in better positions.

Meanwhile our Valērijs Vorobjovs this tournament started from qualification, where he won over two Estonian players. In Main Draw in the 1st round Valērijs won over Oskar Erola from Finland with 6/0 6/1. In the 2nd round Valērijs had to compete against 1st seeded Pjotr Bar Birjukov from Russia, who won over Valērijs with difficult 6/3 6/7(5) 6/1.