LTU cup leg for all age groups has been played

Last week took place LTU cup leg for all age groups. U12 and U14 groups participated in Mežparks (Riga), but U18 group competed in Ventspils. In all tournaments participated Liepaja Tennis Sport school students with various success.

In U12 group Liepaja Tennis Sport school students couldn’t get any medals, even thou for the bronze competed Evelina Ķīvīte and Dāvis Rolis. Evelīna lost to Valērija Kargina (Rīga) with 6/3 6/4, but Dāvis couldn’t play for the 3rd place because health issues.alise_vindigaIn U14 group Daniels Špaks in 1st round won over Martins Ugļevs with 7/6(7) 6/1, but in 2nd round lost to the tournaments favorite Renards Skutelis (Daugavpils) with 6/0 6/1. At girls competition the best result had Alise Vindiga, she won 3rd place and bronze. In Semifinal Alise lost to Dārta Daļecka (Riga) with 6/2 6/1 and in Final Dārta Daļecka became the winner of the tournament. Our Alise in game for 3rd place won over 1st seeded Līva Vēvere with 6/2 6/1. Meanwhile our Dana Gribeļska won in the 1st round, but in the 2nd round lost to the tournaments winner Dārta Daļecka with 6/1 6/1, but our Veronika Zalmane already in 1st round lost to Eva Zazdravniha with 4/6 6/0 6/1.tomaseIn U18 group in Ventspils girls from Liepaja had good success. Elza Tomase took home Silver medal. In Final she lost to Kristiāna Linda Zahare with 6/3 6/4. Elza training partner Alise Grundule took 3rd place, by winning in the last game over 2nd seeded Annelija Akmane with 6/1 6/1.

Already this weekend new tennis players will compete in tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school, where will take place LTSS and Yonex Grand Prix.