Our students had a few successful tournaments

Has concluded few tennis tournaments in Latvia, where Liepaja Tennis Sport school students had a good success.yonex_u14_visi_uzvaretajiIn the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place LTSS and Yonex Grand prix for U14 and U18 age groups. In U14 age group for boys, the champion title was taken by Ivans Trifanovs (Ventspils), who in Final won over Dāvis Rolis with 6/1 6/4. Bronze was won by Daniels Špaks, who with 6/2 6/2 won over his training partner Kārlis Vēberis. At girls competition the champion title was taken by Alise Vindiga, who in Final with 6/3 6/3 won over other our student Dana Gribeļska, 3rd place was taken by Selīna Anna Mazura (Rīga), who won over our Paula Jankova with 6/3 6/2.yonex_u14_uzvaretajasyonex_u14_uzvaretajiIn U18 age group, 1st place was taken by our Toms Rolis, 2nd place went to Justs Jakovļevs (ACB/VL Tenisa skola), but 3rd place took our Renārs Grodskis. At girls competition unbeaten remained our Marta Pagraba, who in Final was better than our other student Elza Tomase with 6/3 7/5. 3rd place was taken by our Alise Vindiga, who won over our Signija Stībele with 6/3 6/2.yonex_u18_visi_uzvaretajiIn Ventspils took place 7th leg of LTU cup for U14 age group. At girls competition the whole podium was taken by our students: 1st place – Alise Vindiga, 2nd place – Dana Gribeļska, 3rd place – Veronika Zalcmane. At boys competition our students didn’t take any medals back home. Daniels Špaks in the game for 3rd place lost to Ivans Trifanovs (Ventspils) with 6/0 6/0.yonex_u18_uzvaretajasyonex_u18_uzvaretajiLast weekend in our tennis courts took place one more tournament – leg of LTU cup for U12 age group. At boys competition the champion title won our Dāvids Špaks, who in all games had great victories, and in Final with 6/0 6/2 won over Reinis Kupfers (Tennis Pro Academy). 3rd place was taken by Artjoms Afanasjevs (Orange Tennis s/sk), who won over Gustavs Dambiņš (Tennis Pro Academy) with 6/1 6/0. In girls competition the champion title was taken by the youngest tennis player – in 2006 born Valērija Maija Kargina, she didn’t allow for the opponents to one more than 3 games. And in the Final she won over Amēlija Šūpulniece (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) with 6/1 6/1. 3rd place was taken by Dārta Vorslava, who with 6/1 6/0 won over the main favorite of the tournament – our Evelīna Ķīvīte.