Return from European club team championship

From European club team championship which took place in Southspain has returned Liepaja Senior tennis team. As usual, the competition level was high, as well the temperature was high – about 30 degrees.klubu_cemp_1Liepaja Senior tennis team could compete against best senior teams as evens – in 3 from 4 games they lost with only 2-3. But against Spain, Liepaja Senior tennis team lost as others – with 5-0. In Spain champions team played many former ATP players. At the end the European club team championship in 35+ group won Spain. Silver was won by team Netherlands.klubu_cemp_2Liepaja Senior tennis team in European club team championship 35+ group: Andrejs Koļesins, Eduards Grodskis, Artūrs Eglītis, Gints Rolis. Rest of the team – Andis Čerņecovs, Didzis Holštroms, Erlans Lazdāns and Andis Cirsis supported the team from Latvia. We would like to thank to Liepaja Sport department, LSEZ and Elektrons&K for the support.
With this years victory in Latvian team championship, team Liepaja will have the opportunity to represent Latvia at European club team championship in 2017.