Three students participate at ITF Juniors

February 21 to 26 in Lithuanian city Siauliai takes place ITF Juniors tournament “Siauliai Open 2017”. Liepaja Tennis Sport school at the tournament is represented by Rebeka Margareta Mertena, Elza Tomase and Patrīcija Špaka, who had to start the participation at qualifications round and unfortunately they have already concluded the competition at the tournament.tomase

To get to the Main draw, girls had to be among best 4 in Qualification. Elza Tomase won her first game against Sabīne Rutlauka (Latvia) with 7-5 6-3, but unfortunately her game deciding to get into the Main draw she lost against Eliz Maloney (Great Britain) with 6-1 6-1. Rebeka Margareta Mertena her first game had against Laura Slišāne (Latvia) by winning with 7-5 6-3, second game was against Kateryna Diatlova (Ukraine), in which Rebeka won with 6-1 6-2 and getting into the Main draw. Patrīcija Špaka began the qualification with victory over Milena Kriukelyte (Lithuania) with 6-1 6-0, in the second game she won over Maria Tolmacheva (Russia) with 6-2 6-2. At the last qualification game she won over Stefānija Poliščuka (Latvia) with 6-1 6-2, and got into the Main draw.PATRICIJA5

At the 1st round of Main draw Patrīcija Špaka had to compete against 3rd seeded Malene Helgo (Norway), and unfortunately Patrīcija lost with 3-6 1-6. Meanwhile Rebeka Margareta Mertena at 1st round of the Main draw won with 6-0 7-5 over Gerda Zykute (Lithuania). 2nd round game for Rebeka was against Maria Vittoria Viviani (Italy), and Rebeka lost with.rebeka_margareta

During the Singles tournament our students Patrīcija Špaka in pair with Stefānija Poliščuka (Latvia) and Rebeka Margareta Mertena in pair with Tamara Malesevic (Serbia) competed at Doubles tournament. Patrīcija with Stefānija lost already at the 1st round against pair from Ukraine and Russia (Oleksandra Andrieieva and Sofya Treshcheva) with 0-6 4-6. Meanwhile, Rebeka with Tamara at the 1st round of Doubles won over Netherlands and Italy pair (Lexie Stevens and Maria Vittoria Viviani) with 6-3 2-6 [10-4]. In Quarterfinals Rebeka and Tamara had to face the Ukrainian/Russian pair who won over Patrīcija and Stefānija. Unfortunately Rebeka and Tamara followed the same road and lost with 7(5)-6 2-6 [6-10].