In Riga bronze medal is won

March 25 in Riga tennis club “Enri” took place “Event Lab/Enri Tour balvas izcīņa” for U10. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Marija Lauva, who won two games of three and took in tournament. Meanwhile in March 26 took place tournament for U8 and U9 where Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Orests Ronis and Karolīna Lāce in U8, but Laura Kristiāna Sprūde and Anna Azarova in U9.

In U8 Orests Ronis in his subdivision could win only one of three games and took 9th place in tournament. But Karolīna Lāce in her subdivision won three of four games and took 1st place in her subdivision. In Semifinal Karolīna lost, but in the game for 3rd place she won over her opponent and so Karolīna Lāce took 3rd place.In U9 Anna Azarova in her subdivision won two games out of three, but Laura Kristiāna Sprūde in her subdivision won three games out of four. Both girls took 2nd places in their subdivision and had to compete for the 5th to 8th place. Both Liepaja Tennis Sport school students won their first games, so they had to compete against each other for the 5th place. This time Anna Azarova won over Laura Kristiāna Sprūde, so Anna took 5th place, but Laura – 6ht place.