New tennis players from Liepaja dominates in Ventspils

April 29, in Ventspils took place “Ventspils balvas izcīņa” for U9 age group. From tournaments 13 participants 8 young tennis players were from Liepaja Tennis Sport school – Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese, Bogdans Kozlovs, Timo Bertrams Tikums, Ernests Brūders, Krišjānis Mazais, Sabīne Vaidere, Daniela Krušatina and Terēza Lotta Tikuma.In boys competition best results had Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese and Bogdans Kozlovs, both had the possibility to participate in Semifinals. In overall Timo Bertrams Tikums finished 7th, Ernests Brūders – 6th, but Krišjānis Mazais – 8th. In games for getting into Final Matīss and Bogdans won over their opponents and now they had to face each other in Final. This time victory went to Bogdans Kozlovs, who finished in 1st place, but Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese took 2nd place.In girls competition Terēza Lotta Tikuma couldn’t win a game, so she finished 5th. Daniela Krušatina by winning 3 out of 4 games finished 2nd, but Sabīne Vaidere winning all games, took 1st place and gold medal.