International tournament “Dzintara Wilson” for U10

May 4, Restoration of Latvian Independence day, in tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school took place international tournament “Dzintara Wilson” for U10 age group.Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese, Marija Lauva, Anastasija Lomovska, Ketlina Arone, Evelīna Poikāne, Anna Azarova, Annete Skripka and Sabīne Vaidere.In boys competition Matīss Ozoliņš-Pese in his subdivision could won only one game out of three and in overall he took 5th place.In girls competition Marija Lauva took 4th place, Anastasija Lomovska – 10th place. Evelīna Poikāne took 5th place. Anna Azarova – 8th place. Annete Skripka – 9th place.Sabīne Vaidere in her subdivision won all three games and had the possibility to compete for the overall victory in tournament. As well Ketlina Arone won all games in her subdivision and together with Sabīne and Aleksandra Rožkalne from Mārupe continued their competition for the overall win in the tournament.All three girls by playing in one division, Aleksandra Rožkalne won in both games against Liepaja Tennis Sport school representatives and took the Gold medal of the tournament. Meanwhile in the deciding game for the 2nd place, Ketlina Arone managed the victory over Sabīne Vaidere and Keltina took Silver medal, while Sabīne had to go home with Bronze medal.Boys competition medal winners:
1st place – Ričards Dzirkals (Tenisa centrs “Ādaži”)
2nd place – Jonas Skierus (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
3rd place – Nils Neo Trapāns (Tenisa centrs “Ādaži”) Girls competition medal winners:
1st place – Aleksandra Rožkalne (Mārupes tenisa skola)
2nd place – Ketlina Arone (Liepājas Tenisa sporta skola)
3rd place – Sabīne Vaidere (Liepājas Tenisa sporta skola)

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