Thanks to “Dzintara Wilson” (Amber Wilson) supporter SIA “Intrad”

Liepaja Tennis Sports school in collaboration with SIA “Intrad”- Wilson official representative in Latvia, in beginning of this summer already for the second year organized international tennis tournament “Dzintara Wilson” (Amber Wilson) for U10 and U12 age groups.“Dzintara Wilson” tournament is a continue for year 2010 tradition – “Zelta Wilson” (Gold Wilson) tournament. But to put an accent to the specialty of Liepaja, in year 2016 decision was made to call the tournament – “Dzintara Wilson”, because amber is the gold of Liepaja. And to show it even better, all medalists are awarded with unique and special medals with amber.In year 2016 author of these medals were Ilze Vainovska, but this year they were made by artist Dana Purviņa ( In addition to these unique award, all three medalists receive valuable and useful prizes from SIA “Intrad”.We would like to thank to all participants, parents and coaches for participating in the tournament and we would like to wish a lot of success to the young tennis players in their season. As well we would like to thank the main supporter of the tournament “Dzintara Wilson” – SIA “Intrad”- official Wilson representative in Latvia. We hope for future collaboration and to raise the importance of the “Dzintara Wilson” in Latvia and Europe.