Our students gets victories at “Riga Open” 2017

June 10 – 17 in Riga took place Tennis Europe international tournament “Riga Open” 2017 for U12, U14 and U16 age group. “Riga Open” this year celebrates 20th anniversary.Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Dāvis Rolis, Ričards Špaks and Enija Paula Aploka in U12, Dāvids Špaks, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Paula Jankova, Anastasija Rižkova in U14, Valerijs Vorobjovs, Renārs Grodskis, Elza Tomase, Alise Vindiga and Veronika Zalcmane in U16.In U12 for boys Ričards Špaks in 1st round won over Kim Dominick Karjus (Estonia) with 6-1 6-3, but in 2nd round he lost to Yarden Cauly (Israel) with 2-6 2-6. Meanwhile, Dāvis Rolis in 1st round won over Robert Raag (Estonia) with 6-3 6-1, and in intense 2nd round game he won over Ofek Shimanov (Israel) with 4-6 6-2 6-1, unfortunately Dāvis didn’t play in Quarterfinal because of health issues.In U12 for girls Enija Paula Aploka in 1st round won over Perla Conde-Vendrell (France) with 6-3 6-2. But in 2nd round she lost to Hanna Tsitavets (Belarus) with 2-6 3-6.In U14 for boys Dāvids Špaks unfortunately lost already in 1st round to Ben Weintraub (Israel) with 2-6 2-6.In U14 for girls, Paula Jankova and Anastasija Rižkova couldn’t qualify to Main draw, meanwhile in Main draw Evelīna Ķīvīte lost already in 1st round to Mika Dagan Fruchtman (Israel) with 0-6 0-6.In U16 for boys Renārds Grodskis in 1st round had an easy win over Evgenii Barbarin (Russia) with 6-0 6-0, but in intense 2nd round game he lost to Mikhail Malakhovich (Belarus) with 5-7 6-3 5-7. Valerijs Vorobjovs in 1st round won over Ivan Ovechkin (Russia) with 6-2 6-1. In 2nd round Valerijs won over Aleksand Kalinin (Belarus) with 0-6 6-1 6-4. In Quarterfinals Valerijs met with other Latvian – Rūdolfs Aksenoks and celebrated victory with 6-3 7-5, and got into the Semifinal, where Valerijs lost to 1st seeded Matas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania) with 3-6 1-6. In overall Valerijs Vorobjovs took shared 3rd place.In U16 for girls Alise Vindiga in intense 1st round game won over Sara Rasskazova (Israel) with 6-1 5-7 7-6(6). In 2nd round Alise lost to Evialina Laskevich (Belarus) with 2-6 3-6. Veronika Zalcmane lost already in 1st round to Gerda Reinaru (Estonia) with 4-6 3-6. Meanwhile, 1st seeded Elza Tomase began the tournament with victory over Jekaterina Sagejeva (Latvia). In 2nd round Elza won over Gerda Reinaru (Estonia) with 6-2 6-2. In an easy win in Quarterfinal with ar 6-0 6-0 against Otilija Norkute (Lithuania), Elza managed into the Semifinal, where she won over Laura Slišāne (Latvia) with 6-1 6-3. In Final Elza met with Qualifiers winner Saara Orav (Estonia). Elza Tomase won the Final with 3-6 6-2 6-2 and celebrated the victory in the tournament!In Doubles the best results had Valerijs Vorobjovs in pair with Rūdolfs Aksenoks and Elza Tomase in pair with Anna Jakovļeva. Both pairs won in the Doubles tournament for U16.Congratulations!
Photo from www.riga-open.lv