From Ventspils with Bronze

July 29 and 30 in Ventspils took place “Ventspils Olimpiskā centra balvu izcīņa” for U12 age group. Liepaja Tennis Sports school was represented by Didzis Vārna, Artjoms Splenders, Gregors Lazdāns, Kristiana Lagzdiņa, Marija Lauva, Evelīna Beneša and Paula Kapleite.In Boys competition Artjoms Splenders and Gregors Lazdāns couldn’t manage to get into the 2nd Round, meanwhile Didzis Vārna in 1st game won over Aleksandrs Sotikovs (Spars TK) with 6-1 6-0. In Semifinal Didzis lost to the next winner of the tournament Nikita Gavrilonoks (Orange Tennis) with 3-6 1-6. In gae for 3rd place Didzis Vārna with 6-1 6-3 won over Georgijs Harjuzovs (Ventpils TK) and took Bronze medal.

At girls competition Evelīna Beneša and Paula Kapleite couldn’t manage to get into the 2nd Round. Kristiana Lagzdiņa with 6-4 6-3 won over Elīza Kupruka (Enri TK) and got into the 2nd Round, where she was joined by Marija Lauva who in 1st Round with 6-3 6-3 won over Elizabete Lekse (Enri TK). In game for getting into the Semifinal Kristiana Lagzdiņa lost to Marina Karaseva (Tennis Pro Academy) with 0-6 0-6 and Marija Lauva with 1-6 2-6 lost to next winner of the tournament Elizabete Brutane (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In the overall Marija Lauva took 6th place, meanwhile Kristiana Lagzdiņa – 7th-8th place.