“”Vega 1″ beach volleyball and tennis league” beach tennis season 2017 has concluded

August 16 in Liepaja beach took place ““Vega 1” beach volleyball and tennis league” conclusion of year 2017 – 5th leg for men and women pairs. At women competition participated 20 participants making 10 pairs, but in men competition participated 34 participants – 17 pairs.Women were divided in 2 subdivisions and in the Final got Elīna Zīverte and Ilze Sermole, and Kitija Kļaveniece together with Marta Pagraba. In Final with 6-1 won Elīna Zīverte and Ilze Sermole. In 2nd place Kitija Kļaveniece and Marta Pagraba, in 3rd place Gita Karule and Aija Kalnīte.Men were divided in 4 subdivisions, in Final Round got Andris Karulis with Raivo Špaks, Gints Siliņš with Mārtiņš Krūms, Ģirts Antonovs with Elans Zīverts and Renārs Kaupers with Elans Strazdiņš. In Final Round 1st place took Ģirts Antonovs with Elans Zīverts, in 2nd place – Gints Siliņš with Mārtiņš Krūms and in 3rd place Renārs Kaupers with Elans Strazdiņš.““Vega 1” beach volleyball and tennis league” 5th leg was the Final leg of 2017. Champion in Women competition became Elīna Zīverte, overall 2nd place took Gita Karule, but 3rd place took Marta Pagraba. Champion in Men competition became Elans Strazdiņš, 2nd overall place took Elans Zīverts, but 3rd overall finished Andris Karulis.Tournament organizers would like to thank supporters – Venden, Vega 1, Liepaja city Sport department project “Liepāja Sporto” (Sporting Liepaja), Sportland and Red Sun Buffet. See you next year!More pictures available in “Gallery“.