Liepaja championship in beach tennis 2017 has concluded

September 23 – 24 in Liepaja beach took place “Liepaja championship in beach tennis 2017”, to find out best beach tennis players in summer 2017. Competition took place in men, women and mixed pairs in Amateur and Pro leagues.The conclusion of beach tennis season took place in warm and shiny weather. In Pro league players registered only to mixed pair competition. 1st place won Baiba Damberga and Elans Zīverts, 2nd place – Gita Karule and Elans Strazdiņš, 3rd place – Ilze Kārkliņa and Sandis Dejus.In Amateur league to mixed pairs competition applied 11 pairs. 1st place won Ieva Pelnēna and Andris Karulis, 2nd place – Liene Lasmane and Kristaps Catlaks, 3rd place – Gints and Krista Siliņš.In Amateur league for women 1st place won Ilze Kārkliņa and Baiba Damberga, 2nd place – Evija Reinfelde and Liene Lasmane, 3rd place – Zane Vilnīte and Ieva Pelnēna.Amateur league for men 1st place won Elans Strazdiņš and Daniels Špaks, 2nd place – Ģirts Antonovs and Rihars Dūčis, 3rd place – Egils Sveilis and Elans Zīverts.We thank for support to Ģirts Antonovs, Andris Karulis, beach cafe “Red Sun Buffet” and Liepaja Sport department.More pictures in “Gallery“.