Victory in international tournament

February 10 to 17 in Lithuanian city Siauliai took place Tennis Europe international tournament “Toyota Cup 2018” for U16. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase, Alise Vindiga un Valerijs Vorobjovs.

Valerijs Vorobjovs unfortunately lost to Jakub Federowicz (Poland) with 0-6 2-6. Valerijs together with Lithuanian Vilius Gaubas participated in Doubles tournament as well. They managed to get till the Quarterfinals, where they lost to Polish pair Jakub Federowicz and Marcel Kamrowski with 2-6 2-6.In girls competition Alise Vindiga began the tournament with the Qualifiers, where she won both games and joined to other players from Liepaja at the Main Draw. In the Main Draw Alise managed to get till the Quarterfinals, where she lost to Nikol Palecek from Serbia with 6-3 4-6 4-6.

Elza Tomase managed to get till the Quarterfinals as well, where she lost to Lithuanian Patricija Paukstyte with 5-7 6-2 0-6.

Patrīcija Špaka made her way till the Final, where she met with Lithuanian Patricija Paukstyte. With quite dominant game our Patrīcija with 6-4 6-1 won the game, so Liepaja Tennis sport school representative Patrīcija Špaka celebrated victory in the international Tennis Europe tournament!

Patrīcija Špaka in pair with Elza Tomase participated in Doubles where they managed to get till the Semifinals, where with intense 2-6 6-4 10-12 they lost to Lithuanians Klaudija Bubelyte and Patricija Paukstyte.

Congratulations to Patrīcija Špaka with the victory!