From Marupe with silver and bronze

March 3 in Mārupe took place “Mārupes tenisa skolas balvas izcīņa” for U8. Liepaja Tennis Sport school was represented by Damirs Livanskis, Jeļizaveta Rižkova and Viktorija Homutova.Damirs Livanskis won all three games in subdivision and granted a place in Semifinal, where he with good game lost with 11-13. But in game for 3rd place Damirs Livanskis with 11-6 won and took Bronze.Viktorija Homutova in her subdivision took 3rd place, which put her in 10th place overall. Jeļizaveta Rižkova won all five games in subdivision and granted the place in Semifinal, where with easy 11-1 got into the Final. With intense game Jeļizaveta with 9-11 lost to the opponent and finished in 2nd place overall.