In Germany 1st place in Singles and 2nd place in Doubles

Seven Liepaja Tennis sport school students – Dāvids Špaks, Dāvis Rolis, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Enija Paula Aploka, Alise Vindiga, Elza Tomase and Valerijs Vorobjovs, together with coach Olga Bordjugova went to Germany, to participate in two international tournaments.From July 21 to 29 Liepaja young tennis players competed in “TCW-Academy Junior International” for U14 and U16 which took place in Waiblingen.In U14 for boys Dāvids Špaks finished in 2nd round, meanwhile Dāvis Rolis finished already in 1st round. Dāvids Špaks and Dāvis Rolis together competed in Doubles, where they lost in the game for Quarterfinals.In U14 for girls Enija Paula Aploka and Evelīna Ķīvīte in Singles tournament both finished in 2nd round. They together competed in Doubles, but they lost already in the 1st round.In U16 for boys Valerijs Vorobjovs finished already in 1st round, but in Doubles, playing together with Phil Exner (Germany), they finished in Quarterfinals.

U16 for girls Alise Vindiga finished in Quarterfinals, but Elza Tomase won the Singles champions title!Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga together competed in Doubles. They managed to get till the Final, but unfortunately they lost, so they finished in 2nd place in the tournament!

Already now our students together with coach are in other German city called Ulm, where they will compete in “Müller Junior Cup Ulm” for U14 and U16. We wish a lot of success!