Patrīcija Špaka takes two Silvers in Lithuania

August 27 till September 1 Liepaja Tennis sport school students Valērijs Vorobjovs, Elza Tomase and Patrīcija Špaka competed at ITF tournament in Siauliai (Lithuania) “Siauliai Mayor’s Cup 2018”.

At boys competition Valērijs Vorobjovs played till the game for Quarterfinals, where he with 3-6 1-6 lost to Matas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania).At girls competition our girls Elza Tomase and Patrīcija Špaka met against each other in Semifinals. With 6-2 4-6 6-4 Patrīcija Špaka succeeded and got into the Final where she met against Iveta Daujotaite (Lithuania). Patrīcija Špaka with 5-7 4-6 lost and took 2nd place overall!

In girls doubles Elza Tomase played together with Michelle Tikhonko (USA), but Patrīcija Špaka played together with Iveta Daujotaite (Lithuania). Both pairs met already in Quarterfinals, where with 6-1 7-5 Patrīcija Špaka with Iveta Daujotaite celebrated victory and got into the Semifinal, and after win there, they managed into the Final, where they played against Latvian pair Margarita Ignatjeva and Stefānija Poļiščuka. With 3-6 3-6 Patrīcija Špaka and Iveta Daujotaite lost, so they took 2nd place overall!