From Jelgava with medals

September 22 in Jelgava took place “TK Jelgava balvas izcīņa” (TC Jelgava Prix) for U9 age group. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Orests Ronis, Karolīna Lāce and Poļina Iļasova.

At girls competition Karolīna and Poļina couldn’t qualify for Final round and at the finish Karolīna Lāce finished in 9-12 place, meanwhile Poļina Iļasova finished in 5-8 place.At boys competition Orests Ronis finished 1st in his subdivision, so he continued to compete for the victory in the tournament. In Semifinal Orests with 11-5 managed to get into the Final, where he with 11-5 won over Jēkabs Stikuts. So at the end Orests Ronis took the victory in the “TK Jelgavas balvas izcīņā”.September 23 in Jelgava took palce “Jelgavas balvas izcīņa” (Jelgava Prix) for U10 where Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Timo Bertrams Tikums, Daniela Krušatina and Paula Gurecka.Timo Bertrams Tikums finished in 13-16 place, meanwhile Daniela Krušatina finished 9th. Paula Gurecka in her subdivision finished 1st, so she qualified for the Final round, where she won two out of three games, so in the overall Paula Gurecka finished 2nd at “Jelgavas balvas izcīņa”.