Building of Liepaja tennis hall already in midway

Thursday, October 4, when the building process of Liepaja tennis hall is already in midway, it was celebrated with insertion of the wish capsule in foundation for the future generations. It is planned, that the openning of the tennis hall will take place in Spring 2019.At the event it was possible to see the outlines of the tennis hall, as well, that open air parts (outside tennis courts and training wall) are almost done.“Liepaja is famous with some sport stars, our Anastasija Sevastova with her world wide success has inspired us for new challenge – modern and high quality tennis hall is being build. Similar as house is build brick by brick, so our city sport infrastructure is being build in last years step by step. With one goal – to have new sportsman and woman who could bring the name of Liepaja and Latvia in the world” so in his speech said Liepaja City Mayor Uldis Sesks.At the celebration participated president of Latvian Tennis Union – Juris Savickis, president of tennis club “Liepaja” Ainars Kreics, tennis sport school students and couches, as well as Liepaja city Mayor Uldis Sesks, his deputies Atis Deksnis and Gunārs Ansiņš, AS “UPB” councillor Oskars Mors, Head of Liepaja Sport department Elans Strazdiņš, Head of Liepaja Tennis sport school Elans Zīverts and Head of Liepaja Olympic Centre Gatis Griezītis.More pictures available HERE.