Liepāja Tennis sport school invites you to play tennis

It’s become warmer outside, so the Liepaja Tennis sport school tennis courts at the Jūrmalas parks (beach park) has began to work. Parallel to the training process of new tennis players, everyone has the possibility to rent tennis courts, to have nice tennis games and keep up in good health.Already this season had tournament in the open air tennis courts, so it means, that tennis season had began. We do often hear, that people would like to play tennis, but they think, that the court rent at Liepaja Tennis sport school tennis courts are expensive. That is a false thought. Best time to hire tennis court is when the new tennis players are not training – so it’s on weekends and in working days till 17:00, then one hour of court rent will cost you 8 euro. But in working days after 17:00, when there are more practices going on in the tennis courts, the court rent will cost you 10 euro. 10 hour/time tickets are available and the price will be 85 euro per 10 times without any arrival limit (of course if the courts are available). Students and retired persons have discounts.

If you want to play tennis, but you don’t have any tennis equipment, it is possible to rent it at the Liepaja Tennis sport school tennis courts as well. Tennis racket rent will cost you 2 euro per hour, but 3 tennis balls will cost you 50 cents per hour. In the tennis courts you can rent as well the beach tennis equipment, to play in the fields (sand dunes) in the beach near the tennis courts. All necessary beach tennis equipment (net, lines, four rackets and three balls) will cost you 2 euro per hour, while single beech tennis racket costs 1 euro per hour and three beach tennis balls – 50 cents.For the adults, who wants to play tennis, but haven’t had any training and experience, it is possible to join adult beginners courses. More information on that you can find in our homepage “Want to play!”.

More information about the court rent, buying of the 10 times pass and rent of equipment you can receive by calling to +371 28306323.