2nd leg of beach tennis has concluded

Liepaja beach volleyball and tennis league 2nd leg is already behind our backs. This time the beach tennis players were competing in mixed doubles. To this leg applied 50 players, so at the leg competed 25 pairs. In the 2nd leg triumph was celebrated by Guna Jēkabsone and Artis Zombergs.At beginning of the 2nd leg the pairs were divided in 5 subdivisions, where they had 4 games after which they were competing for the specific places in the leg.In the 2nd leg all games were won and the 1st place was taken by Guna Jēkabsone and Artis Zombergs.Next leg will take place already in the July 17, when at the 3rd leg will be played between men doubles and women doubles. More pictures are available in “Gallery“.2nd leg results:
Mixed doubles:
1st place Jēkabsone/Zombergs
2nd place Daugule/Antonovs
3rd place Damberga/Zīverts
4th place Siliņa/Siliņš