Young tennis players takes two golds and one bronze in Ventspils

July 20-21 Liepaja Tennis sport school young tennis players participated in tournament “Ventspils balvas izcīņa” (Ventspils Prix) for U8 and U9 age groups. In U8 Emīlija Brūdere took the victory, but Darja Korčevska finished 3rd. In U9 Viktorija Homutova took the victory.Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Markuss Gūža, Ance Skripka, Loreta Šarlote Sprūde, Madara Jaunzeme, Gabriela Putra, Darja Korčevska, Emīlija Brūdere, Dārta Kirša, Marta Kadeģe, Maija Jablonska and Aleksandra Skiba in U8, meanwhile Leonards Ozoliņš, Olivers Arons, Hanna Āboltiņa, Viktorija Homutova, Beatrise Varkale and Keitija Petrovica in U9.In U8 boys competition Markuss Gūža finished 6th, but at girls competition best success had Darja Korčevska and Emīlija Brūdere, who both won in their subdivisions and continued to compete for the overall victory. In Semifinal Darja and Emīlija had to go head to head and with 11-9 spot in Final took Emīlija. Darja Korčevska in the game for 3rd place won and took the Bronze, meanwhile Emīlija Brūdere in Final had an 11-4 win and took the Gold. Rest of the girls from Liepaja at U8 finished in following places Madara Jaunzeme – 6th, Ance Skripka and Maija Jablonska – split 7th, Dārta Kirša – 14th, Loreta Šarlote Sprūde and Gabriela Putra – split 15th, Aleksandra Skiba – 18th and Marta Kadeģe – 19th.In U9 boys competition best result had Leonards Ozoliņš who finished 5th, but Olivers Arons finished 10th. Meanwhile at girls competition Viktorija Homutova finished 2nd in her subdivision, which gave her the possibility to still compete for overall victory. In Semifinal Viktorija with 11-5 win granted her place in Final, where with 11-9 she celebrated victroy and so Viktorija Homutova took the Gold. Rest of our girls at U9 finished in following places – Beatrise Varkale – 8th, Keitija Petrovica – 10th and Hanna Āboltiņa – split 11th.