4th leg of beach tennis league has concluded

Liepaja beach volleyball and tennis league 4th leg is already behind our backs. This time the beach tennis players were competing in mixed doubles. At this leg participated 40 beach tennis players in 20 pairs. Victors in 4th leg were Madara Berga and Elans Strazdiņš.In the 4th leg at first pairs were competing in 4 subdivisions where they had 4 games. Based on the subdivision results, the pairs were continuing to compete for specific leg overall places.In the 4th leg Final competed Madara Berga and Elans Strazdiņš against Zane Vilnīte and Dagnis Šliseris. In an intense game, victory was with 7-6 was celebrated by Berga and Strazdiņš.Concluding 5th beach tennis leg will take place in August 14, which will happen for men doubles and women doubles. At the moment in the women competition after 4 legs in the lead is Zane Vilnīte with 59 points, followed by Madara Berga with 55 points, but with 48 points in 3rd overall place is Guna Jēkabsone. But in the lead of men competition with 79 is Ģirts Antonovs, in 2nd place with 71 points sits Elans Strazdiņš, but in the overall of 3rd place with 70 points we have 2 players – Gints Siliņš and Dagnis Šliseris. So at there is still intrigue at the last leg of the beach tennis tournament 2019. Come and support beach tennis players in August 14 at the beach tennis courts by the LOC Tennis hall, or even try out yourself and compete for the 5th leg win.More pictures from the 4th leg you can find HERE.

Results of 4th leg:
Mixed Doubles:
1st place Berga/Strazdiņš
2nd place Vilnīte/Šliseris
3rd place Beiere/Antonovs
4th place Damberga/KarulisSee you in sands!