Beach tennis tournament has concluded

In Liepaja beach volleyball and tennis concluding 5th leg has finished in women pair and men pair competition. This time competed 46 participants  – 16 women in 8 pairs and 30 men in 15 pairs. In women competition won Guna Jēkabsone and Laila Beiere, but in men competition won Artis Zombergs and Ģirts Antonovs. For the overall winner in women competition became Zane Vilnīte, but in men competition – Ģirts Antonovs.

Women competed in two subdivisions, but men in four. After the subdivision games, they were competing for the places.In 5th leg won Guna Jēkabsone and Laila Beiere, 2nd finished Madara Berga and Linda Priekule, 3rd place – Zane Vilnīte and Ieva Ore. In men competition 5th leg won Artis Zombergs and Ģirts Antonovs, 2nd place to Gints Siliņš and Kaspars Klamers, but 3rd – Miks Jaunzems and Elans Strazdiņš.After the 5th leg overall winners are known. In women competition won Zane Vilnīte, 2nd finished Madara Berga, 3rd – Guna Jēkabsone. In men competition in overall finished 1st – Ģirts Antonovs, 2nd – Artis Zombergs, 3rd – Elans Strazdiņš. The awarding ceremony will take place August 21 at 19:00 in LOC Tennis hall.More pictures you can find HERE.