In last days Liepaja tennis players demonstrates great tennis

Few young Liepaja tennis players in various age groups competed in 4 tournaments and in each of them at least one of Liepaja Tennis sport school students were on the podium. In Jelgava Dāvids Špaks took 1st place, in Ventspils at girls competition all podium was taken by our girls Emīlija Brūdere, Madara Jaunzeme and Ance Skripka. In Mārupe Alise Latiša finished 1st, but in Liepaja tournament which was supported by Ferax, at boys competition all podium was for Liepaja boys – Kārlis Vēberis, Ričards Špaks and Didzis Vāra, but in girls competition 2nd place to Veronika Jociene and 3rd place for Anastasija Rižkova.

September 6 and 7 in Jelgava took place “Wild card Jelgava Open 2019” for U16. At boys competition Liepaja Tennis sport school student Dāvids Špaks was seeded 3rd. By winning all the opponents, our Dāvids Špaks finished 1st. Meanwhile our Karolīna Skābe unfortunately couldn’t pass the 1st round.September 8 in Ventspils took place “Ventspils balvas izcīņā” (Ventspils Prix) for U8. Liepaja was represented by 3 young tennis players and they dominated the tournament. Victory was taken by Emīlija Brūdere, in 2nd place finished Madara Jaunzeme, but in 3rd – Ance Skripka.September 8 in Mārupe took place “Mārupes tenisa skolas balvas izcīņa” (Mārupe Tennis school Prix) for U9. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Alise Latiša. She didn’t leave any chance for their opponents in her subdivision, as well in the remaining games she won over all her opponents. So at the end our Alise Latiša celebrated victory.September 9 and 10 in the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis sport schol took place “Liepājas meistarsacensības / Ferax U18” (Liepaja Championship / Ferax U18). At boys competition podium was taken by our students – 1st place Kārlis Vēberis, 2nd place Ričards Špaks, 3rd place Didzis Vārna. Meanwhile at the girls competition 1st place was taken by Jasmīne Lūse (Mārupes TS), but remaining podium was taken by Liepaja Tennis sport school students – 2nd place Veronika Jociene, 3rd place Anastasija Rižkova.