Young tennis players return from Riga with medal

Last weekend in Riga took place “TPA Cup 2020” for the youngest tennis players. In U8 our Loreta Šarlote Sprūde took 3rd place, but in U9 our Darja Korčevska finished 4th.January 19 in Riga took place Tennis Pro Academy for U8 and U9 age groups. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Emīls Latišs, Darina Kozlova and Loreta Šarlote Sprūde in U8, but Marina Poļikarpova, Emīlija Brūdere and Darja Korčevska in U9.

In U8 for boys our only representative Emīls Latišs at the end finished 10th. Meanwhile in U8 for girls our Loreta Šarlote Sprūde finished 1st in her Subdivision and continued in Quarterfinal. In game for Semifinal Loreta in an intense game with 12:10 continued for the Final, but unfortunately with 8:11 Loreta couldn’t make it. In game for 3rd place with 14:12 our Loreta Šarlote Sprūde won Bronze medal. Meanwhile Darina Kozlova finished 20th.

In U9 for girls the best result from our students had Darja Korčevska who got into the Semifinal, but at the end, Darja finished 4th. While Emīlija Brūdere and Marina Poļikarpova finished in split 9th place.