Marija Lauva from Liepaja represents team Latvia and gets into the TE Final tournament

January 31 – February 2 in Estonian capital Tallinn took place international National team qualification tournament “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” for U12 age group, to decide on countries which will participate in Final tournament. Together with Adelina Lačinova and Stefānija Bolēvica team Latvia was represented by Liepaja Tennis sport school student Marija Lauva. Team Latvia girls managed to get into the Final tournament, which will take place in two weeks in Great Britain.Team Latvia girls competed in Zone B qualification round, where competed 7 countries – Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Switzerland. From each qualification zone two best teams will compete at “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” Final tournament, which will take place February 14-16 in Sunderland (Great Britain). Team Latvia in the qualification zone competed together with the winners of last years Final – team Russia. The tournament has a format that each duel has two Singles games and one Doubles. Winner of the duel gets into the next round.In 1st round team Latvia had to compete against team Estonia. First Singles game was between our Marija Lauva and Estonian Marie Johanna Lapimaa. In one hour and a half long game Marija lost with 2-6 6-7(2). Second Singles game was won by Latvian Adelina Lačinova so the Doubles game was the deciding game for the next round. In Doubles competed Adelina Lačinova and our Marija Lauva against Marie Johanna Lapimaa and Miriam Rankel. In less than an hour team Latvia girls with 6-0 6-3 took our team in the next round.In 2nd team Latvia had to compete against team Bulgaria. First Singles game this time played Latvian Stefānija Bolēvica who with 7-5 6(4)-7 4-6 lost to Bulgarian Valeria Garnevska. In second Singles game Latvian Adelina Lačinova against Andrea Ivanova with 6-1 6-1 kept team Latvia in the competition, where again the Doubles will make the decision. In the Doubles against Bulgaria, team Latvia again was represented by Adelina Lačinova and our Marija Lauva who competed against Valeria Garnevska and Rafaela Simeonova. With 7-5 6-3 team Latvia won the duel and granted them a place in the Final tournament in Great Britain, which will take place in two weeks. As well, it ment that team Latvia in the Qualifications last round will compete against former Final winners team Russia, to decide, which team is stronger in this Qualification zone.In the last round of the Qualification tournament against team Russia, the first Singles was played by our Marija Lauva who unfortunately with 2-6 0-6 lost to Russian Efremova Ksenia. In the second Singles game Latvian Adelina Lačinova with 7-5 1-6 4-6 lost to Russian Daria Koreshkova. Even though both lost Singles games already made the team Russia winners of this qualification round over team Latvia, the Doubles were played. Our Marija Lauva with Stefānija Bolēvica competed against Russians – Efremova Ksenia and Polina Vimba. With 4-6 3-6 team Latvia lost to team Russia. So at the end team Latvia finished 2nd in the Qualification tournament, which lets our girls to compete in the “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” Final tournament.