Marija Lauva wins the 7th place in Europe in the Latvian national team

February 14 – 16 in Great Britain city Sunderland took place “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” for U12 Final tournament. In this tournament competed team Latvia girls, who in early February won the possibility to participate in the Final tournament. Together with Adelina Lačinova and Stefānija Bolēvica, team Latvia was represented by Liepaja Tennis sport school student Marija Lauva. In the Final tournament team Latvia took 7th place.The possibility to compete in the Final tournament was won by 8 national teams – Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Poland and last year winners – Russia.In the first day of the Final tournament team Latvia met against team Belarus. First Singles game was played by our Marija Lauva, who with 6-7(5) 1-6 lost to Belarussian Uladzislava Manzhos. In the second Singles game Latvian Adelina Lačinova with 1-6 4-6 lost to Yuliya Perapekhina. So team Belarus granted themselves place in Semifinal. The concluding Doubles game Latvian girls Marija Lauva and Stefānija Bolēvica with 6-3 5-7 10-7 won over the Belarussians. So team Latvia continued to compete for 5th-8th place.In second day game for the 5th-8th place, team Latvia met against team Czech Republic. Unfortunately team Latvia lost to team Czech Republic with 0-3. Our Marija Lauva competed in Doubles, where together with Adelina Lačinova they lost with 4-6 3-6.In the concluding last day, team Latvia competed for the 7th-8th place against team Italy. First Singles game was won by our Marija Lauva, who in two hours game with 7-6(8) 5-7 6-3 won over Italian Elena Francese. Second Singles game with 6-0 4-6 6-1 was won by Latvian Adelina Lačinova. So team Latvia granted themselves 7th place in Europe. In the remaining Doubles game Marija Lauva together with Stefānija Bolēvica with 6-4 6-4 put a dot in the competition against team Italy with overall win with 3-0.The victory in “Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD” Final tournament was won by team Great Britain, but team Latvia finished 7th.