Tennis maestro Edgars Ernestsons is leaving forever

Like most sports, tennis in Liepaja has the most characteristic stages. One is the very beginning of the last century, when tennis was born in Liepaja and strengthened the foundations. The second – the thirties, when the titles of Latvian masters traveled to Liepāja. The third – in the mid-fifties, when Nikolajs Puhovs returned to work and managed to restore the tennis courts which were destroyed during the Second World War. The fourth started in the sixties, when Edgars Ernestsons came to work in Liepaja after graduating from the Institute of Physical Education. It turned out to be the brightest stage of Liepaja tennis, allowing our city to be called one of the Latvian tennis centers and to hold world-class competitions here.I assume that everyone who knew Ernestsons will name different factors, due to which he will remain one of the most experienced and successful coaches in the history of Liepaja sports. One of the main ones will be the number of Latvian champions in tennis and table tennis, and the top of this list is Anastasia Sevastova. The second will remind Ernestsons view that there are talents and workers in these sports, and will mention the coach’s principle – to work with everyone equally. The third will bring to the fore the fact that tennis for Ernestsons was not only a sport, but a way of life, and in the tennis courts of Jūrmala park he could be seen more often than at home. If you want, you can also emphasize the role of destiny, forcing a graduate basketball specialist and in the first years coach of volleyball to choose table tennis and tennis, preferring Liepaja among other cities.

Everything is correct. However, in my opinion, Ernestsons work and success were based on another, constant value, which is nobly called honesty. But if you want to say simpler – do it to the end, no matter what the training conditions. And so for more than half a century.

Where is the time when Ernestsons started fighting for more suitable training conditions in winter. Liepāja received the indoors tennis hall them, when he no longer coached.

/Andžils Remess, “Kurzemes Vārds”/