Tennis summer tournament season in Liepaja will begin

June 27 and 28 in the Liepaja Tennis sport school tennis courts will begin the summer tennis season in Liepaja with tournament “Sudraba Wilson balvas izcīņa” (Silver Wilson Prix). After the end of the state of emergency declared in the country, summer tennis competitions will be started in Liepaja. The first competition of this season will be the traditional “Silver Wilson Prix”, which will take place for the U12 age group. It is expected that up to 32 players from all over Latvia will take part in the tournament. The competition will be organized in compliance with current national legislation related to the management and control of the spread of Covid-19 infection.The 1st place award was developed by jeweler Renarts Purmalis. Tournament “Silver Wilson Prix” are organized together with the official Wilson distributor in Latvia – SIA INTRAD. You can find out about Wilson’s current events and news in Latvia by following and