From Ventspils with two Bronze medals

July 12-14 in Ventspils took place 6th leg of LTU Cup for U18 age group. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Dāvids Špaks, Dāvis Rolis, Kārlis Vēberis, Didzis Vārna, Alise Vindiga, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Enija Paula Aploka, Veronika Jociene, Karolīna Skābe and Anastasija Rižkova. 3rd place was taken by Alise Vindiga and Dāvis Rolis.At boys competition the best result from our students had Dāvis Rolis, who in the 1st round with 7-6(5) 6-1 won over 4th seeded Stefans Audriņš (Zauers TK), but in Quarterfinal he continued with 6-2 6-3 over Krišjānis Šulcs (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In the game for Final Dāvis 4-6 2-6 lost to Artjoms Afanasjevs (Orange Tennis Group), so at the end he had the game for Bronze. In the concluding game Dāvis with 6-4 6-3 won over 1st seeded Reinis Kupfers (ACB/VL tenisa skola). So at the end Dāvis Rolis finished in 3rd place.In girls competition from our students best results had 1st seeded Alise Vindiga and Enija Paula Aploka. Both girs got till the small final (game for 3rd place). In 1st round Alise with 6-0 6-3 won over Madara Markeviča (Centrālais TK), but in Quarterfinal she continued with 6-4 7-5 over Laura Plīkša (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In game for Final Alise with 6(7)-7 4-6 lost to the next tournament winner Elizabete Brutāne (ACB/VL tenisa skola). Meanwhile Enija Paula Aploka in the 1st round with 6-4 7-5 won over Beatrise Zeltiņa (individually) and in Quarterfinal with 2-6 6-1 6-3 a win over Sofija Zariņa (Mārupes TS) was celebrated. In the game for Final Enija with 3-6 1-6 lost to 2nd seeded Dārta Daļecka (ACB/VL tenisa skola). So at the end the game for the 3rd place was played between our students – Alise Vindiga and Enija Paula Aploka. With the result 2-6 6-2 7-5 the Bronze medal was won by Alise Vindiga.