3rd leg of Liepaja beach tennis league has concluded

In a windy, July 30 afternoon at Liepaja beach tennis courts by LOC Tennis hall took place 3rd leg of Liepaja beach tennis league with 60 participants at this leg – 12 pairs in men intermediate where won Kristaps Ošs-Ervics and Mārtiņš Krūms, 3 pairs in men advanced where won Ģirts Antonovs and Artis Zombergs, as well as 15 pairs in women competition where won Baiba Damberga and Ilze Kārkliņa.Liepaja Tennis sport school and Liepaja city Sport department organized Liepaja beach tennis league 3rd leg was organized similar as 1st leg – for men and women pairs.

In men intermediate players were split in 3 subdivisions where the best result was shown by R.Kaupers and G.Kikučs, M.Boļšakovs and G.Kopštāls and K.Ošs-Ervics with M.Krūms. In Elimination round for the win in 3rd legK.Ošs-Ervics and M.Krūms with 6-2 won over R.and M.Laukagals.In men advanced group competed only 3 pairs and the winner of the leg was decided in the games between each pair. Victory in the leg was taken by Ģirts Antonovs and Artis Zombergs. This time in 2nd place – G.Siliņš and K.Klamers.In women competition they were split in 4 subdivisions where the best results in each had L.Priekule and P.A.Vuciņa, Z.Vilnīte and I.Ore, I.and E.Strode, as well as B.Damberga and I.Kārkliņa. Till the Final got B.Damberga with I.Kārkliņa, who won with 6-1 over L.Priekule and P.A.Vuciņa, who remained in the 2nd place in leg.After the 3rd leg in overall lead for women is Paula Anna Vuciņa who was joined by Baiba Damberga. In the 1st place of intermediate men remains Guntis Kopštāls, but in advanced men Ģirts Antonovs still sits at the 1st place with perfect score.Next, 4ht leg will take place in August 6 at the same place and will be for mixed pairs. If you want to participate, you have to register till Augusts 5, 17:00 – https://beachtennis.io/en/tour/LPTL20.

See you in sand!

Photo: Mārtiņš Vējš